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Product • By Look CompositesGRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP is a composite material, made up of a resistant fiberglass structure and a plastic material that acts as a binder. Used for both interior and exterior pieces, facades and even urban furniture. More

Project • By Poly ProductsArt Galleries

Family Module

For the outdoor art exhibition Beaufort ’21, Poly Products has manufactured an unique object designed by Goshka Macuga: Family Module. A group of figures shows a small family scene. The unusual dimensions, 6m high, make this an impressive appearance at the Nieuwpoort Promenade in Belgium. At first glance the object seems incredible massive and heavy but looks are deceiving: the object is in fact very light and does not have a heavy foundation. Poly Products’ XXL-3D printing technique was key in making these objects. Start small and go big: 3D printing is the solution Base of the project were 3 small clay models, each 40cm high. The challenge was to enlarge these ten times without getting incredibly heavy. A digital approach, u... More

Project • By Poly ProductsBus stations

Translucent canopies busstation Aalst

23 translucent composite canopies make up the main bus station in Aalst. These massive elements each rest on a single steel column. Designed by belgian architects RAUM-architecten together with Util-Struktuurstudies, they were fabricated by Poly Products in 2016. Each single canopy measures 13,5 x 2 x1,5 m and is fully made of fiber-reinforced composite. Poly Products carried out the detail-engineering and production in-house. The unique honeycomb core was handmade and gives the canopies their unique translucent look while making them very strong. Translucent parts were never made in this scale before. More

Product • By KA CoveringsBlack Laja stone Wall Panel

Black Laja stone Wall Panel

TOTALStone are decorative wall panels, made in GFRP and natural stone powder. It faithfully reproduces a big sort of slates, bricks, stones... Both for indoor and outdoor application, these panels big size makes them easy, fast and clean to install, a virtually maintenance free product that brings a distinctive feel to any environment. More