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Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Private house – Cap d’Ail, France

The house is located on a rectangular flat leveled plot inward into the mainland near Cap d’Ail in Southern France with no direct sea view. The client wishes to create his own oasis to compensate the remoteness of the seashore. The house is composed of three outdoor spaces – a backyard with a pool, a backyard garden and a central patio. The terrain is surrounded by a solid fence, whose line in plan forms the main entrance. The house itself is a rectangle that lies on two of the fencing walls. In the rectangle there are four volumes on the cross, which on the outside form the living room, the kitchen with the dining room, the relaxation area and the entrance hall. On the inside, these four volumes outline the shape of the patio. Three of the... More

Project • By CERAMICHE CAESARPrivate Houses


With its sunny beaches, breathtaking turquoise and crystal clear sea and picturesque villages huddled on the mountains overlooking the Riviera, the Côte d’Azur is the ideal place for lovers of the sea, the sun, beach life and having fun. As setting of unexpected routes and exceptional art galleries of the masters of Impressionism, who drew inspiration from the bright colours of nature, the landscapes appear as if painted and the rocks as if sculpted by the wind. Beauty and charm blend in perfect harmony in a location that the entire world envies. In this evocative context, Ceramiche Caesar contributed to the development of a luxury private residence, completed in 2016, by providing its nature-inspired ceramic collections... More