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NewsNews • 19 Nov 2020

MAD completes surreal sinuous roofscape kindergarten complex

When asked to design a kindergarten next to a senior citizens’ apartment in an old part of Beijing, MAD Architects envisioned a floating roof that twists its way around existing buildings, trees and an original 18th century Siheyuan courtyard, to connect them together all the while shaping a surreal dreamlike roofscape for children play freely. Hufton+Crow The client holds a "intergenerational integration" ethos that blends the mutually beneficial combination of elder care with pre-school education. Completed at the end of 2019, the kindergarten has a place for 390 kids that range from 1½ to 6. Hufton+Crow Three courtyards were carefully placed around old trees to avoid cutting them. Slides and stairs inside the cou... More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

Strongly rooted in site, Peach Hut’s form and colour are inspired by surrounding orchard trees

To facilitate culture and art education in the rural region of Xiuwu, Henan, China, a series of miniature pavilions were constructed in different locations to serve the vast 630 square kilometre county area. Designed by Atelier XI, the cast-in-place concrete structures take on tree-like forms that reach out to the sky. Their locations vary from fields to forests to mountaintops, with their forms differing in response. Zhang Chao ‘Peach Hut’ is the first completed miniature pavilion. Surrounded by farmland, the form of the pavilion is inspired by the site’s peach orchard trees, which lean to one side.  Atelier XI arhitects explain they envisioned the building being cut from a series of invisible arcs derived from... More