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Project • By Architectenweb MagazineHousing

Barn Studio

In the countryside between the Veluwe and IJsel in the Netherlands FARO architects have restored an old farmhouse. The 150 year old building is transformed into one big space by using simple recourses and refurbishment. The interior is minimal and modest. The studio has a kitchenette, a bathroom provided with a shower and an attic which functions as a bedroom. The modernisation of the structure is recognisable on the exterior by a large panoramic window. From here the detached house reveals the supporting structure of the building. Four large glass panels open up a corner of the building and show the fascinating rhythm of the construction. The architecture is materialised with an apparently pragmatic restraint. The natural colours of th... More

Project • By Gigon / Guyer ArchitektenArt Galleries

Art Gallery Henze & Ketterer

The Art-Depot of the Henze & Ketterer Gallery is designed to provide storage space for works of art while also being able to function as a showroom: a showroom not only for clients who wish to look at a work that is not currently on display in the existing nearby gallery, but also a space that can be used for the presentation of contemporary art. The two floors above ground will allow all three types of use - gallery, showroom and storage - although initially mainly the top floor will be used as gallery space. The plan is not subdivided. It is merely structured by the staircase with adjoining sanitary block and kitchen facilities and also by a central load-bearing service wall. Two windows on the ground floor and two on the top floor all... More

Project • By ODOS ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Farmhouse in Ballymahon

This collection of 18th Century farm buildings sit central to woodlands outside Ballymahon, Co. Longford. The existing buildings originally formed three sides of a courtyard. An old crumbling stonewall completed this courtyard. A new single storey wing replaces the old wall and provides open plan living kitchen and dining accommodation. To the rear, en-suite master bedroom accommodation has been provided. The existing buildings have been restored to house varying accommodations, notably bedrooms, bathrooms, studio, garage & plantroom. The introduction of this new wing is an attempt to complete the courtyard whilst allowing a visual transparency between the courtyard and the woodlands beyond. This is something, which is lacking in the existi... More

Project • By b.e architectureHousing

Meakins Road

MEAKINS ROAD, FLINDERS Set on 100 acres in coastal Victoria, this site was bare of vegetation except for a 100-year-old row of Cypress trees. The design was based around a series of sunken walled courtyards to create immediately useable outdoor areas in the windswept environment. Visitors are lead into a large landscaped amphitheatre with a porte-cochere leading to stone stairs up to the entry situated within the first walled courtyard. The building is positioned with its back to the driveway so its complexities are revealed gradually as one is lead through the structure. The main sleeping area with library is separated from the main structure via man made waterscape between the buildings accessed by a suspended glazed walkway.... More

Project • By Jeanne Dekkers ArchitectuurCare Homes

Ronald McDonald House Barendrecht

The Ronald McDonald House is located on Voordijk in Barendrecht. The brief asked for an environment that would offer a sense of security, a place in which families could relax, meet one another and exchange experiences. The roof of the existing farmhouse was extended and folded to create a three-quarter square with an enclosed garden to the south. The stepped roof has a gradual slope and features warm Portuguese slate. Exterior walls surrounding the garden are made of glass and wood and allow a great deal of daylight to enter spaces inside the building, such as the living room and circulation routes. Several French windows connect indoor and outdoor areas. Guest rooms and rooms housing mechanical systems line the main façade. Offices are in... More

Project • By SeARCHHousing


How can the historical and spatial qualities of an old farmyard, with all its various outbuildings, be retained when the new function requires only sufficient space for a family residence? The brief required the partial demolition of the original T-shaped farmhouse to be replaced by a small extension. Workspaces and guestrooms would be located in the adjacent detached barn. The disadvantage of this solution is that the wonderful, spacious organization of farmyard buildings would be reduced to that of a house and shed. Instead of a farmyard or garden with various different qualities, the result would have been merely a house standing isolated on a large lawn. Current regulations impose limits to the number of dwellings that can be built on a... More

Project • By NOWA s.r.l.Housing

Twin Complex

PICCOLA PERRERA Grammichele (CT), Italia built 2007 Residential New accommodation for a holiday farmhouse (agritourism) The project is about the building of new rooms for a holiday farmhouse through the demolition and reconstruction of a pre-existing rural building immersed in a citrus plantation with a lying position from the rural approach road. The urban limitations forced us to respect the position of the pre-existence, the original disposition of masses and the structural typology (bearing wall wooden pitched roof with roof tile covering). The new masonry, made up with blocks of tuff, slightly veiled with lime mortar, is carved and bent by the light, forming kind of lumps of brightness filling up the walls thickness and they are... More

Project • By Marlies RohmerHousing


The cluster of mutated stolpboerderijen (instances of a traditional Dutch farmhouse type with a pyramid roof) bears all the hallmarks of a rustic environment: informality, glimpses of the landscape between the buildings, irregular village-like ensembles, deviations in the building line and differences of scale. The smallest volumes are detached houses which are the most expensive type of dwelling. Other volumes are divided into two or four apartments. The colossal volume with sixteen units under one roof (the ‘church’ of the new village) contains social sector housing. Its monolithic execution, with the same material used for both the roof and the walls, has a massive, sculptural effect. More