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Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions


This is a “collision” between traditional Chinese folk craftsmanship and contemporary arts. The image of Chinese peacock is expressed with the “paper flower” craft of Chinese folks. Returning to the tradition, we make Chinese folk craftsmanship embrace the contemporary arts and enter our contemporary life, awakening the authentic aesthetic nature of our native land.   I. “Peacock--Farewell Song” The huge “peacock” seems to be reborn out of the strong flames. Death means rebirth. This is the last cry from the peacock. It’s brilliant, resplendent and heroic. With its remaining strength, it flaps its huge wings for the last time to sing the last “farewell song” for us. T... More

Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

Moon Hut

I. Moon MarshAs a general rule, there is a half-moon “Pond” in front of Hakka ancestral hall of enclosed architecture in Lingnan region, or “Moon Marsh”, as it is called, which I think to be a pool of lucid water nourishing each enclosed ancestral hall, where it contains an inexhaustible source of dew for the family. That is the origin of “Moon Hut”. So, the facade of the “Moon Hut” is expressed in the form of “Moon Marsh” of the Hakka Enclosed house. The planar profile looks like “Mid-autumn Moon”.II. Lower Your Head, Be ModestAs of today, the world becomes, in a natural way, more and more confident. Everyone is too confident in living in the world to be modest and humble as before. Everyone is conceited and overconfident in holding his he... More

Project • By Interval ArchitectsMuseums

Botanic Exhitition Greenhouse

Seven repetitive geometric pyramids make up the roof of this exhibition hall. Each cone consists of steel structure and triangular glass curtain wall. The peripheral glass curtain wall, as well as the transparent roof, creates the transparency of the entire building and fits in with the exhibition nature of the plant gallery. Adaptation to the Climate The design of the steep slope of the roof is a response to the cold climate in Hebei. Because it snows in winter in Hebei, it takes a hill that is tilted enough to allow the snow to slip down. When the rain and snow slip to the bottom, the rainwater pipe at the junction of the geometric cone can drain the melted snow water elsewhere. EconomyDuplicated units do not require mass custom... More

Project • By KANTOORArt Galleries

Unfolding NPAK - Centre for Contemporary Art

Unfolding NPAK – KANTOOR receives Jury-Mention for renovation proposal for the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art.KANTOOR, a Colombian-Dutch architecture studio based in Beijing, proposes an intervention to open up the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK). A new building volume wraps around the building and cuts through the site to open up the building to the city and create new public spaces in both interior and exterior. Yerevan has a long history of multiple nationalities, religions and ethnicities residing in the current land of Armenia, all leaving behind a piece of their culture.  Simultaneously a large number of diaspora live outside of Armenia bringing the Armenian culture abroad... More

Project • By Deve BuildExhibitions

The Fading Past

We’ve been lived a happy, unromantic but carefree life. What are left in our mind are extended lane, undisturbed courtyard and the eaves under the blue sky. The doves, staying on or flying over the eaves, are in our memory. Even in the bitter cold winter, the misted morning, in the town and the country as well, was brought to a scroll of poetry. Parents and children made their own handicrafts. We’re aroused of harmonious life of neighborhood, when crowing and barking were heard, deep lane in the spring drizzle seen, and daybreak haggler of flowers nearby. We could hear resounding “grinding scissors and kitchen knife” hawking dialects, clanging wooden beat of bean curd vendor across the street in early at dawn, someti... More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSHeritages

90 Degrees

Hansen House is a historic hospital that cared for people with leprosy, established in Jerusalem in 1887. Nowadays it is transformed into a design, media and technology cultural center and is the home of the Jerusalem Design Week, which is now in its 8th edition. The structure is under strict preservation regulations and it can only undergo minor changes. HQ Architects undertook the challenge to design a temporary intervention for the historic building. The installation forms a space that serves as a showcase for exhibitions during the Jerusalem Design Week, and creates a new image for Hansen House and a fresh experience for its visitors.Responding to this year’s curatorial theme, EAST, while dealing with a sensitive historic context,... More

Project • By Esrawe StudioExhibitions

Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting

The multidisciplinary design workshop THiNC – Héctor Esrawe + Ignacio Cadena – has intervened in two spaces in the exhibition Frida & Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting at the High Museum in Atlanta. The exhibition presents the work of the two artists, as well as a series of photographs narrating Frida and Diego’s life together and passion for one another. The two spaces intervened in by THiNC are profoundly inspired by the personal relationship between the two artists, and by their work. In the intervention, THiNC used as motifs two colours that are representative of the work of the artists: yellow and red. Yellow “Insanity, disease, cowardice, part of the sun and of joy!” Frida Kahlo This space, which is entirely saturated in yello... More

Project • By M²FTExhibitions

Domestic Boundaries

Domestic Boundaries is a research and an exhibition that explores the contemporary dissolution of the domestic environment, operated through devices. Our daily routine is changing and so our spaces. Basic human needs can be generalized in terms of physiological needs such as eating or sleeping, the need for security, love and belonging. Many of these needs have been reflected, in the last centuries, in the architecture of the residence, one of the main hereditary daughters of the industrial and modern conquest of the bourgeoisie.The prototype of this model of home guaranteed the presence of spaces to relax, feel safe, expose the concept of property, build relationships, express personal identity and encourage gender segregation; it was a re... More

Project • By Simon RastorguevExhibitions

SPIEF exhibition stand

Our new project is a stand for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.As part of the project of the exhibition space of the Yaroslavl region, two concepts were proposed:1. Composition using a design of flexible LED RGB-tubes (LED DMX neon), allowing you to change the color or generate an image.2. The concept of "Air, land, water", where the dynamic bands are exhibition pedestals for objects. They symbolize the rapid growth of the Yaroslavl region industry.Also in the exhibition space proposed the use of holographic projection technology with the use of a projector-fan and AR-portal technology, which allows you to visit various cities in the region.More info: http://vimania.ru/w/стенд-для-пмэф-spief/Authors: Simon Rastorguev, Alexey... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceExhibitions

Memory of the Nation at Stalin

About the exhibitionThe 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak Republic was used as an opportunity to look into the Memory of the Nation. We chose periods and events which had shaped the modern history of this nation. We work with subjective memories.Due to the contemporary disturbances of the principle of democracy and respect to human rights, we think it necessary to remind ourselves that the civil freedom is nothing that comes as a matter of course. This is the reason why we have decided to focus our exposition on the totality in Czechoslovakia in 1939 to 1989 and on the fight against this totality. The former monument of the dictator J. V. Stalin is a suitable venue for this. It symbolises humiliation and servitude at the time of communism a... More

Project • By One WorksExhibitions

WAVES, the installation made with seaweeds

For this year’s Milan Design Week, One Works is pleased to present a unique installation, conceived by Francesca Benedetto and created in collaboration with Violaine Bue, to launch "(f) Acts on Climate Change" - a cycle of initiatives promoted by One Works and curated by environmental journalist Daniele Moretti, that explore and stimulate discussion on the importance of a new project for the world. Global architecture and engineering firm, One Works, is pleased to present "WAVES" – an installation designed to take over the One Works Creative Hub at Via Sciesa 3, in Milan. The installation will introduce a cycle of exciting initiatives entitled "(f) Acts on Climate Change" also animating the space in the coming months. A series of meeti... More

Project • By Graham Baba ArchitectsExhibition Centres

Understory at The Spheres

Understory at The Spheres is a multifunctional exhibit and visitor center designed to tell the story of The Spheres, Amazon’s iconic and wholly unique insertion into the heart of Seattle. The exhibit unravels the complexity of the architecture and engineering and the very idea behind bringing people closer to nature on a daily basis in the heart of the city. The 3,883-square-foot exhibit is situated at the base of one of The Spheres, providing a fly-through of the orbicular buildings above and something the visitor won’t get in The Spheres themselves, extreme close-up and intimate footage of the plants in an interpretive and immersive experience. The experience begins at the entry, which features a curved, organically fo... More

Project • By Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.Exhibitions

Fairyland Playscape

Play Instructions1. This is a piece of art and architecture; the entire space constitute the “toy”. 2. It is an abstract art that wish to inspire. The participates are also part of the art work. 3. This space is about taking risky, because challenges can be fun4. The structure more bouncy and difficult than you think, please be careful!5. For the best play experience, go bare foot (no socks). You may store your shoes in the shoe racks. 6. Please enjoy and take a lots of picture! This is the "Yushan" of Chinese mythology, which is the residence of the Queen Mother. The warrior monkey Sun Wukong once played here. This is architecture; it is also artwork and a very large toy. Groundwork was commissioned by the Hon... More

Project • By GenslerExhibitions

Blind Trust

Gensler Seattle unveiled ‘Blind Trust’, an interactive exhibit, at the 2018 Seattle Design in Public Festival. Blind Trust challenges visitors to use touch, rather than sight, as their primary means of navigation and interaction with the installation. Visitors move through three concentric, rectangular extrusions formed by rope stretched vertically between frames. While these tightly knit rope ‘walls’ appear impenetrable and visually homogenous, many of the ropes are actually elastic, allowing a participant to create an opening. In order to pass through each successive layer, visitors use their sense of touch to find possible paths. In the center of the rope forest is a clearing, open to the sky. This is intended as a moment of reflection f... More

Project • By Didonè Comacchio ArchitectsShowrooms

Lapitec Cevisama 2019

The booth is developed around a central void that becomes the central place for product display.The walls that define the enclosure of the exhibition court are developed on two levels and differentiated materially and sensorially by the use of painted OSB for the upper part which functions as the crowning of the structure.All ancillary functions are identified within a service space along the length of the booth. More