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Project • By Tham & Videgård ArkitekterUniversities

New School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

The site on the KTH campus, with its very tangible cultural and historical context and its physical limitations, could be described as the opposite of a blank slate (Tabula Rasa). The new school is inserted into an existing courtyard space with existing pathways and is located adjacent to Erik Lallerstedt’s original and quite monumental brick buildings from the early twentieth century. Based on the logic of a free campus layout that encourages movement, the idea is to accomodate and encourage circulation within the building and all around it as a way of thoroughly integrating and anchoring the new school to the site. With its rounded contours and a total of six floors, the school building includes a sunken garden and a roof terrace, whil... More

Project • By archikubikCar Parks


The new parking is located in the heart of Montpellier, in the ZAC New Saint-Roch including the plans for the extension of the city center. The Parking is the structuring link in the extension of pedestrian areas between the Place de la Comédie and the train station. Saint Roch, in the heart of the railway landscape, completes "the intermodal transport unit" of the exchange of the train station. The insertion of the "suspended-street", spine of the parking space, establishes an enlargement of the public space (ep) and re-activates the relationship between the users of the parking and the locals. It can be either a passage or a place, depending on the expansion of the "suspended-street", but on either case it is a place of social cohesion... More

Project • By Avanto ArchitectsRestaurants


01/07/2016 Sauna culture Sauna bathing is an essential part of Finnish culture and national identity. There are only 5,4 million Finns but 3,3 million saunas. Public saunas used to be common in bigger cities but now that most new apartments have sauna of their own, public saunas have decreased dramatically in number. There are only a couple remaining. As a sense of community is becoming a more and more important part of new urban culture, many new public saunas are being planned. With Löyly (meaning the steam that comes when you throw water on hot stones in a sauna) Helsinki will offer foreign visitors a public sauna experience all year round - a must when visiting Finland. Process The project started from the city of Helsinki... More

Project • By Casanova + Hernandez ArchitectsMuseums

Marubi National Museum of Photography

In 2013, the Albanian Ministry of Culture envisioned a plan to improve the national cultural infrastructure, paying special attention to the renovation of existing historical buildings, reusing them with a new cultural program. One of the first projects included in this program is the Marubi National Photomuseum, which is specially important due to its pioneer character. The plan to create the museum has enjoyed an enormous national repercussion because of the historical importance of exhibiting the photographic legacy created during more than one century by three generations of photographers from the Marubi family. But also, because preserving and disseminating Marubi's work in a historical city as Shkodër acquires a strong symbolic signif... More

Project • By SV60 Cordón & Liñán ArquitectosHousing


Given the uniqueness of the initiative designed to provide subsidised housing based on an attitude that is contemporary and sensitive to current social trends, a comprehensive strategy has been adopted based on an interpretation of the PLACE and typological research based on improving living conditions and processes in order to give rise to quality housing that is sustainable and adapted to the various considerations that influence the construction of the architectural concept. “Then she began looking about, and noticed that what could be seen from the old room was quite common and uninteresting, but that all the rest was as different as possible”. Lewis Carroll. We understand the place as being an accumulator of situations, elements... More

Project • By Tsuruta ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House of Trace

The demolition of the original extension and its replacement, called for an intervention that can be a part of the original main building without replicating classical vocabulary or gesture. Our intent was to keep a sense of memory, while simultaneously allowing the new intervention to have its own identity. The original extension had no distinct historical or architectural value, and was structurally unsound, but it had a sloop roof profile typical of those found in terrace house back gardens. We chose to incorporate this banality in the new face of the rear garden – in a way fossilising and persevering its charm to carry some sense of associated memory to those who know it or those who see it new. As we uncovered the original building... More

Project • By Dominique Coulon & associésCare Homes

Home for dependent elderly people and nursing home in Orbec

115-beds unit This care and retirement home has been built in the heart of the Normandy bocage near the village of Orbec. The building follows the sloping curve of the hillside, and is visible from the valley. To reduce the visual impact of this imposing building, we felt it preferable to divide it up. We achieved the desired effect by using the colour green, with the result that the building both blends into the larger landscape and reflects the rural nature of the site. The under-faces of the overhangs and the white walls of the base produce a feeling of lightness. Each of the living units fits into one section of the building, and all are connected to a south-facing street, backed by the hill. This arrangement gives views throug... More

Project • By Dietger Wissounig ArchitektenNurse Housing

Residential care home Andritz

A residential care home for 105 elderly residents has been constructed on Statteggerstraße in Graz on a park-like plot in the immediate vicinity of the Andritzbach brook. The passive house has no basement due to the challenging ground conditions and because of its location within the Andritz flood zone. It is a composite construction and features controlled domestic ventilation. Load-bearing ceilings and walls are made of concrete while all other structural elements are wood. The façade elements, each extending across two rooms, were prefabricated, their size determined by the maximum dimensions suitable for transport. The two-storey building consists of four wings arranged around a semi-public “village square”, designed to host vario... More

Project • By KWK Promes KoniecznyPrivate Houses


The highest value of the plot is a wonderful view stretching out. The idea was for the house to become its framework that crops it. The most appropriate building turned out to be a fully open on mountain landscape one-storey building, which gives the same view to all of the interiors. Because of the plot being located in an absolute wilderness a problem of security came out. The solution turned out to be "twisting" the building so as only its one corner touches the ground and the rest is hang over the edge of the hill. With this solution, part of the ground floor where the bedrooms were located was pulled up to the level of the first floor. Because of the fact that there are wide glass openings in the building, my wife asked me to e... More

Project • By Camillo Botticini ArchitectPrivate Houses

Alps Villa

This house is located in a clearing among the trees, at an altitude of 700 meters, near the "Passo del Cavallo", where you can see a place near but at the same time far from the urban area just below.   The relationship with the ground and the landscape are the materials that construct the project: with the ground it operates a principle of rooting towards the slope to the north, where the house seems to bite the mountain, while it "emancipates" to the south, with an overhang that projects it towards the valley.   Facing north, in fact, an open courtyard in the direction of the mountains allows you to admire the profile of the spires of the Dolomites, which at an altitude of 1200 meters continues the green inclined plane virtu... More

Project • By RUE space (RUE Architects)Private Houses

Casa #20

The lot is located between party walls with dimensions 6 meters wide by 25 meters long. The new construction keeps the sequence house-yard-barn, as usual in the old town. The new building also keeps the alignments and volumetry set by planning regulations. Access is produced through an entrance porch that also can be used as a garage. The living room and the kitchen-dining room must be understood as an only double-height space, extended towards the yard and the guest annex. The stepping facade in the yard allows the entrance of sunlight during most of the day, generating different terraces alongside each room. The oblique alignment of these terraces helps to solve the irregular shape of the plot. The translucent character of these faç... More

Project • By Carr Cotter and Naessens ArchitectsLibraries

dlr LexIcon. Contemporary library

New library set to become contemporary landmark for Ireland as doors open to the public A bold new addition to the town of Dún Laoghaire, Ireland is set to open on the 8th December: dlr LexIcon. Contemporary libraries now have an extended role within the local community, with the requirements of educational and cultural events shaping the design of the building and the spaces within. This building, the result of an RIAI international competition held in 2007, exemplifies this new approach to library design and offers a mix of intimate and expansive public rooms, places to congregate, or to sit quietly with a book and enjoy the view. Architects, Carr Cotter Naessens’ design creates a new public space that will transform the heart of D... More

Project • By Schmidt Hammer Lassen architectsCommunity Centres


19-08-2016 World's best library: Dokk1 wins Public Library of the Year Award 2016 Monday 15th August, Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, was announced winner of the Public Library of the Year Award 2016 at a ceremony during the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) congress in Columbus, Ohio. The international panel of judges recognised Dokk1 as a true library of the future that embraces new digital developments, user demands, local culture, and a desire to accommodate diverse population groups within an open and functional architectural expression. Dokk1 triumphed over libraries from Australia and the United States, becoming the first Danish library to receive... More

Project • By Barkow LeibingerPavilions

Fellows Pavilion - American Academy

The American Academy in Berlin, founded in 1994 by Richard C. Holbrooke, Henry A. Kissinger, and Richard von Weizsäcker, is a vital and growing center for residential fellowships for American scholars, writers, policymakers, and artists, among them alumni Arthur Miller, Jonathan Franzen, Jenny Holzer, Jeffrey Eugenides, Hal Foster, and Jonathan Safran Foer. The Academy is housed in the Hans Arnhold Center, a picturesque 19th-century villa on a large parcel of land directly on the Wannsee. The success of the Academy’s program has led to a dearth of available space, so plans for a garden pavilion were initiated to provide more study space for resident fellows. A disused bathhouse, located on the left side of the Academy’s expansive yard and n... More

Project • By Crab StudioUniversities

Drawing Studio

A belief in the power of Drawing and its central role in artistic creativity is vociferously shared by Stuart Bartholomew, the Vice Chancellor and Head of Arts University Bournemouth and its architect alumnus, Sir Peter Cook. In 2014 Bartholomew invited Cook to design this building, which is dedicated to that pursuit. Cook’s office CRAB (the Cook-Robotham Architecture Bureau) with Jenna Al-Ali as Project Architect have then developed an instrument that is to be used by the students of all of its 17 departments. These range from painting, sculpture and Illustration, through to architecture, costume, drama, and model-making with the result becoming the first such dedicated Drawing Studio as a stand-alone structure to be built in a British art... More