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Project • By ZDA | Zupelli Design ArchitetturaApartments


The project involves the renovation of a square apartment of 140 sqm located on the top floor of an ancient farmhouse near Brescia.
 The entire project is inspired by the typical sloping shape of the building, through the enhancement of existing structures and contemporary reinterpretation of the characteristic rural aspect. More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectPrivate Houses

Woonona House Studio

The project involves a new house and studio spaces for a sea-changing artist couple on a substantial yet narrow remnant site in the NSW south coast town of Woonona. It draws upon the typology of farmhouses that were prevalent in the area during early 19th century settlement of the town, embracing utilitarian qualities in construction methods and materials. Unlike the built pattern of the surrounding context, the proposal is comprised of a small 103 sqm plan that is organised into simply demarcated public and private zones within a low saw-tooth roof arrangement. The primary environmental sustainability initiative is in the provision of a modestly sized footprint that is responsibly small-scaled. This achieves an objective of 'compactness'... More

Project • By Giuseppe Gurrieri ArchitettoPrivate Houses

Casa K

The project aims at the restoration of the ground floor of the patronal house of a late nineteenth century farmhouse located in the Val di Noto, between Ragusa and Catania, in an area surrounded by green rolling hills and rural estates. The entire property consists of about 800 square meters of stables, pigsties, tool sheds and further buildings that were added all along the years and that are expected to become guest house soon. The project works on the dualism between the tradition and the innovation; the ancient charm of the property has been redesigned with solutions that have deeply renewed the spaces, their functions and the image of the patronal house itself.Originally the main entrance of the house was on the ground floor from where... More

Project • By Suzuki ArchitectsPrivate Houses

gré / Square House

This combined home and business sits on the skirts of Nihondaira, a hilly area just outside central Shizuoka City. The neighborhood is a mixture of large old farmhouses, tea fields, and new housing developments, with small shops nestled into the laid-back surroundings.The streets curve slightly as they climb gently toward the hills, as if they were built on top of the old paths between fields.They lead, too, to openings where Mt. Fuji suddenly comes into view. It is in just such a spot that this house is located.      Our first step toward ensuring a smooth coexistence between the house and its surroundings was to think about how walls could be used to provide a sense of separation from the neighborhood and modulate th... More

Project • By Dario Wohler ArchitektenPrivate Houses

House in Appenzell

Located on an appenzell-Ausserrhoder north slope, the house enjoys a fantastic view over Lake Constance to Friedrichshaven in nearby Germany. Its pentagonal shape derives from the desire to align the main facade with the valley and the distant lake. The traditional farmhouses to be found on Appenzell's slopes serve as a reference, with their display façades that are carefully designed for the viewer.   Material Used: 1. Spruce Slats – Wood Facade – Falu Wapen Paint Warm Black 2. Eternit – Roofing – Ondapress 57 Natural Grey / Vulcanit 3. Chrome Nickel Steel – Metal Work - Matt 4. Aluminum Frames – Windows – Natural Anodized 5. Exposed Concrete – Base Facade More

Project • By Studio Odile DecqPrivate Houses

Saint-Ange Residence

Perched on the crest of a hill, the residence is a monolithic sculpture —one that turns its back on the rest of the compound, looking out to to the historic city of Grenoble in the valley and the jagged French Alps beyond. Up the slight slope lies a bosque-like park, studded with sculptures from the owner’s collection, and the rest of the Tour Saint- Ange estate, which includes a 17th-century farmhouse, expanded into a villa in the 20th century.   By creating a timber over poured-concrete structure, the house is crafted like a hulking, hovering object. Its dark hue results from the asphalt finish applied to the local pine, which is also used to waterproof the wood hulls of boats.   The rooms in the tower are stacke... More

Project • By Pieter VanrenterghemPrivate Houses

Residence DD

On Belgium’s Western Front close to the French border, lies the village of Adinkerke.  Flanking the historic village and not far from the Belgian coast is a country estate; one of the last farms in the region to be walled by water.   Local designer Pieter Vanrenterghem was asked to bring this former farmhouse and its cluster of outbuildings from beneath their agricultural veil and into the open as a rural retreat. Offering an antidote to fleeting trends, Pieter asserts the hallmarks of modern Belgian design; simplicity, warmth and craftsmanship, bound by natural materials.    While no longer a working farm, Pieter set out to accentuate its Flemish pastoral history when transforming the main house and the adjoin... More

Project • By Buero Philipp Moeller BPMPrivate Houses


In order to preserve the typical farmhouse character of this ensemble during renovation, the intricate room structures of the residential wing were left largely unchanged. The preservation of the historical structures, notably the roof truss, but above all the creation of a variety of different interior ambiances offer a unique living experience.   The connection between the residential building and the former stables make for intense contrasts, especially in the open attic floors, where black steel elements complement the supporting wood structures. The atmosphere of the rooms is dominated by long, handmade oak timbers. Natural materials and subtle, muted colors make the old and the new fuse into a natural union. In spite of extensi... More

Project • By Buero Philipp Moeller BPMPrivate Houses

Ménage á trois

A farm complex consisting of a farmhouse, a barn, and a washhouse was transformed into three original, striking residential units. It was important to underscore the original character of the individual structures. In the old farmhouse, existing materials such as lime plaster and old spruce wood floorboards were restored, and the original quarry stone kitchen wall was exposed.   The deliberate simplicity of the rooms and the natural lighting exude an almost monastic tranquility and make the historic legacy of the house palpable. The barn is still an open space, but has been converted into a generous loft. The large window to the east offers a view of Marquartstein Castle. An extension was added to the washhouse. Large openings toward... More

Project • By MYCCPrivate Houses

Alcoba housing

The house is located in one of many forgotten towns in Spain, where the small population that still remains is close to disappearing. However, it has a beautiful ruined castle and a Romanesque church. Very close to them, in a privileged location, the owner of this house decided to buy an old shed to rehabilitate it and turn it into his holiday residence. The location, a few meters from the castle, encouraged the preservation of the ancient stone walls and the design of the roof and much of the tiles of the old farmhouse.   The house is built behind these walls, opening large windows, from which you can see the stones that tell the story of the place. This material is combined with the concrete from the ceiling and the microcement of... More


Bodega SEGURA VIUDAS – Eco Winery

INDAStudio designed the public areas for the renovation and restyling of Bodega SEGURA VIUDAS. Located in the heart of the Penedès, prestigious vineyard territory of Catalunya, SEGURA VIUDAS is home to producers of the traditional sparkling Cava and other boutique wines. The project has been realized within the ancient eleventh century farmhouse which originally served as a defence tower to domains belonging to the Monastery of Sant Cugat in Barcelona.   The interior design was inspired by restyling of the SEGURA VIUDAS branding in combination with the property’s original architecture and morphology.  The renovation enhances several spaces in the property but a real eye catcher is the new hall. Here visitors are we... More

Project • By Atelier Andy CarsonPrivate Houses

The Headland

Headland House is a 4 bedroom home perched high up on an exposed section of the property taking in all the expansive views, it was a no holds barred high end reimagining of a modern farmhouse and gives a sense of being connected but floating within the landscape. It consists of 3 pavilions that form an open U-shape around a protected courtyard, which includes a pool and fire pit, it is set up so you can move around the space and always find a sheltered spot no matter what the season or conditions.   We integrated the project into the land by using materials and colours that already existed on the property in some form and by making the buildings subservient to the landscape in which they sat. The detailing is painstakingly minimal to... More

Project • By Bauchet de La Bouvrie ArchitectsSports Centres


The project consists in designing a dojo in Sonzay, Indre-et-Loire, France. Placed at the entrance of the village, it is the new equipment of a current sports complex.   With careful regards to the inside as well as to the outside, the orientation, openings and cladding of the facades are determined by the landscape, whereas the plan and the circulations are determined by the practice of the sport.   Thus, a square volume is fit in-between the gymnasium, the football club’s locker room and refreshment bar. Covered by Douglas-fir cladding, a covered joint apparatus inherited from the traditional codes of farmhouses or hangars helps respect the rural site’s character.   The inside is built with the same expres... More

Project • By Noriaki Hanaoka ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House in Mihari

A small factory in Nagano was converted in to a residence. The client is a couple returning to their hometown with their 2 small children to live next to their parents. The site had two buildings side by side, an old farmhouse and a small factory. The parents now live in a house right in front. The request was to renovate this old farmhouse that they had a strong attachment, so they could live and in the future hold fitness classes.   Through research, the farmhouse had been renovated several times and its condition was not suitable for actually living. The factory, on the other hand, was a 38 years old and its steel structure was in good condition. The farmhouse and the factory were a continued space without any separating walls, re... More

Project • By Vincent Van Duysen ArchitectsWineries

Winery Valke Vleug

Vincent van Duysen Architects have embedded the project in the existing landscape and pay tribute in a contemporary way to the typical old agricultural buildings in the rural area of ​​Klein Brabant. The most important common factor of asparagus cultivation and viticulture is that both require a linear planting and ensure a horizontal image in the landscape. They gladly responded to this and let the buildings enter into dialogue with the landscape. Vincent van Duysen always look for clues in the tradition in a contemporary way.The dark wood and steel of the roof volumes form a "shelter", these elements refer to the old truss constructions that are typical for sheds. The dark colors contrast with the green character of the fields.  Fu... More