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Product • By ComexSmart Paintings

Smart Paintings

Smart paints and coatings feature special properties that resolve the most unimaginable needs, we present some choices, by specialty, may serve to prevent moisture, repel stains, prevent the spread of fire, among others. Meet some options: 1. Paint stain repellent. They prevent dirt from sticking to the walls, this painting is impregnated prevents dirt thanks to its non-stick properties, managing to keep the walls clean for its easy cleaning. Ideal for kids room, corridors, high traffic areas and interiors in general. Vinimex Easy Clean http://www.comex.com.mx/CATALOGUE/Product/Vinimex-Easy-Clean.aspx 2. Exterior paint resistant to UV rays. Sunlight wear the color of the outer surfaces. To avoid that look washed out and lifeless due to... More

Product • By ElitexCadenza Plus

Cadenza Plus

Representing beautiful simplicity in a plain weave, Cadenza Plus is the great all rounder. Available in a palette of earthy neutrals you can mix and match for a contemporary look. Cadenza Plus is acrylic foam coated for extra sturdiness and good heat insulation. Its base fabric is woven from solution dyed polyester yarn for better color evenness and high color fastness. It is also flame retardant to Australia, US and European standards making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. It’s 100% blackout and water repellent and comes in a super 3000mm width. Cadenza Plus is PVC free, Greenguard Certified and Greenguard Children and Schools Certified More

Product • By Freyja SewellHUSH


Open plan offices and public buildings, CCTV, online profile sharing, cameras built into our laptops; never has it been easier for humans to connect, but what about when we want to withdraw? There are now 21 cities with populations larger than ten million, and it is predicted ¬¬that there will be many more in the future. It is essential to continue to develop new ways of allowing people to comfortably co-exist in these increasingly densely populated environments. By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, aluxurious escape into a dark, hushed, natural space in the midst of a busy hotel, airport, office¬ or library. HUSH provided a quiet space in an age of exponential population growth, where privacy and peaceful respite... More

Product • By Studio180°Eco Modular Sofa Sen & Horsetail Hair Mattress Sen

Eco Modular Sofa Sen & Horsetail Hair Mattress Sen

“Sen” is a high-end eco modular sofa collection and stands for a redefinition of contemporary, responsible and sustainable living in the 21st century. It represents a return to simplicity, constancy, fine craftsmanship and honesty. “Sen“ is made from the highest quality natural and organic materials that awakens our senses, like finest British organic wool and exclusive Swiss made wool/ramie cloth. The clean and unadorned design sets the focus on the employed highest quality materials and is based on the “Cradle-To-Cradle” circular economy model which eliminates the concept of waste. Studio180° employs their very own green building method without the use of glue and steel coil springs to craft all-natural and durable furniture piec... More

Product • By Grote Hanglampen.nlCeiling lampshades

Ceiling lampshades

Lampshades used as ceilinglamps in a hospital. Fully flame retardant fabric, creating a safe and homelike atmosphere in a hospital. More

Product • By Studio180°Pentagon Stool

Pentagon Stool

Pentagon Stool is a timeless and contemporary seating unit in an asymmetrical pentagon shape. It can be applied as a single stool or used as a flexible modular seating concept where it can be arranged in endless different compositions, ideal for commercial and retail spaces, hotels, bars, etc. Dimensions: W 51cm | D 57cm | H 45cm Materials: MDF base, FR foam and FR polyester dacron wadding have been replaced in 2013 with natural/ organic and sustainable materials, free from toxic flame retardant chemicals (materials are naturally flame retardant or contain an admixture of natural additives to comply with UK Fire Regulations) Cover Fabric Grey Versions: High quality technical fabric (Swiss-made) with contrast piping Cover Fabric... More

Product • By JansenJanisol 2 EI30 and Janisol C4 EI60 / EI90 glazed f

Janisol 2 EI30 and Janisol C4 EI60 / EI90 glazed f

Janisol 2 - the series of steel profiled sections with thermal break designed for smart-looking doors and glass partitions EI30 A complete system of profiled sections with fittings and accessories to match, for surface-flush single- and double-leafed doors, fire-proof glazed partitions and doors in glazed walls. The section height for door frames and leaves is 60 mm. Profiles 25 mm and 50 mm wide can be used as mullions and transoms. Janisol 2 doors are fitted with double rebate seals that are flame retardant. Locks and other fittings can be mounted simply and easily in the hollow part of the sections. The sill may have either an automatic countersunk joint, a threshold gasket and curved sill, or no seal. Various products of glass are... More

Product • By URBAN HYGIENE LTDeasy-guard fire upgrade coating / paint

easy-guard fire upgrade coating / paint

The easy-guard class '0' intumescent paint system has been designed in partnership with Exova Warringtonfire. This passive fire protection product is a must for all communal areas where multiple layers of paint have been allowed to build up. If a fire breaks out, these layers of paint can ignite and the flames can chase down a wall or across a ceiling using the paint as part of its fuel. Combustion of this sort is fast and ferocious and tests have shown fires can chase down corridors or up stairwells faster than most people can run. It is for this reason that the Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI's) Fire Safety Code of Practice recommends that where multiple layers of paint exist, walls should be... More

Product • By ADO Interieurtextiel BVADO Cordon

ADO Cordon

Cordon is the name of a collection of string curtains available in many colors, that make your interior look subtle and decorative. The strings are very light, which means that they are very active and provide a separation that doesn’t remain static, but that offers a certain protection. It can be used for windows decoration but also to separate 2 rooms or on a wall as well. The Cordon doesn’t fade and is anti-static so that dirt isn’t attracted and can be cut on your personal measures without fringing. Cordon also has flame retardant features. More

Project • By What ArchitecturePrimary Schools

Cowley St Laurence Church of England Primary School and Children's Centre

Can you imagine a future where children participate in the formation of their own learning environments? Where kids design and build their own schools? At Cowley St Laurence Primary School in the North West of London, WHAT_architecture wanted the users of the building - children, their parents and staff - to be involved in the design and construction of a new school building. The children acted as the client with the aim to inspire creativity in young people and improve the quality of life through good design. LEGO® was used as a design tool because modelling with it is quick, playful, conducive to experimentation and allows for design democracy: anyone can be the architect! You too can participate! By abandoning the flatness of 2D drawi... More