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Product • By PandomoLoft


Flooring with character.PANDOMO Loft is a further development of the well-establishedPANDOMO Floor and was created as a result of its solid andextremely durable structure for floors bearing large loads,especially in public industrial areas.But PANDOMO Loft has also proved itself in private use as itsunique texture and consistency allows for an almost infiniterange of applications.It is here that the newest innovation in PANDOMO decorativefillers is able to prove its exceptional quality: e.g. the largescale application of a mineral top layer can be applied thinly(approx. 2 mm) with PANDOMO Loft, meaning that the heightadjustment of fixtures and doors becomes superfluous. In otherwords: PANDOMO Loft is not only beneficial visually, but alsosa... More

Project • By Elías GroupSkateparks

La Duna Skatepark

In 2019 the Mexican Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development through the Urban Improvement Program chose Ciudad Juarez as a one of the sixteen cities with marginalized neighborhoods to build public spaces to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. In an area of ​​high marginalization to the east of the city, the Tierra Nueva neighborhood, characterized by being a housing area provided by the state, where a community of migrants coexists who come to this city in search of a better job in the local industry.  Onnis Luque In this context, Parque Oriente, a municipal park, is the meeting point that provides the necessary space for the devel... More

NewsNews • 9 Apr 2021

Daniela Kröss completes compact vertical museum in Austrian valley dedicated to the ibex mountain goat

In the Austrian alps Daniela Kröss completes a small museum to tell the story of the disappearance and reintroduction of the ibex wild mountain goat. A castle-like vertical concrete structure is placed in a narrow valley on nearly the same plot as the barn it replaces. The compact volume and colored concrete engraved with wooden formwork echoe the former barn. © Lukas Schaller The tower-like museum is constructed in reinforced concrete with prefabricated concrete facade elements. The window frames and connection bridge are made out of red steel. © Lukas Schaller Inside the reddish grey Terrazzo flooring continues the red tones. The stairs are finished in oak and the restaurant with stone pine panels typical for th... More

NewsNews • 23 Mar 2021

Pezo von Ellrichshausen wraps colored concrete INES innovation center around circular atrium

Primary shapes play a key role in Pezo von Ellrichshausen’s design for the INES innovation center, located on the Bío-Bío university campus in Concepción, Chile. The square floorplan has a circular atrium that runs through the entire building and oval bites taken out of the edges. Pezo von Ellrichshausen Pezo von Ellrichshausen divided the program into two different realms. One where create experience can thrive in a social and integrated setting. Pezo von Ellrichshausen An open core wrapped around a circular void is the stage for this realm. The atrium provides vertical views towards the other levels and narrows towards the top.  Pezo von Ellrichshausen The second is more individual and int... More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 concrete projects of 2020

Earlier in the year we covered A compact history of concrete and A guide to designing with concrete. Now we look at the projects of this year that use concrete in inspiring and innovative ways.  Laurian Ghinitoiu 1. Webster flagship store by David Adjaye After a comprehensive renovation of the LA Beverly Center by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas in 2018, David Adjaye attaches a pink flagship store for the Webster to the monolithic eight story structure. Reminishinct of the crimson hued Ruby City museum, David Adjaye opts another time for a striking pigmented concrete materialization.     Pedro Pegenaute 2. Aranya Art Center by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Composed primarily of various textured concre... More

Project • By TARIK ZOUBDI ARCHITECTESecondary Schools

concrete phrontistery

“ This space is about knowledge forever engraved in concrete ” Tarik ZOUBDI      The OCP institut for socio-educationnel promotion is a high school project, emerged from a desire to provide a new teaching building, fit for the 21st century education, for the children of OCP group workers in El Jadida  , Following a growing number of primary and middle school students last few years.       With a vision to encourage learning, sharing and interaction, the newly built high school was designed to link  the old middle school built in 2017 and the OCP residential developments nearby.     To ensure the safety of students and reduce traffic flow, the car park was designed... More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

Strongly rooted in site, Peach Hut’s form and colour are inspired by surrounding orchard trees

To facilitate culture and art education in the rural region of Xiuwu, Henan, China, a series of miniature pavilions were constructed in different locations to serve the vast 630 square kilometre county area. Designed by Atelier XI, the cast-in-place concrete structures take on tree-like forms that reach out to the sky. Their locations vary from fields to forests to mountaintops, with their forms differing in response. Zhang Chao ‘Peach Hut’ is the first completed miniature pavilion. Surrounded by farmland, the form of the pavilion is inspired by the site’s peach orchard trees, which lean to one side.  Atelier XI arhitects explain they envisioned the building being cut from a series of invisible arcs derived from... More

Project • By Taller Carlos MarínHotels

Hotel Tepoztlan

Amidst exotic vegetation and mysticism, the Tepoztlan Hotel sits on what was once an abandoned plot where wild vegetation had already taken possession and ancient trees flanked the main entrance of a rugged topography.   Imagined and created by Taller Carlos Marín and Pasquinel Studio, the terracotta-colored oasis that houses 11 rooms is diluted through 4 volumes that allow for a balanced arrangement of the hotel's program and the surrounding landscape.   Upon entering, an imposing staple of pigmented concrete intertwines with the perfect tabebuias to form the entrance frame; as we continue, the geographic peculiarity of the terrain takes center stage as it reveals a volcanic landscape that responds to the topographic c... More

Project • By dade-designHotels


The days are getting shorter, daylight is already scarce in the afternoon and the weather in November makes us freeze. It’s nice if you can light a fireplace at home that looks cool – but also provides cosy warmth.   OPEN FIREPLACES AND WOOD STOVES MADE FROM CONCRETEDid you know that concrete stores warmth very well? That is why the natural building material is made for fireplace cladding, concrete fireplaces and stove benches. Whether you choose natural concrete grey or one of our concrete colours – we are happy to implement your personal concrete wood stove with our dade ROC high-performance concrete. Firebricks must be installed for the combustion chamber – for the rest you can let your imagination run wild... More

Project • By dade-designShowrooms


Nadia Damaso has over 150,000 followers on Instagram. Her ideas and products are eagerly awaited and liked a hundred to a thousand times.The blogger, with a penchant for healthy eating, set up a new cooking studio in Zurich and wished for a snow-white concrete kitchen from dade design.Now she is working on new recipes for her third cookbook in this very kitchen. BRIGHT WHITE CONCRETEThe colour white is a trademark of Nadia Damaso – so it quickly became clear that she also wanted her concrete kitchen in bright white. This gives the material a certain lightness. In addition, the concrete furniture scores with beautiful details such as U-shaped cheeks, elegant design and versatile cooking appliances from Gaggenau. Nothing left to be des... More

Project • By STEVENVANDENBORRE ArchitectenLibraries


Eksaarde, a village part of the City of Lokeren needed a new recognition point. A place to gather. A place where one could meet. The program: a kindergarten and a library. Close to the villages’ center, family houses, schools, an elderly home,  the site rather feels like a park. We wanted to create a project, very subtle embedded in the park. A building that feels like it was already there but above all,one that was open to the public. Even more, a building that creates opportunities to meet. The program of the building feels at first sight very contradictory. At one side the library.   A place that is rather quiet but open. At the other side the kindergarten. Very strictly regulated but noisy and playful. We combined th... More

Project • By Banker WireHousing

Jane Hope Residence

Exemplifying the versatility of Banker Wire’s architectural mesh in residential applications, designer and homeowner Jane Hope, incorporated an antique plated SZ-3 wire mesh within the design of her custom fireplace. Thoughtfully selected for its unique semi-transparent characteristics, the metal mesh compliments the honest, raw material design, creating a feature that is instantly recognized for its sleek form and striking aesthetic. Because the fireplace is the focal point in the center of the space, Jane Hope was looking for a material that would allow the light to pass through the top portion of the unit, while maintaining a similar visual heft that the other materials in the room—wood, concrete and stone—provide. She... More

Project • By CCA Centro de Colaboración ArquitectónicaPrivate Houses

Casa Moulat

Casa Moulat, located in the AmanaliGolf Club development, is a representative building in terms of the use of exposed concrete. The project is based on integrating the construction into the natural landscape and its contrast with the artificial landscape created for the golf course; it explores the duality of open and closed spaces, inside and outside.   The single-story house sits on a stone plinth, over which a structural base of exposed concrete was built that rises up to the floor level of the house.   The house’s interior spaces adapt to the local topography, revealing the foundation through its changes in height in the manner of a skirting board.   On the foundation stand two volumesof exposed, earth-colored... More

Project • By Ronald Janssen ArchitectsApartments


In a narrow street in Amsterdam’s Weteringbuurt, between former factories, schools, business premisesand weavers’ houses, stands a new residential building containing 19 apartments:Simonzs, designed by Ronald Janssen Architecten. Large vertical concrete slabsgive the building the solid, imposing look of a structure that has always been here and always will be.   The size of this large residential buildingon FokkeSimonszstraat harks back to the school and laterhomeless shelterthat previously stood on this spot. Theentrance to the residences has been placed at the centreof the complex,enhancingits monumental character. Meanwhile, the 44-metre-longfacade has been articulated to harmonise with the adjoining structures. On th... More

Project • By Architecten-en-enHousing

Loftwonen Block 61

Since a couple of years the former Philips-complex Strijp-S in the Dutch industrial city of Eindhoven forms the centre of redevelopment. The urban design made by Dutch Urban-firm West 8 focuses on a combination of reuse of the Philips heritage and customized new buildings. The driving force of the ensemble is creativity; creative professions and functions mixed with an urban living environment.Loftwonen is a special form of urban residence. The idea of Loftwonen is based on high rooms and flexible floor plans. Block 61, which was designed by architecten|en|en, is part of an urban composition of three housing blocks that are constructed in a similar manner. The housing blocks are located along the railway as an extension of the well-known Kl... More