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Project • By FAKROResidential Landscape

Stylish homes in the windy city

Chicago can boast with modern apartments that provide comfort of use and stand out with their sophisticated interior design. Convenient access to a flat roof, filled with photovoltaic panels, is ensured by sensational and innovative DRF access roof lights by FAKRO.   Modern building design We all need eco-friendly structures. Users of innovative, energy-efficient buildings save on heating bills, while the local community enjoys healthy and clean air. The project of four modern buildings completed in Chicago meets all these objectives. It takes advantage of advanced technical solutions, materials and products to create a friendly and healthy environment. Photovoltaic panels providing electricity for households have been installe... More

Product • By Atelier Tobia Zambotti‘The Fan Chair’

‘The Fan Chair’

Considering the urgent environmental issues society has to face, is time for designers to come up with sustainable solutions that aim for a circular economy. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could contribute to an economic model with closed loops, where we can give a new life to products and materials, especially the ones that are not usually recyclable?   An alarmingly high percentage —79%— of plastic waste around the world is either not recyclable or recycled, accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as trash.   Pursuing this environmentally friendly goal, ‘The Fan Chair’ collection on one hand gives a new life to discarded plastic seats... More

Project • By Telli bio-boutiqueShops

Design of Telli bio-boutique, Almaty

The interior design for Telli was inspired by Almaty itself, which is also known as the “City of Apples”. Apple trees are of great importance to locals here and we wanted to work with this concept by making the apple tree a key symbol of the design. The large, wooden oak feature found within the space is representative of an apple tree and is supposed to connect different spaces of the boutique such as the shop with relaxation areas and the gallery. Just like the tree connects these distinct areas, it also becomes an abstraction in itself, as it is made out of individual elements or branches that become one tree, giving the space more of an organic feel. Meanwhile, the locally-sourced wood was used to aesthetically tie all these varying ele... More

Product • By Tender RainMenhir


Menhir is available as a self-standing or wall-mounted shower column with 500 x 325 mm antiscale nozzles.The self-standing version is available with integrated soap holders and handshower.The old natural brass finish is the result of a special manufacturing process, entirely hand-made and carefully tested in our plants. The typical shades on the surface are not due to any paint, but they derivate from a natural oxidation process of the brass, which gives the product a unique aspect and makes it unique.Solid brass.Patented model.Average flow rate: 8 liters/minute.The green perspex flange is optional. More

Product • By Tender RainArethusa


400 x 300 mm wall-mounted antiscale shower head.Available with diverter.Available with waterfall only.Solid brass.Patented model.Rain effect – average flow rate: 10 liters/minute.Waterfall – average flow rate: 18 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1,5 bar (21,7 psi) More

Product • By Tender RainPetalo


Light and delicate element, slender like a petal, with a capturing design. 300 x 300 mm antiscale shower head in AISI 316L or AISI 304L brushed stainless steel.Available also with waterfall.Available also with 12 LED RGB chromotherapy.Available also in polished steel finish, white finish (glossy or mat), black finish (glossy or mat).Rain effect average flow rate: 12 liters/minute.Waterfall average flow rate: 16 liters/minute.Waterfall minimum dynamic pressure required: 1,5 bar (21,7 psi). More

Product • By Tender RainViceversa


Revolutionary multifunction shower head, with shower arm and diverter included.Adjustable waterfall: no water sprinkling!300 x 192 mm antiscale shower head.Surface with nozzles: 242 x 192 mm.Matchable with 350 mm or 400 mm shower arm.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate – rain effect: 8 liters/minute.Average flow rate – waterfall: 15 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1 bar. More

Product • By Tender RainCalices


Multiple or single multi shape elements with sinuous lines.There are four different Calices models. You can choose them all together with manifold and false ceiling fixing device or individually.It is also possible to combine two shower heads and two LED lamps.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate of four Calices composition: 18 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1 bar.HAND MADE. More

Product • By Tender RainPluvia


Unique model with an amazing water jet shape.560 x 400 mm antiscale shower head with wall shower arm included.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate 18 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1,5 bar. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants


Green Design is the new ‘it’ so an eco-friendly interior would definitely attract lots of customers to any restaurant. The client wanted an eatery that would have a minimal carbon footprint, so the design team at CAS came up with a clever ‘Green’ solution to create the perfect interior design for this restaurant in Southington, USA. By using hydroponic walls and indoor planters, the interior was designed to be nature-centric. This enhanced the air-quality and brought in a refreshing vibe that will appeal greatly to the guests. The fresh green and black color scheme only adds to the wonderful ambiance of this restaurant. More

Project • By Arkan Zeytinoglu ArchitectsHotels

NIDUM Casual Luxury Hotel

The For Friends Hotel in the Olympia region Seefeld was reopend as NIDUM Casual Luxury Hotel.Innovative, sustainable and modern Alpine hotel with panoramic viewThis hotel stands for very high environmental-friendly, social, technical and functional quality. Through effective sun protection, a massive-construction style and the setting of the single bodies of the building as well as through the incorporation of many glass elements, the hotel reaches the energy efficiency category A+. This considerable efficiency is mainly due to the way of construction and the use of renewable energy sources.Consequently, the hotel was recognized by the Austrian Energy Agency and was awarded the “klimaaktiv” certificate in 2014.Location Positioning the requi... More

Product • By Ravaioli LegnamiiDecking


The patented Easy Click System reduces the time of the traditional installation and allows to install the decking with the foot pressure! Available in wood or in Duro, a new composite, eco-friendly material. More

Product • By PLANIUMPL01 Invisible

PL01 Invisible

PL01 Invisible Floor is the millimeter surface and the elegance of the materials.This new patented system allows a quick, one-click, simple and renewable installation of varied metal finishes.LAYING SYSTEMS Research and innovation combined with industrial know-how originate Planium surfaces, creating unique Floors and Wall coverings. All floor or wall Systems have an INNOVATIVE, FUNCTIONAL and RENEWABLE DESIGN. They allow fast dry installations, respecting the environment, with simple laying or with patented mechanical or one-click hooks between tile and tile, or also traditional installations with glue. Each tile is made of QUALITY materials. Their design was created to be functional, eco-friendly and sophisticated. Their mi... More

Product • By SureSet Resin SystemsSureCell®


SureCell® Designed to be faster, easier and cheaper to install than tarmac and concrete, SureCell® is an interlocking honeycomb structure that provides the ideal base for small areas whilst being durable and eco-friendly. Perfect for driveway extensions and around trees, it perfectly complements a top layer of SureSet and gives you double the permeability with a beautiful finish. Our SureCell base system is ideal for areas that require base preparations which are faster, cheaper and easier than laying tarmac or concrete. Laid directly onto compacted stone and then in-filled with gravel, it provides an incredibly strong and stable surface which is ideal for heavy vehicular traffic and footfall. The benefits of a SureCell base sys... More

Product • By Tender RainSharp


Definite architectonical element issuing his form from a spatial geometry. Rising rail with essential shower head that goes through the relation generated between wall and ceiling, edge of two levels at the base of every architecture. Despite the simplicity of his shape, the intersection of two architectonical levels is strongly characterized and easy to remember. Multifunctional chrome plated brass rising rail equipped with antiscale shower head, waterfall and encased handshower / body jet. Sharp I available as: shower head only (rain/waterfall), Wall mounted or self-standing column. Manual or thermostatic mixer. More