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Project • By Studio RicattiOffices

Diesel Headquarters

The new Diesel Headquarters was built on the grounds of a former industrial site, thereby renovating a 90,000 square-meter plot of land that had been allocated to a local engineering industrial facility. The complex essentially comprises five main building units: corporate offices, warehouse/museum facilities, an auditorium, a nursery, and a central utilities operation/monitoring and security services facility.The general layout of the entire building complex was influenced by the shape and size of the grounds, the urban and construction official regulatory requirements, as well as input data. The road that extends southwards from the main provincial road that runs along the east perimeter of the property dictated its orientation on the sit... More

Project • By IDEA AsociadosPost offices

Oficinas Palacio de Hierro

Oficinas Palacio de Hierro by IDEA Asociados More

Project • By Neri&Hu Design and Research OfficeOffices

Curio Stair of Encounters

Ordinary things contain the deepest mysteries… If anything is described by an architectural plan, it is the nature of human relationships, since the elements whose trace it records – walls, doors, windows and stairs – are employed first to divide and then selectively to re-unite inhabited space. Robin Evans’ 1978 essay Figures, Doors and Passages analyzes how ordinary elements of a plan and their arrangements interact and shape occupancy. A simple corner or window opening is in fact inscribed with a complex matrix of spatial relationships that determine how a space is used. Neri&Hu’s design for Bloomberg Hong Kong’s internal office stair is in part inspired by the mundane elements of space-making - windows, passages, staircases and thre... More

Project • By Grow ArquitectosOffices

Town Square Metepec

Town Square Metepec stands as a new urban complex located in the heart of one of the cities with the greatest economic and demographic growth in the State of Mexico. The project presents a complete of offer of goods and services that integrates the community satisfying its daily and lifestyle needs. The broad experience of Elkus Manfredi Architects and Grow Arquitectos in this kind of projects resulted in a design that revolves around a grand central park that distributes several pedestrian paths that give access to the different areas of the shopping center. Emulating a contemporary villa, this small urbanization links all the exterior with the interior activities reaching the perfect interaction between the user and all the complex s... More

Project • By MSGSSSOffices

Campus La Calandria

Located in a decisive natural environment, a wooded area for decades, this corporate office campus project seeks to integrate with the landscape proposing soft, curved and winding forms that let the sun and air pass between its buildings.The set of 3 oval buildings is joined on the ground floor by a slab that acts as a continuous base and gives unity to the whole. Allowing to go between buildings under cover through a continuous commercial recove.The elliptical geometries allow panoptic visuals on an environment of closed neighborhoods, trees and villas, all of lower height than the buildings of 18.50m.The concept of the proposal, create between trees, seeks to activate the senses all the time in relation to nature. Thus, a number... More
T/O/S allowed Harley-Davidson to open up its workspace. The system’s modular panel design enabled the company to reverse the previous planning formula and lower panel heights from 66 to 51 inches.
"The flexibility of T/O/S meant that we weren’t married to one palette, one color; the interchangeability of the panel Elements allowed us to say, 'Let’s go on brand here.' "

Project • By TeknionOffices


THE CHALLENGEFounded in the first decade of the 20th century, Harley-Davidson is a brand with a 107-year history and a legendary image that inspires a strong brand community. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson started producing motorcycles in a small wooden shed built by Davidson’s father and as production grew, built a more substantial brick factory on Chestnut Street, now renamed W. Juneau Avenue, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The site remains the location of Harley-Davidson headquarters, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Early in the 1990s, Jeff Regner, Harley-Davidson Facilities Manager, began to work with Teknion to plan and furnish the corporate offices housed in the historic brick building at 3700 W. Juneau Av... More

Project • By KrageljOffices

Resalta Office Redesign

When Resalta changed its name from GGE, the company wanted to do more than redesign its brand. The management wanted to acknowledge its incredible growth and adopt a new brand identity to match it. For Resalta to attract top talent from the energy field, it needed workspaces that looked the part and its current offices weren’t up to the task.One of Resalta’s main challenges to achieving strategic goals was the state of their workplace. They worked in a set of offices that was designed for several small businesses, not one company. There were two main sections, and getting from one to the other was time-consuming. There were separate entrances, and that created a natural rift in the company. Employees could not freely communicate,... More
The Optos wall sets off the meeting space from hallway traffic—yet seems to dissolve into the space.
A range of panel options offers both the desired aesthetic and level of functionality, while off-module planning capability permits an optimal use of space and inventory.
Consistent with the human-centered culture of Destination Maternity, private offices are furnished with Livello height-adjustable tables that allow the user to sit or stand while working or meeting with colleagues.

Project • By TeknionOffices

Destination Maternity

THE ​PROJECTDestination Maternity is home to the world’s leading maternity apparel brands,operating an international network of retail locations under the trade names Motherhood Maternity®, A Pea in the Pod® and Destination Maternity®. In 2013, the company announced its plan to move operations split between two sites in Philadelphia to a single headquarters facility in a 74,000-square-foot (6875 m²) building in Moorestown, New Jersey—about 25 miles (40 km) away across the Delaware River.The company’s bright, fully refurbished corporate offices were designed to cultivatecreativity and collaboration across all functional areas, including design, merchandising, marketing, sales and distribution. Teknion and architectur... More


INELTRON Headquarters

Our challenge was to create an emblematic space for the electric company INELTRON, out of a dark and narrow establishment, which would act as a corporate image, projecting a modern look to the future clients. We started working on the project by focusing on making as much wide open space as possible – most of the dividing walls were demolished – so that natural light from the courtyard could flow throughout the whole interior.White walls and ceilings in the working area are complemented by a microcement flooring and laser cut steel walls, which run across the entire office, unify the design.Valsain pine furniture -mostly custom-made - dominates the space . Its winding shapes provides each of the rooms with a certain sense of warmth and pers... More

Project • By ADDA ArchitectsOffices

Oriana Facade

INTRODUCTION:Oriana façade situated in Surat, est. in jaunary’ 2011, is a firm which emphasizes in delivering the most qualitative fabrication in the field of fabrication and architecture.The plan was to develop an office use whilst providing an attractive space for visitors through design and organizational order apparent in the building. This office was designed with one main objective in mind- to reflect the professional ethos of the client.OVERVIEW:The office’s main terrace façade is separated into geometric grid of glass partitions set with the spider hinges. The glass façade gives the view of all the separated areas while keeping it one and symmetric at the same time. The use of different materials on the exterior such zinc, ston... More

Project • By SXL ArquitectosOffices

Oficinas Innovare

The Innovare offices are located in the Jesús María district in Lima, Peru. The design was in charge of the team of SXL Architects, carrying out the project of architecture and specialties of electrical and sanitary engineering. More

Project • By EDDA ArchitectureOffices


In consideration of the new structure established as a result of the merger under the roof of Hapag Lloyd, Hapag Lloyd and UASC Shipping companies, two of thebiggest and important companies in the field of Container Marine Transportation,rented an office area of approximately 1000 m2 on the office floors of the newpremises of IZMIR CHAMBER of COMMERCE due to the need for a larger andmore modern office in Izmir that would reflect its corporate identity as a Head Office for its developing and growing personnel, in addition to its several offices which operate across Turkey. During the completion and commissioning of the building, the concept and application projects have been created.Subsequently, upon having the application area available, t... More

Project • By Work+Offices

Barry Callebaut

For the master plan of this project we considered a distribution with a clear structure able to support the company´s activities. Barry-Callebaut required an operative center with an academy, green house, relaxing area and open space offices in a single area. At the entrance there is a wide bookcase, inspired in a library, that divides the circulation towards the chef presentation area. This area has video and audio system to offer a complete experience in the art of chocolate making and is surrounded by glass partitions to take advantage of the natural light. The following space is the academy with services such as: dressing rooms, lockers, storage room and kitchens to complete its operation.The other end of the circulation links the corpo... More

Project • By Work+Offices

Duff & Phelps

The company required a corporate project based on a global design outline. Therefore we located the principal areas towards the main façade —such as private offices and meeting rooms— to achieve the most efficient use of energy.Based on the above for our project Work+ team visualized the new corporate offices for Duff&Phelps in an open space plan with a lighting system installed on the gypsum board plafond with an integral system that projects indirect light towards the work surfaces.The dining room area was also located towards the façade so the users may enjoy natural light for the longest time to improve their productivity. Inside of this space we allocated a nursing/resting area with all the necessary specifications and equipment ne... More

Project • By Work+Offices

Corporativo Jaguar Land - Rover

The project for the corporate offices of Land Rover – Jaguar is located in the 7th level of a building in Mexico City. The floor plan is formed by two offset rectangles. A main axis organizes the visitors flow and joins the lobby with the meeting rooms. This same axis leads to the next sections where the working areas —marketing, directors, finances and services— were located. Lighted niches exhibiting branding, memorabilia and the awards of the different brands decorate and give ambiance to the space. More