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Project • By Peter HaimerlHousing

SCHEDLBERG Contemplation house

Forester’s houses The traditional farmhouses of the Bavarian forest, with their strong character, are embedded in the harsh, east Bavarian landscape. Only a few still exist today. As symbols from an older, less wealthy era, that people wanted to forget about, most of them were demolished.  A small number survived in open-air-museums. Others still were forgotten about and left to their own and decay.   The secret of decay The house once used by the senior farmers was abandoned in 1963. The log house with its granite basement survived as a ruin. When it fell into disuse, the inhabitants built a new home and left it, close to decay. Cows and sheep, grazing on the adjacent meadow, used it as shelter, funguses and ferns spr... More

Project • By (ma!ca) architecturePrivate Houses

BON a house and two extensions

The large farmhouse sits on a vast property on the outskirts of a village. It had recently undergone a clumsy renovation, which deformed the classic farmhouse archetype and the owners did not feel at home.   The living spaces were poorly proportioned and the many small windows sadly did not allow the access to the expansive lawns.   The relative lack of transparency to the outdoors caused a shortness of breath. The living space was long and narrow, typical of the farmhouse layout with significantly low ceilings. Scale and proportions of the building required readjustment.   The necessary addition of two extensions has offered a new utilitarian function to the pre-existing space and justified the creation of a central co... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Pati Blau

It was in the Muslim era when the so-called farmhouses were concentrating the population of the Ribera Alta, although some of these settlements had an Iberian origin. Over time these population centers have become places connected to the big city in a simple way and with an enviable quality of life. With all the good that the proximity of a large city offers and all the advantages of living connected to the territory and its culture.   The project emerges as an interpretation of this typology. The delicious bankruptcies of the plot are regularized with the servants of the facilities, a gymnasium and storage pieces, drawing the outline of a regular patio. In this way it is possible to understand the ground floor as a continuum with th... More

Project • By Frankie PappasPrivate Houses

House of the Big Arch

TAGLINEMarrying sandstone cliff and riverine forest THE SITEThe building occupies a unique place in a nature reserve in the waterberg mountains of south africa; a landscape of remarkable plants, inspiring cliffs, and prodigious wildlife THE BRIEFA home that disappears into the landscape; that sits amongst the rocks and trees and birds; that offers animals and plants and humans equal opportunity to find shelter; that treats the bushveld with its deserved respect THE IDEAThe underlying concept was to bridge the landscape between riverine forest and sandstone cliff, whilst raising the living space into the tree canopy, amongst the abundant arboreal life the building is organised as one long thin building which slots between the forest trees... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryPrivate Houses

Elemental House

The project was a highly designed energy efficient residential new build in Colchester, Vermont by Red HouseBuilding and architect Elizabeth Herrmann using our Shou Sugi Ban – Gendai that was oiled with a Solar Shield Light Gray prefinish.   Product: Gendai 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: DARK GRAYApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 6400SFDesigner: Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + DesignBuilder: Red House BuildingDate: March 2019 Location: Colchester, Vt More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiResidential Landscape

Country Garden

A farmhouse, a garage and a weedy lawn on a slight slope are the existing elements of a property between the hills of Gavi’s terrotory. The project is characterized by four elements: a wooden sleepers pavement laying like an embroidery texture, a clay canopy with an iron structure covering an open-air living room, a bio-pool with a stone-wall following the different slopes of the ground and a perfectly mowed flat circle lawn at the center of a slanting flower garden. The project tries to create a multiplicity of places and to define a process of uses well identified adding them to the existing functions. Every element of the project not only solves a practical problem but also represents the new use with specific design: the theme of... More

Project • By vora - architecture in processSecondary Schools

Can Rosés temporary school

It is the refurbishment of the ancient can rosés “masia” (farmhouse) as a temporary school, for a period of 3 years. The building had been renovated for a municipal library more than 20 years before. The interior spaces were diaphanous.   The temporary use of the building is for a period of 3 years. For students of 3, 4 and 5 years old. After this period, the temporary school will be disassembled. It is an alternative pilot test to prefabricated modules, which are a common system in similar temporary situations. In order to take advantage of disused buildings, we obtain lower investment cost and greater character and identity for the school.   The space is occupied by wooden division walls, with a modular d... More

Project • By A R D designs l Dina Al AhmadPrivate Houses

ARD designs Farm house

The project is a farm house located in Jerash, Jordan. The client is a grandfather who was born and raised in Palestine. Known for its marvelous nature and people’s connectedness to its land, the Owner’s homeland served as an inspiration. The architectural design, however, shies away from nostalgic copying of tradition and offers a modern interpretation of rural life. The play of masses corresponds to the natural landscape lines with a fragmented composition that relates to the scale of its surrounding fabric. The grouping of internal spaces follows the massing of the farmhouse, while being connected through transparent passageways. The three masses are cladded with soft yellow, small-format stone that contrasts with the Ammani... More

Project • By Irving Smith ArchitectsPrivate Houses

12 Year House

12 years of getting ready and moving from farm to lifestyle.   Remarkably the design changed very little in the wait; it never was about fashion, more being a new kind of farmhouse, one with a lifestyle.   12 Year House embeds to a narrow stretch of good ground, sheltering into the rocky spur and rural landscape. It then laps a wool-shed screen over a concrete spine to shape, lengthen and articulate an open plan to different types of visual and physical connections. There’s views up, out and down; grass, sea and tide. There’s a front,middle and back; hill, paddock and scrub. What to do today, no deer to attend. “Go fishing, get some eggs, a swim, watch the tide, bottling, coffee... nothing?&n... More

Project • By JOI-DesignHotels

The Öschberghof

Relax and recuperate in spacious surroundings through golf, wellness and the culinary arts. Our world never stops turning. The progress of technology is constantly offering us something new. Books, CDs, letters and e-mails, cameras, alarm clocks and maps now all belong to the province of the omnipresent smartphone. This device, which accompanies us everywhere and helps us in all our activities, also means that the world of work and the world of private life are bound ever more tightly together. There is less and less time in our day when we are there not for others but for ourselves alone. In today’s rapidly changing world, then, we feel an increasing need to “get away from it all”: a need for what has been called a &ldqu... More

Project • By Extra Medium (Studio XM)Private Houses

MA house renovation

My family bought land in South of France’s Vaucluse department in the early 2000s. At the time, a small farmhouse sitting in the forest nearby had been weathering away for more than a decade. It stood on its hill, fading comfortably into the landscape. What was left had a strong posture despite its lack of foundations.   When my parents approached me to rebuild it, we were sitting within eye-sight of the dilapidated structure. It was still soft in its ruinous state, a reminder of the qualities of its surroundings. We had spoken about the project before but the timing had not been right. That summer, and throughout the two years that followed, I worked to bring it back to life – infusing it with the monastic qualities that... More

Project • By unTAG Architecture & InteriorsPrivate Houses


Vrindavan is a modest 1000 sq.ft farmhouse, nestled within a 2.5 acre farm, true to its mythological Sanskrit meaning - a grove. It is a retirement home for a couple in their 60s, in their native village, Ozram, Maharashtra, India, on a quiet farm treasured by them as a hobby over past 15 years with plantations of mango, cashew, chickoo, jackfruit, and palms. Their only brief was, a humble abode close to nature. Their only constraint, an exacting budget of Rs. 10 lacs (appx. 15000 USD), which meant building the house at 15 USD/sq.ft.   We aspired to design an indigenous cost effective house, relatable to the human scale, where experience of inhabiting was to be prioritized over a monumental form. On our first site visit, we found a... More

Project • By Gottsmann ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Avant-Garde Farmhouse

The House labelled “Avant-Garde Farmhouse” by print media is a contemporary interpretation of the classic Farm style house. The house is situated in Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Johannesburg and received a “Highly Commended” award from the International Property Awards held in 2015 in Dubai. More

Project • By Atheleia ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

MM House

Two landscapes, two views.The site is located on the slopes of Alta Garrotxa in the municipality of Montagut (Girona - Catalonia) facing south towards the Fluvià river valley. The impressive landscape penetrates the living space generating a distant view from the inside. The second view, towards a small stream, creates an intimate and private space. The functional program is designed for the parents and their daughter sharing the same residence while each unit maintains its privacy and its own garden.   The house is articulated on the land with the idea to become part of the landscape itself, generating volumes of concrete that make up the transitioning spaces and their different atmospheres. These spaces are located around tw... More

Project • By ZDA | Zupelli Design ArchitetturaApartments


The renovation of "Casa Mace" concerns the restyling of an attic located inside a farmhouse in the Brescia countryside. The project enhances in a contemporary way some characteristic elements of the house: such as the cherry wood parquet, the exposed beams of the roof and the imposing height of the rooms. The only structural intervention was the closing of the staircase body to use the existing space at its edges. On one side there is a storage room and on the other side there is a TV cabinet serving the living area. The living room is characterized by a large open space in which stands out the kitchen with island, made to measure and enriched with a top and splash guard in black Marquinia marble. The fil-rouge of black marble was then take... More