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NewsNews • 30 Jul 2020

‘A Giant Sculpture’ marks the high point of Belgian nature reserve

‘A Giant Sculpture’ by architect and artist Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is a permanent, site-specific sculpture located on the highest point of nature reserve Hoge Mouw (near Kasterlee, Belgium). The surrounding landscape is characterized by coniferous forests on sandy soil, with moors, fens, open sand drifts, hollow roads, and streams. Rich mystical stories dating back to pre-Christian cultures are tied to the land. Credit: Mattijs van der Burght The form is the structure is that of a faceted head, with the form also closely resembling a dome structure. Made from 2215 welded 6mm thick metal triangles, several pieced have been omitted, making it possible to enter the interior space of the sculpture. In total, the sculpture measur... More