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Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsUniversities

ROCva Amstelveen

Forbo Flooring's digital printing technology for Flotex gives the opportunity to create unique floors. More

Project • By ATELIER BRÜCKNERCultural Centres


A subtle dialogue between historical structure and current architectonic accents is being offered at the former Herding spinning mill in Bocholt. The industrial monument has been reinvented for use as a cultural centre. Warehouse for shows, special exhibition areas, event spaces and catering found place at the so called TextilWerk. "Reanimate and reinvent" were the maxims of ATELIER BRÜCKNER. By means of careful architectural surgery the original functional interrelationships of the factory were underlined. The language of form and colour are derived from the old building structure. A staircase which is accentuated with the colour red and was inserted into the 20 metre-long rope and pulley section of the former factory acts as the central m... More

Product • By Forbo Flooring SystemsFlotex Sottsass

Flotex Sottsass

Ground breaking both aesthetically and technically. Flotex Sottsass flocked flooring is the result of a creative collaboration between Forbo Flooring and the Italian design studio Sottsass Associati which is responsible for the famous Memphis Design trend at the end of the last century. The Sottsass designs present unique organic forms and irregular, apparently random patterns.The collection compromises 4 designs: Terrazzo, Wool, Bacteria and Kasuri. The designs feature irregular, apparently random and organic forms, and the “optical” feature to play with scale, an aspect which is especially relevant to flooring, where the dynamics of perspective are constantly at work. More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsPavilions

China Pavilion in 2010 World Expo

Forbo was commissioned to take care of part of the flooring space of the china pavilion at the “world expo 2010” in shanghai. Forbo paved the way of the childrens pavilion as well that of the science area of the building. In the China Pavilion, Forbo Marmoleum is available in three areas: the land of hope on the 49-meter-storey, children’s painting ramp on the 39-meter-storey, and low-carbon life zone on the 33-meter-storey. The floor pattern of the children’s painting ramp is designed by China Central Academy of Fine Arts to present an image of flying colorful belt, and thus selects six colors of Marmoleum. The low-carbon life zone adopts the floor in the simple but elegant color - a gradual evolution from blue to grey. The China pavil... More

Project • By SHHPassenger Terminals

Luxury passenger lounge for Rizon Jet at Biggin Hill Airport

Architects and designers SHH have completed a luxurious £3m, 2-storey VIP passenger lounge at Biggin Hill airport, for client Rizon Jet, a Middle East- and UK-based private aviation group. Located within a major new-build 130,000 sq m hangar and VIP terminal facility at the airport, the lounge - comprised of a 478 sq m ground floor space with an additional 186 sq m purpose-built mezzanine floor - was launched at the same time as a similar facility in Doha, State of Qatar (created by Doha-based company Art Line). With the opening of the new VIP Lounge, Rizon Jet now has a full range of services to offer today’s discerning traveller. Patrick Enz, Chief Executive of Rizon Jet, commented: ‘We are very excited to see the start of operatio... More

Project • By vit-bStudent Housing

KVZ587 - Interior

This room needed a new flooring, which could function as a total make-over for the apartment. We wanted to create a creative, stunning experience with the use of simple materials, available at the local DIY-shop. Therefore we chose to give the L-shaped room a laminate floor composed out of three different colours of the same click laminate product. To accentuate the thinness and 'fakeness' of the material (it's supposed to look like wood) besides combining different colours, the laminate was rotated 30 degrees and folded as a sheet of paper onwards the wall. Where the laminate meets the socket-outlet, an even simple as sophisticated solution is introduced by just drilling four holes in the laminate. This small-scale project became re... More

Project • By SAOTAApartments

First Crescent

The property, and subsequently the plan of the house, focused on Camps Bay beach, and the views of Lion’s Head in a Northerly direction. There are also great views back to The Twelve Apostles and the Cable Station. To capitalize on the views, meant that the design also needed to respond to issues of privacy with the neighbour’s property. Clerestory frameless glazing (skylights) replaced structure and framed views which might otherwise have been missed. Sandblasting of the full height glazing at the eastern boundary enabled us to maximize light to the linear passage and maintain views of the mountain peaks whilst adhering to councils requirements and ensuring privacy of the neighbouring property. The bedrooms were simply arranged to look... More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsHotels

Hotel Horal

In this project Flotex flooring material from Forbo was installed. Flotex is a completely unique flooring experience that combines all the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. Architect Ing Arch. Jaroslav Ševčík Interior architect & designer Ing Arch. Jaroslav Ševčík Floor designer Ing Arch. Jaroslav Ševčík General contractor HP Tronic Flooring contractor & installation Franc s.r.o. Flooring material 550 m2 Flotex Photographer: Petr Opavský More

Project • By Forbo Flooring SystemsHospitals

Children’s hospital UPMC

Flooring material 50,000 m2 Marmoleum Real, Dual, Vivace , Fresco In this project 4 colours out of the Global linoleum collection were combined. Real and Dual tiles: with its classic marbled structure. Vivace: a colourful and lively design that hides dirt and adapts well to a multitude of interiors. Fresco: A subtle marbled structure that is based on the Fresco artwork of ancient times. Information of the building: The Children’s hospital of pittsburgh is renowned for its outstanding clinical services, research programs and medical education, the hospital has helped establish the standards of excellence in pediatric care. From Ambulatory Care to Transplantation and Cardiac Care, talented and committed pediatric experts care for infa... More

Project • By De Zwarte HondUniversities

Faculty Bernoulliborg

The Zernike grounds houses both the main part of the Groningen University and the Hanze Polytechnic. The outdated campus has been redesigned by West 8 landscape architects into an open landscape consisting entirely of green space with independent buildings and a single through route for public transport and slow traffic. One of the first new buildings is built by De Zwarte Hond. Bernoulliborg, the building for the faculty of mathematics and physics, is organised horizontally. The programme can be read from outside from the vertical progression from the more or less closed upper volume following the shapes of the college rooms on a completely transparent basement. The glass facade allows the approach route to the upper floors to be seen a... More

Project • By Royal Haskoning ArchitectenUniversities

Haagse Hogeschool

A highly sustainable, compact and flexible building, the Academy for Engineering Delft will soon be built on the Campus of the Delft University of Technology. The building aims to strengthen the ties between academic and professional education in Technology. This is an open, transparent and iconic building, which fits effortlessly in its surroundings providing comfort for both students and employees. The functional concept is a system of squares and routes, enabling optimum interchange between people and thoughts. The ambition of the client, the Haagse Hogeschool, is met: this will be the most sustainable education building in the Netherlands. The building will be fitted out with state of the art energy saving technology: an u... More