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Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Onde (waves)

The apartment is located in the center of Rome, inside a very rational real estate complex, interesting from an architectural point of view, but incredibly squared and with large orthogonal spaces. The project was born for a young woman, so the main intention was to orientate the study of the interior design to restore a softness, an irrationality of the environments, in line with a female identity, and at the same time in strong contradiction with the external context. The design work focuses on shapes and volumes emphasized with light colors that reflect the nuances of the seascapes. The result is a very welcoming home, with original and sinuous suggestions involving continuous different points of view and overlapping free lines in moveme... More

Project • By monovolume architecture + designPrivate Houses

Two Family House Giacomuzzi

Giacomuzzi house is a duplex building. It is conceived as a highly compact body to fulfill energy issues and it fits into the sloping terrain to exploit the landscape. The house is oriented towards the path of the sun and overlooks a stunning sight. The site is located on the outskirts of the village Caldaro sulla strada del vino, where between the house and the lake Caldaro there are just fields and vineyards. To show up this wonderful view, a continuous wall closes three sides of the building, whereas the south facade features wide windows and balconies. Living room and bedrooms face to south, the other rooms to northwest. This type of duplex house is the modern interpretation of the traditional pitched roof houses, to exploit the solar e... More

Project • By Architrend ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Villa PM

The research project its own identity through the creation of simple volumes and divided between them. The contrast between the large windows and dark surfaces of the ground floor, lava stone, and the white walls of the first floor makes the construction to be suspended and light. At the ground floor windows open onto the garden are opposed to the first floor cantilevered walls consist of sliding panels in vertical profiles of aluminum, which act as a sunscreen, and at the same time clearly characterize the villa. You arrive at the villa by a path paved with lava through the front garden, a steel roof with a dramatic change in the pathway and protects at the same time introduces an element which projects outside the main facade of the bui... More

Project • By GEZA Gri e Zucchi ArchitetturaPrivate Houses

NM House

The project deals with restoring and enlarging a house from the early 20th century, planning open spaces and the park with the addition of a new garage into the hill. The enlargement of the main residence radically altered the character of the whole area. The choice of colours, receding fronts and large glazed surfaces contributed to emphasize the different character of the two volumes. One big layout links all open spaces to the buildings. The park was entirely redesigned to accentuate the woodland growing on the sloping ground and to characterize the large field underneath, so that the changing pitch of the terrain would totally conceal the new garage. This way, the complexity and quality of the whole area is preserved. More

Project • By Sebastiano AdragnaPrivate Houses

Villa Piano Tavola

To be more precise it is a family House for holiday in the Province of Catania (You can find in attachment some shots of the project). It is a new construction, characterized by two levels, the basement, or sleeping area with a private garden courtyard and ground floor or the living area, overlooking the basement where the pool is placed. The program has favored the functional and organic sides of visual relationships with the external space. The ground floor becomes a podium overlooking the outdoor space around the pool, and thanks to large windows it amplifies the external space, extending it visually inside the house. During summer, when the weather allows to fully open the external frames, the living area becomes part of the solarium... More

Project • By Enrico Iascone ArchitettiPrivate Houses

Private House

This family house is located in an extensive 1960s residential spillover area near Modena, ceramic manufacturing heartland. Its stand amid other detached houses surrounded by small gardens on a plot once occupied by a detached house, now demolished. The high-end design used prefabbricated wooden elements for the aboveground storeys on a concrete undergruond level. The thermal insulation and umidity control afforded, went a long way to obtaining class A energy certification. Choosing joint-mounted prefabrcated wooden elements provided the advantagies of on-site safety and assembly occurancy, that cut overall worksite time considerably. The whole architecture is a play on opposite: a large apparently monolitic volume whose more seclude... More

Project • By Studio Marco PivaPrivate Houses

Villa on Lake Como

Client: Private Location: Lake Como, Italy Type of work: Architectural renovation, Lighting, Landscape, Interior Design Area: 532.90 square meters indoor, 227.20 square meters of covered outdoor areas The project of this villa, situated in the suggestive location of Como Lake (Italy), consisted of the internal and external renovation of the lot and its interior design. The concept design was developed thinking of a contemporary style and seeking for alternatives to guarantee that the project is developed according to client's requests and objectives of a villa with and opulent atmosphere, comfort, tranquility. The aim of the design is the harmonization between residence and nature. The key element of the project has been to develop... More

Project • By b-archApartments


Recovery of the attic and kitchen spaces of an eighteenth-century building to make an open-space loft. More

Project • By Damilanostudio architectsPrivate Houses


Horizontal Space is localized in Piemonte in northwest Italy a mountain area at 800 meters above sea level and the closest city is Cuneo. Horizontal Space is a composition of pure volume of constant height, they moved horizontally and emptied or filled according to the function. A pomegranate highlights the access side. Wide steps leading to the entrance introducing a longitudinal consecutive spaces. Born to be divided into two units, the house is characterized by a large central hall, on the main breaks in the structure ca projected towards the outside with a wooden roof. The living room, passing from one part of the house, opens with large windows to the garden and into the country. The teak floors warm environment and a s... More

Project • By Adl SolutionsApartments


Reinterpretation of a private apartment, located in a twentieth century building in the heart of Rome and located in one of the most historic and beautiful streets of the capital. Spatially consists of multiple layers that mark the division between the sleeping area on the first floor and the living area to the second, is composed of a large number of areas, as outlined by load-bearing walls. An impressive body stone staircase connecting the two floors welcome you in the apartment appearing as the main protagonist. The intention was to amplify the space, give more brightness to the whole building with numerous windows, redistribute evenly environments and furnishings, making sure the immediacy of the apartment with the location. More

Project • By Fabrizia FrezzaResidential Landscape


The villa, which dates back to the 1970s, had an excellent structural base on which to build. The internal distribution, especially at the ground level, did not need substantial changes, however it had to be updated and relieved. A dark and disharmonious atmosphere existed due to the use of tiles, stonework, dark wood frames, custom-made dark wooden furniture, fabrics and decorations of every kind. Moreover, the interior of the villa did not refl ect the exterior, which denoted a typical Mediterranean style with its form and the white stucco of the walls. The main objective of my project was to recreate the harmony between the interior and the exterior. I brightened the ambiance with the use of waxed, white terracotta at the gro... More

Project • By Fabrizia FrezzaParks/Gardens


Villa Ferraro, also known as the Hotel “Belsito”, is owned by an old important family from Capri and presented itself as an old decadent building which lost its Mediterranean character. The garden, even though preserved in its charm, was in an evident state of abandon and deterioration. It extends itself till the big covering roof terrace, which, despite the beautiful view towards Marina Piccola’s bay, was used as a huge deposit for water tanks. The architect’s main goal was to bring back to life the original character of the building. The villa, now used as a private residence, develops itself on 2 levels. At the ground floor there are 2 living rooms, the dining room, the kitchen and a service apartment. In all the rooms the old vaulted... More

Project • By Architrend ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Residenze multiple

The houses are located in Marina di Ragusa at the edge of a panoramic site that slopes towards the sea. It is a complex of 19 units that insist on lots of 500 sqm approx. There are two types of housing: -a duplex with living area on ground floor in direct contact with the garden, and a sleeping area with the bedrooms on the first floor. -the other type involves the entire surface of the accommodation on the ground floor with the living areas in continuity with the garden and sea views. The sloped site has located a terraced arrangement of buildings. Duplex houses along the street are designed as two juxtaposed volumes rotated 90 ° each other and the volume of the first level leaps to the entrance. The succession of thes... More

Project • By Architrend ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Villa Carlotta

The architectural project articulates the space in response to various demands: relating with the urban context, dialoguing with the various bodies of the building, acting as a filter between indoors and outdoors, responding to the need for living comfort, etc. The direction of the space relates man with the building with the aim of generating places that improve the quality of life. A banal assumption for all designers, but it is precisely for its complex simplicity that there are few examples in which this theoretic base has become an excellent project, without falling into the banal or the paternalist. Amongst the successful projects there is the Hotel Villa Carlotta by Architrend Studio Associato, where the dialectic rapport between the... More

Project • By Damilanostudio architectsPrivate Houses

Casa C.

The core of this house, divided into three main parts, is the living area, where two big windows face each other. From one side the gaze can go outside and quickly reach the landscape enriched by water reflections from the swimming pool which lays just along this visual direction. From the other side a more domestic landscape can be seen, an immediately afterwards, an external area paved in wood first and the turning into a meadow. The idea is to open up the house an much as possible, in order to boost its spaces and let the surrounding context in, so that it can belong to the house which, for itself, has just a small garden. The building, comprising a ground floor and a basement, develops mainly to the south, stretching to the north with t... More