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Project • By RIMA ArquitecturaOffices


Within an area of 500 sq m located in Santa Fe, México City, RIMA Arquitectura, made an interesting office complex centered on the functionality and aesthetics needs requested by the client.   The color and finishes palette answers to the operational needs and image design of the space generating a homogeneous mixture between rustic and contemporary trends.   A dividing wall with geometric shapes is the key feature of the project; likewise, lighting is an important design element because it allows a better visualization of the details of all the materials used in this project.   The perfect synchronization of spaces allows achieving the main goal of the company by having a place that offers comfort and dynamism t... More

Project • By GenslerOffices

Davis Wright Tremaine Headquarters

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, recognized as one of the most innovative law firms in the world, sought Gensler’s expertise in the site selection and design of its new headquarters in downtown Seattle. The firm sought a new space that would support its commitment to openness, collaboration, and excellence while allowing for the flexibility and efficiency that modern legal practice demands. A lease of eight floors in an iconic new tower was the perfect fit.Our team worked with Davis Wright Tremaine to explore the latest advances in legal workplace design and leveraged Gensler research to inform thoughtful, data-driven decisions. Together we created a space that is welcoming for clients and inspiring for the firm’s lawyers and staff. Office sizes... More

Project • By Mojo Stumer AssociatesOffices

BWD Group

The BWD Group is one of the largest insurance brokers in the USA. Their many clients include the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League. The BWD Group’s new 70,000 square foot office Headquarters located in Plainview, NY reflects this sporting clientele and athletic image throughout their new, exciting and creative corporate offices designed by Mojo Stumer Associates. From the overall interior architecture to the workstation layouts and design, every detail was designed to offer the best in workflow, personal atmosphere, acoustical, visual and thermal comfort. The 170 workstations and 30 private offices were a collaboration between Steelcase, Knoll and MSA designers. The executive level showcases their many sports an... More

Project • By Pablo Muñoz Payá ArquitectosOffices

Stefanie & Gala Shoes Offices

Stefanie & Gala Shoes is a company located in Elda (Alicante, Spain) with full dedication to the manufacture of high-quality women's footwear. This company have proposed us a refurbishment project of their offices, which consisted in design and built in a very short period of three weeks.We were looking for a very neutral office as a whole in which the organization and the visual cleanliness will govern, and whose execution would be quick. A warm front at the back of the office counteracts general neutrality. The perimeter equipped with low furniture supports all the necessary storage, also housing all the computer equipment and its wiring, as well as various planters with plants of different sizes. More

Project • By ARCH-1Banks

Corporate Building Sostines Kreditas

Modern corporate building. Designed for competition to be build in Vilnius, Lithuania. More

Project • By ARCH-1Offices

Modern Office Building Near Loft Town

Modern office building architecture design. Located near loft town in Vilnius, Lithuania. More

Project • By BASO ArquitecturaOffices


BAC - BASO Arquitectura   The program required for this project included a large percentage of closed spaces; however, the privileged views to the west of the city determined the game of this project: from any point of view one has a view of the outside. More

Project • By BASO ArquitecturaOffices

Oficinas PC

Oficinas PC - BASO Arquitectura   Designed for an investment fund led by two talented and ambitious young people, this project is based on the intention to reflect the professionalism, meticulousness and entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes them. More

Project • By BASO ArquitecturaOffices


Alarde - BASO Arquitectura   A woodworking wall integrates the reception with the rest of the open area of these offices within a corporate building. It also provides complete privacy to the director's office while giving an incomparable warmth to a clean and open space. The rest of the areas are divided with translucent elements to allow the entrance of light and views to the outside from any point. More

Project • By E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert ArchitektenOffices

taz Neubau - Publishing House for taz newspaper

After 25 years at the Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse across from Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin daily newspaper moves a block further south. The purchase of the plot Friedrichstrasse 20-22 allows the taz to unite its roughly 250 employees in the future media quarters next to the Bessel Park under one roof again.The architectural design of the new house for the taz recalls the Moscow "Shabolovka" radio tower by Vladimir G. Shukhov from the early 1920s. Its structural system, conceived as a network, attempts to reach the greatest possible load capacity with the fewest possible elements.The main structure is composed of diagonal bracings along the periphery of the building envelope and therefore does not require any additional support on the inside. Th... More

Project • By D&P AssociatesOffices

Spaces Wishun Taiwan

The very first Spaces in Taiwan is located at one of the very few grade A buildings in the commercial area of Hsinchu THSR district. The newly constructed building is with abundant local amenities, including restaurants, retail shops, recreation facilities and a hotel. Our challenge is to offer an open, collaborative environment that enhances people's health, happiness and productivity. The open plan encourages collaboration among different areas. The atrium connects from 6th floor to 13th floor and the glass windows enclosed touchdown spaces maximize views and access to natural light. A small cafeteria area and a large community lounges with meeting booths spread across the space encourage spontaneous interaction and create a feeling of... More

Project • By KWA ArchitectsShops

Amazon Teas Corporate Interiors

Amazon teas, the owners of the celebrated international tea brand “English Tea Shop” needed a complete redesign of their corporate offices in Colombo.The design was inspired by the dynamism and youthfulness of the people and their brand. As a tightly knit group of mostly under forties making waves in a centuries old industry,the client required an interior that can inspire their team while projecting their look of the art of tea making and their brand promise of organically harvested tea and value from tip to cup.The interior attempted to project out this personality in visual and spatial form. Colour schemes, textures and lighting has been carefully designed to optimize the comfort and work efficiency for the team and encourage intera... More

Project • By FOR design planningOffices

Mavrik Offices

The word Mavrik (short for "maverick"), comes from a Texas free thinker rancher and refers to anyone with an independently mind. Inspired by this idea, FOR., in collaboration with Jennifer Nagy Delli Fraine from the branding agency Haute Creative, articulated the concept around a modern ranch look, featuring raw materials such as wood, exposed concrete, leather, lacquered and matte steel to design non-standard work environment.In these offices of more than 2,000 sq.ft., a succession of layers separate public and private spaces: in the foreground, the open workstations; then the service area (kitchen, conference room) creates a first transition; finally a large block of walnut panels closes the public space. This long wooden w... More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Offices

Mixed Mossart Project

This unique mixed mossart piece features preserved sheet moss, pole moss, and fern moss, accentuated by preserved fern folia. The trapezoidal and hexagonal design of the wall in combination with the biophilic design components of the mossart creates a visually stunning addition to this Toronto office space.This piece was installed by Ginkgo Sustainability, the Ontario partner to moss supplier ByNature Design, and was designed by Ray Inc. More

Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersOffices

nascar tower

A 20-story office tower, NASCAR Plaza, anchors the southeast corner of the full-city-block development that is the Hall of Fame complex.The form of the 427,000 s/f tower follows the lead of the Hall of Fame, consisting of a curvilinear metal-and-glass curtain wall contrasted with a rectangular precast concrete armature.Located at the intersection of the Caldwell Street freeway interchange, the tower is designed as a gateway to the city and houses NASCAR offices and their media production facilities.Floor to ceiling glass and a shallow core-to-glass dimension provides a high amount of natural light and views to the exterior for office workers in both private and open office configurations. The base building design allows for interconnecting... More