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Project • By MCK ArchitectsHousing

House Acute

A modest wedge shaped parcel of land on the edge of a coastal bluff inspired a robust angular-shaped holiday home. Two long off form concrete pavilions follow the long edges of the site and meet at the site’s most prominent corner, rising up from the native landscape not unlike the natural sandstone escarpments in the locality. The concrete walls of both levels are articulated in their respective textures, and form humble backdrops to the surrounding landscape, both new and existing.  Caption Caption Internally the home is as comfortable and intimate for 2 as it is for 10 persons, with a range of separate living spaces to retreat to within the acute spaces (ocean side) of the plan. A roof terrace enables the owners to... More

Project • By Open AD architectsHousing

KRM House

A pavilion-style house informed by the ancient Latvian farmstead – the viensēta. Designed as a holiday home, the house encourages the owners’ connection to themselves, each other and the natural surroundings. It sits within a sparsely populated area of Gauja National Park in Latvia where passing wildlife is more common than humans. Nature entertains, inspires and provokes. Life doesn’t just take place indoors, it flows betweeen the exterior and interior with the terrace as a facilitator.  Alvis Rozenbergs Since traditional farmsteads have a yard bordered by the home and its outbuildings, we introduced a terraced garden in lieu of a functional barn and shed, which the owners didn’t need. The garden conceals... More

Project • By Thomas SchläpferPrivate Houses

Extension Holiday Home in the Swiss Alps

The Holiday Home stands high above Urnäsch with a breathtaking view on the Säntis massiv and the tender slopes of Appenzell. The dialog between this unique landscape and the inside of the building is the main theme of the project.   Material Used: 1. Basement extension: concrete 2. Construction extension: timber 3. Walls, Floor, Ceiling: plywood panels 4. Facade: larch wood 5. Windows: Larch Wood 6. Roof: cooper 7. Furniture: plywood panels 8. Heating: wood stove     More

Project • By Alessandro Eletto architettoPrivate Houses


EL BUEN RETIRO Published by: lessandro Eletto architetto       More

Project • By PLASMA STUDIOApartments


The connecting continuous roofscape creates a new kind of interaction between the prescribed pitched roof typology and the desired typology of a holiday home.   Following the local building regulations, the volumes are provided with pitched roof, divided into 2 smaller volumes and then aligned to the slope in order to capture the lake view as much as possible. The volumes were then further divided into single volumes to create instead of the required holiday apartments holiday houses, all connected underground through circulation and garage areas. All units are accessible independently from the outside. In order to avoid an otherwise typical chalet-style small scale, the individual volumes are connected via a continuous roof surface.... More

Project • By Herriot Melhuish O’Neill ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Peka Peka House II

Nestled in behind the sand dunes and bounded by a forest of ancient kānuka trees, this Kapiti Coast beach house favours privacy and shelter over sea views. The brief was to provide the best of indoor and outdoor living, hence the decision to position the house opening out onto a sheltered internal courtyard protected from the prevailing coastal winds. Clad in two contrasting cedar weatherboard profiles, the main house sits on one side of a glade of native trees, while a separate sleep-out provides protection and privacy from neighbours.To make your way onto the property, you must first gently push your way past the native trees to get to the front door. The owners intentionally made it this way: you move, the foliage stays where it is.The n... More

Project • By smartvollHousing


In a single enchated courtyard right behind the Museumsquartier (English: museum´s accommodation) we have resuscitated a small, romantic house of a coachman. Back then the coachman had to divide his small living area with the animal’s food chamber and his own space was also split up corresponding to the different functions of eating, sleeping, washing and living, so it was divided into smaller rooms again. One hundred years later we combine eating, sleeping and living in one central island of living. The bathroom, the kitchen and the storage are placed in a double function wall and are kept to a minimum. The result is: A small surface can get a huge room! Outside we put a small terrace on the top of the house and keep this in an elegant dre... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Family Luxury Holiday Home Design

Everyone wants to escape the fast-paced, bustling city life at least for a few days once a year, and luxury retreats are the perfect way to do so. This family luxury holiday home designed by CAS in Riyadh, KSA is the perfect retreat from the urban-land. With a wide berth of nature and two segregated parts of the home – a family home and a guest house – the CAS team designed a luxurious and opulent theme that is engulfed with classic natural and landscaped elements. The interior design is vast and spacious, yet finished in cozy materials. The outdoors are sprawling in greenery, with just the right amount of artificial intervention. The overall design is truly welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. More