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Product • By Scirocco H srlBrick


A project inspired by an affective image shared by all. Multiple combinations of colours for the development of modular elements, both horizontally and vertically. Like a construction game, the elements combine, joining, depending on the available sp... More

Product • By Scirocco H srlWinter


Made entirely of brass, noble material of high quality anddurability, Winter is the radiator with a clean and essentialdesign, an innovative towel radiator thanks to the sophisticatedconnection technique between pillars and horizontal squaresectiontu... More

Product • By Tubes Radiatorit.b.t.


Simplicity gives the shape of the radiating elements t.b.t., designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. It looks like a simple pipe with a 7cm diameter in which a special internal circuit is installed to let the hot water circulate appropriately and event... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriORIGAMI


Origami, designed by Alberto Meda, is a high efficiency electric plug & play radiator capable of producing heat for any room thanks to a significant yet discrete presence. It liaises with its surroundings, offering the possibility of separating t... More

Product • By FoursteelM Tube

M Tube

Giving continuity to its minimalist range and prioritizing the creation of electric towel warmers for small spaces, foursteel presents the m tube, m tube square and m tube round. Available in polished or brushed stainless steel and in white or textur... More

Product • By FoursteelArena


The design radiator arena approaches heating in a different way. retro inspired, it is a flexible and functional element of decoration, adaptable to different spaces. The arena can be customized through the choice and combination of different materia... More

Product • By FoursteelDiamond radiator

Diamond radiator

With a unique combination of shape and functionality, the Diamond radiator is a new concept by FOURSTEEL - Heating Products Factory. The Diamond radiator was conceived to satisfy the need for heating solutions that accompany the conceptual evolution... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriSoho


Soho, designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, that for its design is ideal for contemporary spaces, with this "industrial" finish enhances its minimalist elegance and aesthetic balance. The radiator is built with hot extrusion aluminium sections held... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriRift


Rift is a modular, component-based radiator, designed to satisfy the customisation needs of any designer. It is made up of two modules in extruded aluminium which can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted in order to... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriHola


The Hola radiator operates with water and is made of 14 mm diameter tubular steel elements, first curved to one side then to the other. The sinuous design gives this radiator a strong personality, turning it into a refined furnishing element tha... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriN-Planet


Harmonious aesthetics and compact design remain the distinctive features of this range, which is a renewed version of the original. The manifolds feature an innovative and appealing oval shape. The gap between the elements (welded perpendicular to th... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriKubik


Carbon steel elements proposing an innovative, original design, with a play of contrasts of straight and rounded lines. The heating units no longer have a traditional rounded shape but feature a 15 mm square-section tubular element, in line with the... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriSquare Bench

Square Bench

Square Bench stems from the idea of shaping heat with the addition of comfort through a bench on which to relax. The plug & play Square Bench is the perfect example of a fully functional product, which is easy to move and carry, and that can be p... More

Product • By Tubes Radiatoriadd-On


"In architecture radiators are present as technical components and, as such, are usually neglected from the aesthetic point of view, even though they are amongst the most important products in the architectural system. So, the first idea that came... More

Product • By Tubes RadiatoriMilano


The Milano radiator, part of the Elements collection by Tubes, is a totally multifaceted interior design item whose main feature is its versatility. It was designed by AstoriDePontiAssociati in 2006 and was one of the items selected by the Permanent... More