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Project • By ATELIER BRÜCKNERExhibitions

Haus der Berge. Vertical Wilderness

The main topic of the exhibition in Berchtesgaden is the highest vertical of the Eastern Alps. It is a virtual line of 2300 m from the bottom of the Königssee to the peak of the Watzmann. The accessible and interactive landscape panorama leads the visitor through four alpine habitats: Water, Forest, Alm and Rock & Karst. A time travel is interwoven from the formation of the mountains to the consequences of global warming today and in the future. More

Project • By LOdesignerBars

Santa María - "Barcelona Pavilion"

It is a project of pavilion has been developed and submitted to the competition "Barcelona Temporary Pavilion" in 2015 , conducted by the "AWR award" Competitions organizes international contests in architecture, interior design, industrial design and urban planning, Rome. "Barcelona Temporary Pavilion" - Santa María. This name was of a ship - Karakka, which was the flagship of the first expedition of Christopher Columbus. The expedition was discovered in South America. On this ship, Columbus returned from his first voyage to America, and I visited the Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand II in Barcelona. Since this area is a monument to Columbus and the building of the old port, it would be appropriate to complete the composition of the pa... More

Project • By b720 Fermin Vazquez ArquitectosPavilions

Spanish Pavillion at Expo Milano 2015

First Prize in the competition for the design and exhibition contents for the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015. The project, entitled “Language of Taste”, offers a seemingly simple, smart solution for the complex technical, spatial, functional and thematic of this Expo. A pavilion with a clear and contained geometry, a fusion of the traits that our country exports: the tradition and the innovation. This duality creates a permeable, attractive and flexible space, incorporating a free and open as a patio of oranges, another element of identity of the Spanish culture. This rotund implantation manages to create an easily understandable pavilion, generator of memories, whose structure of frames creates an effect of repetition that reinforces... More

Project • By KossmanndejongExhibitions

ZieZo Marokko

INTERACTIVE EXPLORATION OF THE MEDINA Following the previously successful exhibitions ‘Death Matters’ and ‘Bisjpoles’ at the Tropenmuseum, Kossmann.dejong has designed the new interactive exhibition ‘Ziezo Marokko’ for Tropenmuseum Junior. In it, children and families are taken on an exciting tour of discovery through Morocco. Immediately upon entering, young visitors board a plane. During the flight heading south they are introduced to the adventures that lie ahead. Once landed, they seem to find themselves in a Moroccan medina; the theatrically laid out exhibition space has been turned into a white city comprising a labyrinth of streets and alleys, squares and vistas. Through spatial play and optical illusion using light and shadow, a... More

Project • By RiA ArchitectsArt Galleries

RiA_001_Heritage_House ( Competition 2013)

Daun Penh district now is used to be French district in 1886 in French colonialism. So there are lot of French’s buildings in the district. After the French colonialism, now those great building became the heritage buildings. For the 2013 architecture competition is about to design a new arts gallery next to the old police station. We see the whole district as a without wall museum and all the heritage buildings in it as the heritage objects or art works that have been exhibited in the museum. So we are about to design a new building as an art work, or building like a sculpture which has been shown in the museum too. For the idea of new building shape is to complete the old building shape to become a... More
Acceleration Still

Project • By K.I.A. (www.nu4ya.com)Art Galleries

Acceleration Still: a 300 panel recombinant painting hung sculpturally

A 27 x 16' painting on 300 aluminum panels, hung as 12' x 6' sculpture, which is recombinant into many forms and sizes over time. (These paintings can also be intermixed with previous & later works, for an installation that accretes meaning, and can also be site specific.) More about this project here: http://nu4ya.com/news/Entries/2009/11/6_Acceleration___Still.html . More about K.I.A. and other paintings, sculptures, installations & other ideas here: www.nu4ya.com (See also Instagram #KIAart for frequent updates of artworks). More

Project • By Alumil S.AExhibition Centres


Zara Expo is Jordan's leading exhibition and conference center. Situated in the heart of Amman's business and diplomatic district, the tower at 23-stories high provides the ideal venue for exhibitions, conferences & international meetings of all kinds. Composed of an underground podium and a high-rise tower, the building serves multiple functions from office space, commercial centers, cinemas, public retail mall and exhibition halls along with landscape patterns around a central atrium drum skylight. Zara is a unique incomparable high-rise building in Amman. It is linked by a pedestrian bridge and an underground tunnel to its twin, Hyatt Tower Residential Apartments and together they have proven themselves as a landmark in the city.... More
The Urban Retreat by ZERO9

Project • By ZERO9Apartments

The Urban Retreat

Taking off from the clients current lifestyle of staying in a country-side villa, this apartment located right in the middle if the hustle bustle of the city has been stylised by ZERO9 like an urban rustic apartment. The living room opens up with a welcoming statues and niches that open up the most important part of their lives, the kitchen. The beautiful jaisalmer store floor has inserts of frangipani leaves etched in brass to give a visual and tactile experience break. The rough plastered walls act as a perfect backdrop for wooden shelves, carved murals and statues to complete the story. The wooden ‘parsi styled’ antique painted day bed, brings an old world charm to the space next to the window forming a perfect spot for reading. Th... More
Aula de la Naturaleza
Aula de la Naturaleza
Aula de la Naturaleza
Aula de la Naturaleza

Project • By Javier Marin.ArquitectoCultural Centres

Aula de la Naturaleza

Estudio para una Aula de la Naturaleza en el Parque Grande de Zaragoza More

Project • By SpectaculArch!Pavilions

Dried Chat Room

Winning Space of the Interieur Awards 2014 - built at the Biennale Interieur 17/24 october 2014, Kortrijk, Belgium. DRIED CHAT ROOM It’s a contemporary attitude towards our heritage New contemporary social attitudes retaliate ancient manners of cooking and conserving food. We live in a dizzy, restlessness world with a huge virtual reality factor which coexist with a new need of savouring scents and tasting flavours. Primitive and natural processes of preparing and preserving food like smoked and salted fish or meat, dried fruits and vegetables, use minimum resources for best result. It’s a necessary contemporary attitude with heritage. Moreover, this kind of food is commonly used by travellers, explorers and nomad people, expression... More

Project • By H. E. A. De StudioExhibition Centres

Kuwait Car Museum

Concept Design The architect vision to be with volume open space in three levels with large skylight, the building designed on 30,000 sq. m. land including landscape, coffee shop, restaurants and car park area for VIP and regular visitors. Project consists of: • Basement level as garage and project services - elect-mechanical • Ground floor level, entrance consists of an elegant large skylight , large car showroom with reception area, offices, multipurpose auditorium hall, 4 walking car show ramps connected with tow showrooms levels and all connected with 2 panoramic elevators and 4 regular elevators and staircases. • First floor (Mezzanine) is connected with tow of the walking show ramps from left and right including the central pano... More

Project • By WeNew InnovationExhibition Centres

Urban Spa

The Urban Spa was created exploring the thematic and symbols found on the streets. This is a business model for the young entrepreneur, between 25 to 40 years, which corresponds to 35% of the growth of companies in Brazil. The idea is to have a space that provides a new look and contemporary tools of wellness & wellbeing to help these new entrepreneurs to better cope with their stressful work demand. In this project, the Luxury found in most spas gives room to a more stripped and irreverent kind of spa. "We tried to give a new look to the concept of relaxation, getting into a more contemporary and dynamic view of well-being. The space proposes a way to relax in a real scenario, suggesting that welfare can be anywhere and anytime." say... More
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

Project • By Söehne and Partner ArchitectsOffices

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

To include the building complex very naturally into the environment, it is placed on different landscape levels. The use of typical colours and patterns does not only help to fit the complex into the natural landscape, it also refers to the already existing UPC building. One of the consistent and central points of the whole design is the amazing view over the sea, the Hor Elbateen Island and the Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Mosque. As the building is set north-south there is also a breathtaking outlook on the impressive Abu Dhabi skyline. Placed on different levels all the entries to the building are optimized to always show visitors the beautiful view. The façade of the building is perforated and bivalve – the outer one functions as a sun... More
Perspective view

Project • By COOP pe StradaExhibitions

Urban TelesCOOP/Temporary Pavilion

Location: The main square of Sibiu City, Romania Project team: Design: COOP pe Strada ( Erika Barth, Diana Galos, Judit Jozsa, Marius Micu ) / Consultant: Michael Engel Project area: 20 sqm Project year: 2013 Developer: Heritas Foundation Other contributors: Tamwood (construction), Horia Mărginean, Dani Mărginean, Rareș Scrob (volunteers at construction) Having a relatively small budget, there was a need for a flexible place for interaction, exhibitions, debates and presentations, intended to be located in a highly visible urban space. Based on the programme of needs and considering the location, the team developed a concept of intervention, building a trapezoidal shape both in plan and in elevation which captures the image of th... More

Project • By MasisaRestaurants

Diner by ROW Studio

Masisa Horizontes Masisa, one of the leading producers and marketers of wood boards for furniture and architecture in Latin America, announced its new portfolio of design and brands under the name" Horizontes ". This portfolio is the result of a partnership with leading Mexican design professionals that culminated in the creation of an exclusive collection distinguished by its original creative concepts. The new portfolio, made with 100 % sustainable materials, meets the latest global trends in architecture and industrial design. In the exhibition, Masisa created four indoors with signature pieces of furniture designed by some of the most renowned exponents of Mexican design: Ariel Rojo, Emiliano Godoy, Savvy Studio and ROW Studio. Th... More