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Project • By jo taillieu architectenPrivate Houses

BS House

An old farmhouse in the heart of an old village. Beside the church. Beautiful. Too beautiful. Listed. Too beautiful. For it can’t really be used any more. So now what? The farmhouse must stay. The farmhouse stays. But different. The farmhouse stays. As a mould for the house. The farmhouse frames the house. Embraces the house openly.   The house has a clear ground plan. It takes up the space it needs. No more. And that space is drawn in an extremely compact and precise way. The farmhouse around it further delineates the sense of space. From the interaction in the old, strong walls and fragile transparency of – and then the reflections from – the glass surface of the house, a world comes into being which is called spa... More

Project • By holzerarchitektenPrivate Houses

Multigenerational house

In this new construction of a multigenerational house eight living units with 2,5 to 4,5 rooms are available to the 20 residents from three generations. A large room with kitchen, an underground car park and a garden with playground can be used collectively. All storeys are fully accessible by a lift. Eye-catching design element is the oakwood from the preceding building, an old farmhouse, that was reused for door and wall panellings, handrails and for the balustrade in the staircase.   Material Used :1. Main Framework: Single Layer Brickwork Poroton T-10, 36,5 cm2. Facade: Caparol: Capatect creative technique "Rustico1"3. Facade Colour: Caparol Colours4. Windows: Woodframes, Oakwood (both on the inside and outside)5. Window Shutters... More

Project • By corbacreative sprlPrivate Houses

R House

The volume create a link that unifies the different spaces. By using the "farmhouse type" brick, identical to the house, continuity is found into the project. It creates a new language based on the contrast between the picturesque aspect of the house and the austere characteristic of the intervention. More

Project • By Atelier 10.8Private Houses

Flanders Farmhouse

The design process of this house was incredibly bespoke, shaped by the expectations of the clients and their hopes for the future. Atelier 10.8 translated this into an open plan layout across two levels, devoid of segmented shared spaces and interior doors.   Atelier 10.8 prioritised an open floor plan, to allow the home to feel larger than it is. A separate dining room would take up too much of the space, so they integrated the dining room in the kitchen.The kitchen joinery is deliberately the same colour as the walls, to seamlessly mingle with the interior and not draw attention away from the home’s material highlights.   Materials distinguish each space from another, layered in true Belgian minimalist style.  The... More

Project • By Aidlin Darling DesignBars

Bar Agricole

With a name inspired by the farmhouse rums of the French Caribbean, Bar Agricole embodies both the urban and the agricultural in its simple, seasonal fare, organic and biodynamic wine, and artisanal spirits. Located on a gritty street in San Francisco’s industrial South of Market district, the restaurant is both down to earth and sophisticated in its approach to food, drink, and the dining experience.    Drawing on long-term relationships with local artisans, the architect and the owner assembled an expanded design team for the collaborative design-and-build process. The architects worked directly with concrete, wood, metal and glass fabricators to weave their distinct talents together, highlighting individual craft and ex... More

Project • By Ohlo StudioShops

Dough Pizza

Dough Pizza is located within a new, bustling hospitality precinct. Thus it needed to evoke a distinct atmosphere and personality reinforcing the cultural heritage behind the food and the team behind it. Using contemporary lines that intersect a rustic base, the design creates diverse spatial experiences within a tight footprint.   How is the project unique? To unify the space and increase flexibility, a structured modular booth seat was designed. The structure of the sofa modules is housed within the cushioning and allows each independent seat and back module to shift along a carpeted platform.   In particular, this addressed the need for the private dining room to cater for smaller groups if necessary while maintaining the... More

Project • By 3andwich Design / He Wei StudioHotels

Renovation of the 809 Arsenal Relics

Background and original appearance: abandoned for a long time, but with great potential The 809 factory is located in Xialao Creek, the suburb of Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, which is about 30 minutes’ drive from downtown. Once a military factory, it was gradually shut down and abandoned in the 1990s. The project covers an area of about 3 hectares and a construction area of about 13000 square meters. The new function is a resort hotel and parent-child activity center. The purpose of the project is to protect and show the original appearance of the buildings and form a new use function through the transformation and reuse of the abandoned factory, so as to revive the abandoned industrial facilities and help those enter the con... More

Project • By Dash MarshallPrivate Houses

House for Grandparents

For a pair of empty nesters who are often visited by their kids and grandchildren, we were asked to do two things. First, to rationalize the floor plan to make it better for entertaining. Second, to “just make it new already arghhhhh!”An existing 30-yr old farmhouse was used as an exterior shell and the interior was renovated like Theseus’ ship, piece by piece, until it was totally new.   We started with the rituals. Arriving, cooking, eating, lounging, celebrating, bathing, sleeping. After analyzing each and discussing the residents, we designed specific responses. For a couple who are remarkably free of vanity, a master bathroom without the ever-present vanity mirror. For a kitchen that’s used to c... More

Project • By Rubén Muedra Estudio de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Lo Alto Rural Lodging

Casa lo Alto is a wine estate from 1796 with more than 150 hectares, of which more than 60 are vineyards. The Finca, located on top of a hill (hence its name), is located in the Requena- Utiel region, and is also home to 30 hectares of almond trees and some 60 of forest mass that make the place a unique enclave where are located both the traditional winery founded in 1976 and the farmhouse, which originally served to house day laborers.   The system of winemaking, with minimal intervention, seeks to ensure that the character of the wines is defined solely by the uniqueness of the site, and in this line, comprehensive intervention emerges in the farmhouse with which Bodegas Murviedro seeks to create an immersive space where guests can... More

Project • By Brandon ArchitectsPrivate Houses


This European inspired farmhouse incorporates traditional architectural materials and form while introducing a contemporary open floor plan concept pursuing maximum ocean views. Dramatic and expansive Indoor/Outdoor living elements and modern technology are juxtaposed with old-world craftsmanship and custom detailing to create a truly unique coastal living experience. A circulation spine intersects the home and orients the entry on a separate axis that provides an unobstructed and framed view of Catalina Island by the means of a cantilevered operable steel wall system.   The dramatic entry is also accompanied by a large open courtyard that filters light down into a 3,000 square foot basement where one can enjoy private outdoor living... More

Project • By CTA Design BuildersPrivate Houses

Urban Farmhouse

This charming old farmhouse is home to a young couple with two rambunctious boys who love to garden, get dirty, pester their chickens and run around outside as much as possible. The house is located in a walkable urban village on a very tight and steep lot with challenging zoning restrictions. The owners were focused on building up for added square footage, and looking at the roof for much needed outdoor space. There’s also an amazing view overlooking Lake Union and downtown Seattle from way up high!  They came to us wanting to remodel, add a full new second story addition to replace the existing cramped 1/2 story, and also, if possible, to add a THIRD story bonus room with access to a large roof deck. After careful calculations... More

Project • By HUNI ArchitectesPrivate Houses

Hoa Phong House

Hoa Phong Farmhouse is uniquely based on four NO design rules: No aluminum and glass windows-just the bamboo folding shutter system instead; providing natural light and airflow. Although the design is open the shutter system retains privacy and security for the house. No air conditioning - the house "breathes", taking natural wind through the open spaces with well-arranged doorways. No baked bricks - walls are made entirely of bamboo and rough cement. The rough concrete block below is designed as a support platform for the main structure of bamboo above, creating a unique contrast. No tiles - only materials from natural stone, wood and bamboo creating a sense of closeness, roughness, and harmonize within the interior of the house.... More

Project • By Format ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Buxton Rise

The Buxton house is a bush retreat overlooking the Black Range State Forest 100km north east of Melbourne. The house is defined by its large & deep overhanging roof designed to offer shade and protection from the elements. The plan is arranged around a glass walled open plan living and dining area facing north, a rendered masonry walled sleeping zone to the south and outdoor areas defined by the cantilevered roof to the east and west. The roof is constructed of a grid of deep laminated veneer lumber beams exposed and expressed in the ceiling. The simple order, restrained detailing and a palette of warm internal materials including polished plaster walls, plywood ceilings and exposed aggregate concrete floors lends this house a calm and... More

Project • By Raj Karan DesignsIndividual Buildings

Flux Farm

The site is a hide away, embraced by the Aravali Range with its greenery punctuated by quarried Rock, Kota village and the ITC golf course.The client being a golf enthusiast and having farming as a hobby, desired to use the place as a weekend getaway from his city life. Client’s brief was to create a farmhouse which would merge with its surroundings. Finishes were to have minimum required maintenance as the place would be used only once in a week. The vocabulary of the place was identified to resonate with the client’s personality - a symphony of contemporary and rustic. The site is of 3 acres, zoning of the which has been done in three parts, Main House, Servant Quarters and the Fields. 1.5 acres allocated to the fields and... More

Project • By von Weise AssociatesPrivate Houses

Farmhouse Retreat Redux

This vacation home in Michigan reclaims an existing farmhouse and barn and reimagines the structures into a new single-family house and adjacent studio for an artistic couple. Much in the same way the different functions of a farm are located in different buildings, the different activities of the retreat – sleeping, cooking, and working - were conceptually placed in separate volumes. These were then pulled together and spatially anchored by the site’s original barn which was refurbished to house the kitchen with an adjacent screened porch. Meanwhile, the original farmhouse was gutted and turned into an artist’s painting studio and sleeping loft. All portions of the house have a close relationship to the ground, making the... More