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Product • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABThermowood cladding

Thermowood cladding

Woodsafe Exterior WFX cladding on highschool, all made in wood More

Product • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe Exterior WFX

Woodsafe Exterior WFX

Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ is the obvious choice of flame retardant wood when you want "Mother Earth" to take care of the aging process on nature's own conditions, where wind, sunlight, precipitation and temperature create their expression on the wood panel. Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ is advantageously used in environments with high humidity such as bathhouse facilities, ice hockey arenas or in very humid environments such as mines, underground environments, and in exterior environments such as facade and roofing, irrespective of whether they are inland or coastal. Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ is available for wood such as cedar, larch, spruce, frake, oak or heat frake, spruce, superwood, thermowood pine and spruce, accoya, ayous, pop... More

Project • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABApartments


On Frostaliden, Sweden's largest residential area with tall houses with wooden frames is emerging. Here, Skövdebostäder is building six houses with a total of 189 apartments, in sustainable materials. The facade consists of Thermowood which has been fire protected with Woodsafe Exterior WFX, made by Woodsafe Timber Protection AB in Sweden, according to fire construction requirements SP-Fire 105 More

Product • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO™ is available in a number of wood types such as pine, spruce, oak, larch, cedar tree, birch, ash, maple, poplar and in plywood as spruce, birch and poplar. The wood products are manufactured in accordance with the European Commission Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011 and performance certified and CE certified according to EN14915:2013 and EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Woodsafe PRO™ is a flame retardant wood method for interior and exterior use. The actual performance of the flame retardant wood panel takes place in an industrial vacuum pressure impregnation process, and associated fixation of the fire retardant in the wood cell structure is achieved through the KDAT process. Manufacturing is done according to o... More

Project • By Casalis BVBAOffices

Office in Milan

As a leading manufacturer of 3D woven acoustic textile panels, Casalis was approached by IA Architectures in London to do installations in three European offices of a well-known, multinational company. The first project was realised in Paris, followed by two locations in Milan. For the last Milanese office Casalis has produced a total of 473 tailored panels in acoustic textile ONDO that is created from flame retardant polyester Trevira CS yarn and classified B-s2, d0 to the European Harmonized Standard. ONDO is designed by Aleksandra Gaca. The panels were installed over three floors, each in one colour.  After careful preparations carried out in our facilities in Belgium, Casalis was able to do the installation in a record time of seve... More

Product • By TrabÀROXANNE


Roxanne is a chair encompassing all the requirements of an iconic object: a strong personality, simplicity of design, and flawless functionality and image. The perfectly calibrated seat and backrest provide excellent comfort. Roxanne is a stackable chair, and therefore lends itself for use in public areas, such as conference halls and meeting rooms. It comes with a beech frame and slanting geometrical lines to ensure maximum stability and ergonomics.The frame, seat and backrest are in beech, either bleached, natural or lacquered in a very wide range of shades. The seat and backrest are padded and upholstered in fabric, velvet, leather, faux leather, or flame retardant Trevira textiles. More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsApartments

Appartementen De Drie Hofsteden

Commissioned by a social housing company, the two existing apartment blocks in the Drie Hofsteden in Courtrai have been thoroughly renovated. At the same time, a third apartment block was built. This renovation project is partly a component of an ECO Life project with European subsidies. The ambition level for the new construction results in low energy consumption. In order to give the project a natural look, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® was selected for finishing the façade of the new building. The ecological advantages of the CO2 neutral bamboo cladding fit in very well with this project. Fire resistant bamboo cladding  The Drie Hofsteden complex consists of three apartment blocks. “The façades of the other... More

Product • By Knauf DesignDesignboard 230

Designboard 230

Designboard 230 – incombustible wall and ceiling panels for interior design surfacesWith the Designboard 230 wall and ceiling system, there are new dimensions for interior design surfaces as acoustics panels. The Designboard 230 product line stands for an incombustible system in surfaces varieties of veneer, laminate, paint or free choice of décor graphic options with the help of digital print. The acoustic version of the system offers the same advantages, from flame retardant to the incombustible classification “A2-s1, d0”. – And this includes all varieties, whether perforated, slotted or nano-perforated. The nano-perforation as A absorber also offers all advantages of the system. More

Product • By FONOLABFonoquadro CIRCLE by FONOlab

Fonoquadro CIRCLE by FONOlab

Fonoquadro CIRCLE by FONOlab is a sound absorbing and decorative panel made in Italy, with high acoustic performance (certified class A).It can be customized in colours and fabric (covered by flame retardant fabrics or printed fabrics) and there is also the possibility of installing a spotlight. Fonoquadro CIRCLE allows you to create a decorative panel or a composition, to be applied to the wall and on the ceiling.The aluminium frame, available in different diameters (from 60 to 150 cm), guarantees maximum stability and lightness.Fonoquadro CIRCLE is fireproof (Italian class 1) and it is suitable for areas like offices, meeting rooms, auditorium, restaurants, canteens, schools, etc. More

Product • By PUGI RGTREVI D 25000

TREVI D 25000

Wool look fabric in 100% Trevira CS with very natural aspect and soft touch due to an innovative final treatment. The product is suitable for upholstery but also acoustic use.The fabric has high performance with excellent abrasion and pilling resistances inherently Flame Retardant washable. More

Product • By HEROTECtempusROCK+


The mineral base material is non-combustible and therefore does not require any additional flame retardant additives. The tear-resistant top layer, which is impermeable to screed mixing water, withstands temperatures of up to 500 °C. The mineral base material is not flammable and therefore requires no additional flame retardant additives.The material has a high bulk density. The standard board can withstand loads of up to 20 kN/m². The dimensions of 1,000 x 1,000 x 30 mm make installation easy. The heating pipe is fastened with tacker needles. A 50 mm installation grid is printed on the top layer for easier and dimensionally accurate installation.tempusROCK+ scores with a very good environmental balance in the areas of bio-solubility and pr... More

Product • By DESARDI® digital wallcoveringDESARDI® Classic

DESARDI® Classic

DESARDI® Classic is a serie of traditional vinyl wallcovering products with a matte finish in a range of creative textures. The vinyl coated products are available with two different backings depending on the application. DESARDI® Classic is durable, washable, flame retardant, and has a high image quality. DESARDI® Classic is available with a paper-backing or non-woven base. More

Product • By STUACOSTURA sofa & armchair


Costura sofa refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that has guided the design process. In San Sebastián, home of renown fashion designers like Balenciaga, small ateliers have dressed citizens during decades with impeccably tailored suits and dresses. STUA wanted to bring this tradition back, working with artisans, to create a piece of upholstery that is like a suit that covers the innovative inside structure. One more time, STUA delivers a surprising design that reflects the timelessness adding an innovative spirit. Thanks to their modular system, Costura offers endless configurations.   Specifications: - Molded plywood frame. - Epoxy-coated aluminum legs. - Flame-retardant foam seat cushions. - Feather-filled back p... More



HORUS is an acoustic and versatile textile of high performance. For its development, our textile engineers have used the most advanced production technologies to achieve the necessary improvements that make it the product with the highest acoustic ratings in the market.It is fabric with a special sandwich structure and high desity that combines high acoustic performance with different functionalities: flame retardant, 100% biodegradable, 100% opaque, cleanable and anti-wrinkled finish.With esthetic and neutral aspect, suits perfectly into any project that needs a sound quality improvement. It can be used for curtains, fixed or movable paneling or even wall covering. More

Product • By Tante Lotte DesignWhisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool Akustikpaneele

Whisperwool is an acoustically highly effective, health-promoting panel system made from Tyrolean sheep's wool. The surfaces are soft and felt for better acoustical effect, the core is hard but permeable and thus sound absorbing. The panels can be joined together almost seamlessly.The Whisperwool panels have been specially developed for use as acoustic panels: ceiling panels, wall panels, partitions.With Whisperwool, we have succeeded in developing a product for interiors that has a consistently positive effect on people, nature and the value chainProperties:• sound absorption: aw up to 0,9 ? sound absorption curve • room climate: adjusts air humidity and improves room climate• air-purification: cleans and filters out toxins (formaldeh... More