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Project • By VIGUIERExhibition Centres

Canadian Embassy and Cultural Center in Paris

In 2015, the Canadian government made to decision to put its historical Embassy and Cultural center headquarters located on rue Constantine and avenue Montaigne back on the market. Simultaneously, Ottawa acquired a Haussmannian buidling located at 130 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris with the objective to bring its two French entities together in one single buidling. The Faubourg Saint Honoré is a very suggestive name that one will immediately associate with embassies (the US, UK and Japanese embassies are all within walking distance). The 130 Faubourg Saint Honoré stands out by its Haussmannian architecture from the late 19th century. This new site is a factor of double integration for the Chancellery: i... More

Project • By BEHF ArchitectsExhibitions


Architektur Galerie Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 2019)  As in many European cities, Vienna faces the challenge of striking a careful balance between history and modernity. On the one hand, the historic city centre and its famous architectural ensembles and edifices is synonymous with home for the city’s inhabitants and draws more than fifteen million tourists from across the world every year. On the other hand, Vienna continues to grow in the same manner as many other cities worldwide, where local traditions barely play a role and are predominantly replaced by interchangeable architectural projects. This field of unresolved tension is the starting point for BEHF’s search for architectural expression, in which new and existing mel... More

Project • By BEHF ArchitectsExhibitions


(2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy)  The exhibition documented current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts Time, Space and Existence. BEHF Architects participated with two projects: TELEGRAF 7 Office JP Immobilien and LLOONBASE 36 Headquarters. The exhibition installation took visitors on a historical journey through architectural models, concepts, photographs and movies. It traced the factor “time” in the two listed buildings and showcased their spatial development. Simultaneously, this immersive exhibition explored the aspects of our human existence and explained the dynamic changes of human life over time within... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyExhibitions

Audemars Piguet at 2018 Art Basel

At Hong Kong’s 2018 Art Basel, Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet presented another innovative concept in the Collectors lounge. Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz presented the last in a trilogy of installations. Titled “Foundations”, Errazuriz’s immersive design for 2018 is based on iron ore, the natural resource at the heart of steel and one of the principal resources for watchmakers. Italian artist Quayola’s new photographic series, titled “Remains: Vallée de Joux” unifies the natural roots of Audemars Piguet with his own visual artistry. Together, the two artists transformed the space into a somewhat fantastical hideaway with their respective creations, which further serve as the backdrop for Audemars Piguet’s highly train... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyExhibitions

Audemars Piguet Shanghai Exhibition

In late 2016, I was commissioned by French artist and designer Mathieu Lehanneur to document this temporary installation sponsored by Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet. Mathieu was appointed to conceive a special installation that is made of 12 rooms, forming a large ring – an allusion to a watch dial. In the middle of the circle stands a huge rock, created from cast replicas of those found in Audemars Piguet’s home in the Vallée de Joux. Around it, twelve doors will open, each revealing a story about Audemars Piguet: from its origins to the 21st century, from watchmaking to contemporary art, from the Vallée de Joux to China. The themed rooms exhibit a close-up experience of the iconic swiss brand, linking the past to... More

Project • By PleasantHouse DesignExhibition Centres

2018 GameOn Exhibition and Festival in Shenzhen

We always feel excited to spread out as people asked which games(s) memorized your childhood with little folks. Super Mario Bros, Contra, the King of Fighters 97…“GameOn Blooming” China Tour 2018, as the world’s first immersive experience exhibition based-on video games, has collected over 150 classic games and countless unforgettable memories for people in thirties, forties, and fifties. The exhibition organized jointly by Blooming Invest and Barbican Center London has ended now. Started from the concept of video games, the architecture was enveloped in a colorful pallet of mapping plains with posters to simulate the effect in past pixelated video games. The design conceived by PleasantHouse Design and INTACT Studio intentionally blends in... More

Project • By The Svetozar Andreev Studio / Hotei-RussiaExhibition Centres

The Heart Of Malta Project By The Svetozar Andreev

  It-Tieqa Żerqa, more popularly known as the Azure Window, was an icon of the Maltese islands. Following a storm in March of 2017, the arch collapsed into the sea, and there was no way to restore it. However, we have a plan to give this symbol a new life:   The Heart Of Malta is a polygonal architectural form with mirrored steel faces, which will blend into the landscape, and have the same size and proportions as the original limestone arch. Within this form we have designed over 5,000 square meters of exhibition space laid out over five spiral floors, with a dynamic laser show in which each spiral step represents one thousand years of Maltese history.   "It will be a perfect monument and symbol of the fusion of modernity and nature,  of t... More

Project • By Taller David Dana ArquitecturaExhibitions

Ephemeral Pavilion

The installation is based on the kinetic art of the Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto. An interesting feature in the work of Jesus Soto is the innovation that his art gains through the playful and interactive contribution. In all of his works, the viewer is an ally of his artistic game, thus forming an integrative relationship between the humane and the sublime.The Ephemeral Pavilion was inspired by this plastic artist who takes viewers by the hand through a playful journey, where entertainment and emotions are intertwined with the installation. Our proposal is to experiment with the senses, to be part of the dynamics and adapt to the rhythm of people's lives. The appropriation of the installation by the people will have as a consequence... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Throwback Tunnel

For the occasion of the Croatia Insurance Company’s 133rd anniversary, Zagreb Grič Tunnel has been transformed into a multimedia time machine transporting into 133 years of an interlaced, stormy history of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and individual histories of every citizen and visitor.The exhibition has been created by three agencies – Millenium promocija, Brigada and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, and has been named Croatia is Croatia, emphasizing the historical role Croatia Insurance Company has had in the economical growth of the country since 1874, when it was founded by great Croatian writers and politicians August Šenoa, Ivan Vončina and Gjuro Deželić.The exhibition covers 2100 square meters in total, spanning the full 3... More

Project • By Knauf AMFExhibition Centres

Wölpert Headquarters

“We are constantly expanding and improving our quality and services for you as a customer”. The company Wölpert GmbH & Co. KG promise this on their website and over the last year they have fulfilled this promise at their headquarters in Neu-Ulm, replacing the old show room and administration buildings with a new highly modern show room. Baffles and ceiling tiles from Knauf AMF ensure the best acoustics. Wölpert is a well-known traditional construction material distributor between Stuttgart, Swabian Alb, Lake Constance and Allgäu. Founded more than 80 years ago, the family-owned company operates a total of 18 branches in the region. Four of them are in Bavaria, including Neu-Ulm. Here, on the Finninger Straße the company’s headquart... More

Project • By ACTINCOMMONExhibition Centres

Berliner Wasserbetriebe at IFAT 2018

Together with the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Water) we designed a playful, informative exhibition on the IFAT in Munich, the world´s leading trade fair for water and waste management.For the brand new concept the surprise factor was key. Everyday objects are the entry point to individual exhibits and provide the visitor with detailed information on specific areas of business and the activities of Berlin Water.A voice from a simple apple addresses their health management, a wheel presents the facets of the company and medications provide the entry to the subject of eliminating trace substances… More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioExhibition Centres

Shushi Art Gallery

This gallery was one of the first artistic displays built in Shushi since Artsakh’s declaration of independence. The exterior shell of the building was already standing, but we redesigned the interior space to be flexible, with adjustable lighting, movable wall panels, and a movable floor plan, creating one of the most adaptable exhibition spaces in Armenia and Artsakh. We also redefined the yard of the gallery as an outdoor screening space that could eventually be developed into a sculpture garden, with seating and walkways. A gallery space with this capacity stands apart in this region, and will help enrich Shushi’s cultural and artistic development. More

Project • By Storaket Architectural StudioExhibition Centres

Tatev Oil Mill Restoration & Exhibit Design

The Tatev Oil Mill was restored as part of the Tatev Revival Project. Storaket was honored to be included in this project to revitalize and restore one of Armenia’s architectural treasures, the 9th century Tatev Monastery. This ancient oil mill was restored as an educational museum to let patrons explore the lifestyle of the monastic community. We designed the interior lighting and exhibition displays for this space.The design harmonizes with the timeless qualities of this interior. Visitors are still able to sense the historic nature of the original structure as they access modern educational resources. The exhibits establish a clear and narrated flow through the building and ensure that the patrons experience each space of the Oil Mill in... More

Project • By Nuvist Architecture and DesignExhibitions

Goria Multi-Use Structure by Nüvist

Goria Multi-use Structure has been inspired by smooth forms and curvy lines found on anatomical structures such as bones and muscles. These gorgeous anatomical forms and lines are transformed to an spectacular form to bring life and identity. Goria is inviting users and visitors to see and explore endless possibilities lines of a floating form. Goria also provides an private isolation area from its environment so it is for multi-purpose use such as events, concerts or meetings for indoor or outdoor spaces. More

Project • By zero space architects & plannersUrban Green Spaces

art walk

Well defined pedestrian connectivity along with safety, plays a major role in urban fabric. The pedestrian networks not only serve as transitional corridors but also act as a place for social interactions. In most of the cases in India the pedestrian networks are potential unorganized bazaars, city services, parking lots, garbage bins and many more, which is disturbing the core values and functionalities of a network. These ill-managed majors are forcing pedestrians to traverse on carriageway and increasing the chances of meeting up with accidents. Identifying and connecting or adorning the pedestrian walkways with the right dots of social drama in a pragmatic manner would help in easing the city’s social life as much needed breathing space... More