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The design of the office of the KPMG branch in Katowice covered 1500 m2 of multifunctional space at Francuska Office Centre in Katowice. The layout of the office does not differ significantly from the common approach to organizing corporate offices - supporting the spirit of cooperationand multitasking. So there we have open spaces, group work rooms, focus rooms and chill-out zones. Building of identity and individual expression were based on associations with what is characteristic for Silesia - underground mines and greenery on the surface.   Although the project is far from direct quotes, the thought of where we are is obvious. The reception can be associated with a lump of coal, a communication space with an adit. Instead of lit... More

Project • By Gianserra + LimaOffices

YPF Offices Building

This office building is located in an Industrial Park belonging to the Argentine energy company YPF (Yacimiento Petrolíferos Fiscales S.A.), located in the town of Ensenada, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The order is the result of the first prize of a private preliminary draft contest held in 2015, whose program sought the extension and annex of the current Purchasing and Contracting Building, built on the same site, generating 3,000 m2 of new jobs, circulation and meeting spaces, and services. The project proposes a building located parallel to the existing building, linked to it through the circulatory system, and thus consolidating two green access and expansion yards. It is composed on the one hand, of a transparent volume that conta... More

Project • By Kaplan ArchitektiOffices

New Headquarters of Broadcom in Prague

With the advent of industry 4.0, software is gradually becoming a commodity that penetrates all areas of human activity. Software is produced in huge quantities to meet the growing demand. Large IT companies are becoming modern factories and existing factories are, on the contrary, digitized as much as possible. It is not so long ago that the first companies started to develop the first software in garages. BroadCom's interior design therefore combines the old industrial halls and garage beginnings of today's global IT companies in a contemporary context.The design of the offices deliberately disrupts the standard core - corridor - office layout. The core has been dynamically reshaped and equipped with interactive features (graffitied walls... More

Project • By ONG&ONGOffices

Empire Damansara

Located in Damansara Perdana, Empire Damansara strives to differentiate itself from its competitors through its mix of programmes, which capitalises on its strategic island site’s street frontage as well as individual drop-off points.Empire Damansara’s five towers comprise a hotel, SOHO units and corporate offices – of which five are signature offices – as well as a heritage-themed village of F&B and retail units that draws inspiration from the old New World warehouses. Recycled bricks imported specially from China form part of the village, which connects all five towers in a central courtyard above the podium.A theatre, as well as the club facilities and sky deck located on each tower, complete the leisure and entertainment element of... More

Project • By HEDOffices

VA3 Data Center: NTT (Formerly RagingWire)

Located in the heart of Data Center Alley, VA3 is an award-winning flagship building that anchors NTT's Ashburn campus. It marks the first phase of a seven building development on the 78-acre campus.  NTT (formerly RagingWire) engaged HED to provide full service architecture and MEP services to design a bold yet competitive facility for their retail and wholesale customers. The new building measures 245,000 square feet, including 112,000 square feet of raised floor divided into six data halls.  Designed for 99.999% uptime, the data center features 33MW of backup generator power, waterless cooling using pumped refrigerant economizers and condensers and 16MW of critical IT load.  The front of the two-story struct... More

Project • By Kiasma LandscapesCommercial Landscape

DSR classe, Hyderabad

Unique and innovative landscape architecture, sculpture and art installation for residential, housing, hospitality and institutional & corporate offices in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. More

Project • By RAUOffices

Triodos Bank

The natural surroundings of the Estate were considered during the development of the new office. The design and construction are centred around principles of nature and biomimicry. Biomimetic architecture seeks solutions for sustainability in nature by following its set of principles and using it as a model, taking inspiration from natural designs and processes. Building heights have been adjusted to remain below the treeline. Bat flight routes were respected, and a special light plan was developed to prevent disorientation and to protect fauna. The energy-neutral building consists of sustainable materials and a demountable, wood-hybrid construction, which was designed by Rau Architects and constructed by JP van Eesteren... More

Project • By Figurr Architects CollectiveOffices

Broccolini Head Offices

The building’s 1950s vintage-inspired interior is both functional and welcoming. The approach to its design is simple, straightforward and favours an honest expression of materials and tectonics.The two-level flexible office space holds most of the usual workplace amenities, such as individual offices, conference rooms and rest areas.It manages to register visual and physical permeability with glass partitions and captures engaging views across the space. It establishes a spatial coherence and promotes social cohesion by providing communal facilities – an angular wooden counter actually serves as the backbone to the design as it encourages gathering and interaction.The use of a bold colour scheme explicitly communicates the company’s identi... More

Project • By Figurr Architects CollectiveOffices


GlobalVision is a quality control platform for packaging workflow used by thousands of businesses worldwide to eliminate errors on packaging, optimize their quality control and catch mistakes before they're printed.The transformation of an old industrial building into their new corporate offices highlighted an enrichment of the building's industrial character.This renovation grasps the essence of the past, makes a contemporary intervention, and creates an elegant and innovative environment that will last through time.The goal was to create light and airy workspaces through exploiting the ceiling height and adding new openings to the existing envelope.With the focus on enhancement, the concrete floors were repaired and polished, while the st... More

Project • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésOffices

Apave Offices

The project’s objective is the creation of an office building on the periphery of Toulouse (Occitanie region, France).The site for the new regional headquarters of APAVE is located in the neighbourhood of Borderouge, in the north of Toulouse on the interchange between the ring road and the north urban boulevard. While the parcel is outside the nearby urban development zone of Borderouge, it marks the entry into this zone and thus enjoys a highly strategic location.The program calls for the creation of 3,492 m² (37,590 ft²) of office space in a four-story building, with training rooms situated on the ground floor.We chose to align the building with the curve of the highway interchange, giving its façade maximum visibility from the ring road... More

Project • By Brett Farrow ArchitectOffices

C3bank Headquarters

Brett Farrow Architect has designed the new headquarters for C3 Bancorp in the Southern California coastal community of Encinitas.The locally owned bank was designed as a combination retail branch, corporate offices and semi-civic space.  Facing directly onto Coast Highway 101, the building uses custom white concrete to echo the nearby coastal bluffs while large operable glass areas create a transparent connection between the interior work spaces and lushly planted courtyards and atrium.Marine grade stainless steel cladding was custom tinted and combined with western red cedar at the ceilings and eaves.The cantilevered glass bay window projects from the main conference room and hovers over the sidewalk, doubling as an informal shelter... More

Project • By 7N ArchitectsOffices

Fountainbridge Workspace

This new workspace forms a key part of 7N’s award winning regeneration masterplan for the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh. The 12,000 sqm building has been designed to respond to the agile working demands of emerging entrepreneurial businesses that are increasingly shifting away from the standard model of traditional corporate offices.The design was developed from 7N’s research on the requirements and aspirations of the emerging tech sector and scale up businesses that are critical to the Edinburgh’s future economy. The workspace offers an extremely flexible and relaxed working environment for a wide range of occupants, within a thriving new canalside community. More

Project • By Sordo Madaleno ArquitectosOffices


The history of Sordo Madaleno encompasses over eight decades of architecture and design. Having been based at Reforma 2076 in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood since the 1980s, the steady growth in the size of the teams both at the architecture studio (SMA) and the real estate development firm (GSM) made it necessary to design and build a new headquarters.   Strategically located at one of the most important economic and cultural hubs of Mexico City (Nuevo Polanco), the new HQ was designed by our own Interior Design department, taking the corporate design to a more challenging level for being our own client. Floors three to five of the Antara II Corporate Offices—itself designed by SMA—are home to the strategically distributed offices o... More

Project • By Studio LauriaOffices

Stocktotal Headquartes

The new headquarters of STOCKTOTAL, the Brazilian partner of MOTOROLA Solutions, belongs to the peculiar category of interventions, frequent increasingly in Brazil, of the so-called "retrofit do novo". The literal translation is almost impossible but, in fact, it is the construction of a new building based on an architectural project that "corrects" the one used to obtain building permits. In this case, the customer, disappointed with the design commissioned to a brazilian professional, contacted the local office of the Studio Lauria asking for a total revision. Of course within a setted budget and, above all, without the possibility of changing the total area building and the prospects already approved by the municipal offices. The main o... More

Project • By Ravnikar Potokar architectural officeOffices

Business Center Vrelec

Vrelec Business Center is placed at the entry point towards the center of Rogaška Slatina town and hosts a program for the “business incubator” for smaller entrepreneurs. Its orientation towards the promenade of Rogaška`s health-park is accented by the sightseeing point at the top floor loggia and by the longitudinal body. Thus the building establishes a connection to the urbanistic axis of the town, and also a height emphasis at the town`s main roundabout intersection. The shape of the building is a reaction to the irregular shape of the plot and nearness of other structures. Longitudinal overhang over the glazed ground offers some shelter for the semi-public space. The outer arrangement comprises also climbing pl... More