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Project • By INNOCAD architectureExhibitions

History Museum Graz - Schaudepot

The client, a public institution in the Austrian region, Styria, needed a fresh concept for the History Museum’s permanent exhibitions and its entrance, housed within a significant historic building at Graz’s city center. The task was to present an enormous number of objects acquired since the Middle Ages and multimedia archives of the 20th century in an historic space that required careful treatment. The adaptation of the museum entrance required a solution that subtly enhance the entrance attraction of a previously very hidden and dark atrium. A custom iron “carpet” was laid over historic stone flooring with an aim to direct and offer a platform for exploration. The lighting installation above is created by Austri... More

Project • By Ceresa ArchitettoExhibitions

Stone's craftsmen

"I was alone the sum of my emotions, and More in me it was the stone timeless"Carl Gustav JungThe exhibition is conceived as a meeting moment based on the exchange and dialogue between three different disciplines compared: painting, sculpture and architecture.The element that unites them is the moltrasina stone, material extracted from the Como area and in particular from Faggeto Lario's quarry.In these different research paths we find a common poetics, an attitude inspired by and rooted in the artisan tradition.The union of the three "artisans of stone" has led to a reflection and a comparison between the different disciplines that finds its concreteness through the elaboration of the exhibition and the realization of the catalog. More

Project • By Lambert KampsExhibitions

Wonen in Stadshart

Exhibition about redevelopment sites in the city centre of Groningen (NL). The setup was the same as a building site with a construction fence with peek holes to see what is happening behind it. A large scale model of the city was installed within the fence showing the locations of the diverse redevelopment sites. Graphic design: De Ronners More

Project • By Migliore + Servetto ArchitectsExhibitions

Coats! Max Mara, Seoul 2017

Migliore+Servetto Architects once again designed a new, innovative, digital exhibition for Max Mara to narrate the heritage of the historical fashion company. Starting from the 28th November 2017, an additional special Korean edition of the retrospective “Coats!” will be added to the previous stages in Moscow (2011), Beijing (2009), Tokyo (2007) and Berlin (2006). In Seoul, an impressive architectural structure takes shape at the centre of the spacious Art Hall 1 of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza by Zaha Hadid. An imposing cupola, supported by seven irregular volumes emerges from the dark, sculpted by the play of light and shadow, entering into dialogue with the architecture of the DDP. Inspired by the utopian monoliths of the French arch... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Adris Pavilion At WMF

Brigada developed the concept for an exhibition of Adris Group’s multiple-award-winning annual reports, realized over the past ten years in association with Bruketa& Žinić OM, at this year’s Weekend Media Festival. For the exhibition, held in a former tobacco factory, Brigada installed ten white cylinders, each functioning as a “mini pavilion” presenting one annual report. On the exterior of each cylinder, important events associated with that year were listed, while on the inside, the specific design of the annual report was displayed. By “entering” a mini pavilion, visitors created their own micro space where they could briefly get away from the bustle of the festival and view the exhibition in peace. Visitors who refrained from du... More

Project • By BrigadaExhibitions

Adris Lawn Grow

As for the previous years, Brigada was in charge of Adris promotion during the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj. The brief was to transform ideas and messages from Adris recent annual report to a spatial intervention in the former Tobacco Factory. The idea of growth, through identification and nurturing of the potential was transformed by the living, organic installation with growing grass. Unlike the previous Adris promotional stands at the WMF in Rovinj, where the pavilion was primarily a visual experience, this time focus was on the phenomenon of growth. A natural ambient has been created, opposed to an unusual form around which festival visitors stopped, used it to relax, talk, work on their computers or just go through Adris c... More

Project • By LOdesignerOffices

Concept "ISLAND" of organization of public space

On June 1, the Business & Design Dialogue 2017 forum was held in the Danilovsky Event Hall. The exhibition part of the event saw the concept-reasoning of famous architectural bureaus, suppliers and world furniture manufacturers, lighting and materials on the most relevant trends in the development of a modern office. The design bureau LOdesigner introduced the concept Island. Together with partners, architect-designer Lena Ostapova created an unusual platform for communication people "Island" for office spaces. On an unusual island you could meet, chat, drink coffee and work. More

Product • By Lambert KampsTube Lamp Clock

Tube Lamp Clock

The Tube Lamp Clock is an installation of 30 pneumatically moving Tube Lamps installed and steered as a digital clock. The moving lamps have an attractive effect on the viewers. It doesn’t only give you the correct time, it’s also offering you an amazing moment. More
Sino Portuguese Trade Center

Project • By Wong Tung & PartnersCultural Centres

Sino Portuguese Trade Center

Located in the Lago Nam Van district in Macau, across from the Legislative Council in the vicinity of the Macau Tower; this 50,000 sq.m. Sino-Portuguese Trade Center is designed to celebrate the long-term Sino-Portuguese relations. It will serve as a platform to promote trade and cultural exchange between China, Macau and Portuguese speaking countries that were once on the Maritime Silk Road. The shape of the building is inspired by the tradition Chinese good luck charm - the “Ruyi”. Designed as a curvilinear sculpture in the landscape, the building gives blessings to a prosperous future for the Sino-Portuguese relations and trade development. The façade is highly decorated, just like the surface of the Ruyi. Interlace of tradi... More

Project • By MecanooExhibitions

HOME - Arts Centre

Cultural home Located at First Street, HOME forms the cultural heart of one of the largest areas of development in Manchester city centre – a flagship building that acts as a catalyst for the surrounding area. As the base for the new organisation formed by the merger of Cornerhouse and The Library Theatre Company, HOME has been designed to allow for the commissioning, production and presentation of critically engaged and technically complex artistic projects, as well as the hosting of large scale cultural events. The overall budget for HOME was £25 million. Its striking exterior acts like beacon, while the welcoming public spaces and social areas within are designed to be inviting to all. HOME is like a second home, a cultural home: a plac... More

Project • By YEGENA architectural design and colsultingExhibition Centres


We owe the current situation of the planet We are living in to the nature first then the humankind , with all of it's positive and negative aspects. Science guides us to make this environment more livable.In our journey to the deep , while we are searching for the last stop where we can never reach , just before going down to molecule and atom , chromosome is the first common structure providing sustainability that is noticed in all of living components of this body .Therefore; Let's dedicate our building in this Science Island to the first constituent of sustainability and generate chromosome ; What this form contains are codes of the future like the DNA... The X chromosome has been located to the center of green area which is at the no... More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsExhibitions

Parts of a Unity

The Dresden Museum of Decorative Arts lists more than 55,000 inventory numbers, each of which can tell its own story. The exhibition draws from the museum’s entire collection resources, the “unity”, and proceeds to show “parts” of it. It focuses on references and relationships that can arise between a unity and its individual constituents. Accordingly, in the exhibition “Parts of a Unity” we see unexpected neighbourships happening. Overall, this results in new ways of seeing things and puts the spotlight on the Museum of Decorative Arts as an institution with contemporary relevance, its collection ranging far beyond Baroque pomp and circumstance. Often overlooked on the outskirts of Dresden, this exhibition in the Lipsiusbau offers the oppo... More

Project • By the next ENTERprise ArchitectsSculptures


A large, black-blue object occupies the Rosa Room, the former second library hall. The intervention relates to its baroque surroundings in deliberately ambivalent ways: on the one hand the object seems like a foreign object landed in the center of the room; on the other hand its haptic characteristics enable visitors to interact playfully with each other and with the room. If touched by visitors, the object, filled with air and water, transforms these touches into reflections of light that create an interactive painting on the ceiling. The installation, which also features a specifically created fragrance, piques visitor´s curiosity and makes them want to interact with this foreign object. The installation´s haptic, physical, mysterious, an... More

Project • By KossmanndejongExhibitions

Canon of Dutch History

The Canon of Dutch History, the list of 50 topics that summarizes Dutch history, comes to life as a new permanent exhibition in the Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem. Housed in the refurbished entrance pavilion designed by Mecanoo, Kossmann.dejong’s design is imagined as a multimedia film set. The theatrical combination of physical, interactive and audiovisual media with unique collection presentations results in an engaging and fascinating visual narrative. The carefully reconstructed spatial collage of historic icons is interwoven with stories from everyday people, giving visitors an in-depth experience of the past from today’s perspective.2018 Shortlisted Museums + Heritage Awards, category International2018 Winner Silver European Design... More

Project • By CosentinoExhibitions

Musical Labyrinth

Daniel Libeskind and Cosentino unveil in Frankfurt the “Musical Labyrinth” installation made with Dekton® • Since May 9 2016, the plaza of the Alte Oper in Frankfurt has housed the “Musical Labyrinth” installation, made of the ultra-compact surface Dekton®, which will be one of the core elements of the “One Day in Life” initiative promoted by Libeskind, to take place on 21 and 22 May. • The architect unveiled the piece in a ceremony attended by various media representatives with participation from the Alte Oper’s General and Artistic Director Dr Stephan Pauly, Country Manager for Cosentino Germany Pierre Heck, and Director of Marketing and Communication for Cosentino Group Santiago Alfonso. Since May 9 2016, Frankfurt has been ho... More