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Children's paradise

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Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiNurseries

Interior of an Kindergarten no 42 „Kwiaty Polskie”

The design was an integral part of a project dedicated to the promotion of kids' active learning in a nursery environment - in which the kindergarten participated. The project's objective was to draft a space for learning and playing that would facilitate changes in the way teachers work with children in accordance with the idea of active learning.   On the building’s first floor there are two adjacent classes, both spacious and rectangular in shape. Between them there used to be a pair of double-winged – and usually closed - doors. After consultations with teachers of the neighbouring groups we decided to open up the space and enable the free flow of children and their activities between the rooms. The massive upholstere... More

Project • By Metall RittenPlaygrounds

Bennis Playland

The new children's paradise in Ingolstadt was to be just as colourful and playful as its young visitors. At the same time, it was to be so manageable and structured that its older companions would also enjoy it. This is achieved with a generously designed interior world and colourful attractions. The forms and materials used for the exterior facade divide the building into two parts. The entrance area with a facade of powder-coated Reynobond panels stands out from the hall and its cladding of sandwich panels, colorfully decorated with circular windows. More