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Project • By White arkitekter ABHotels

Skellefteå’s cultural centre and hotel

White Arkitekter has won an international design competition for Skellefteå’s cultural centre and hotel, which will be completed in 2019. Located just below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, the city of Skellefteå has a long tradition of timber architecture which inspired the winning proposal ‘Sida vid sida’ (Side-by-side). The design was selected from over 55 entries from ten countries. ’Kulturhus i Skellefteå’ is planned to be a 19-storey structure reaching a height of 76 metres. It will house the ‘Västerbottensteatern’ (the county theatre of Västerbotten), the Anna Nordlander Museum, Skellefteå’s Konsthall (art gallery), the city library and a new 16-floor four-star hotel. The 24,940 sqm BTA building will be timber framed with... More

Project • By Ferrier Marchetti StudioOffices

Piper Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck head office building

The new head office for the Piper Heidsieck and Charles Heidsieck House of Champagne faces onto the production unit, extending a wine-growing site and a presentation space. The same architectural style coalesces all the programme elements and allows the new head office building to stand out as a contemporary yet unostentatious project reminiscent of an immaterial barn. By raising its silhouette in the landscape, the building transforms the wine-growing site and becomes a beacon-like federating structure. Inspired by the structural minimalism of winery buildings, the simplicity and efficiency of its delicate metal structure also suggests considerable elegance and sophistication. The new head office is designed as a glass envelope encl... More

Project • By GUARNIERI | ARCHITECTSWarehouses


The site at 2 Whites Grounds is located in the Bermondsey conservation area, a vibrant part of London close to London Bridge where the Shard and White Cube Bermondsey recently opened consolidating this central up and coming part of London. The existing building is a five storey warehouse dating back to the end of the nineteen century with a distinctive character and a gable roof structure. The office has successfully negotiated planning permission for this roof structure where initial planning enquiries gave very few chances of development being permitted on this site. A thorough history and site analysis, which proved the existing roof resembled but was not actually the original structure, together with the bold contemporary design prop... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Villa H

In the transition region of a typical Dutch village and the cultivated agricultural landscape, on a plot of approximately 6 ha is the ensemble a modern villa and a horse stable, based on the strict requirements of the zoning plan, embedded in the context. Both the proportions, as the graded volume and the use of design elements together with an independent architectural language tie in with the traditional elements of a house of the Brabant region. Since the desired space program within the guidelines of the development plan could not be implemented above the ground, a design concept is developed, which based on the modeling of the landscape enables to create attractive spaces in the basement. At the same time the house is designed from the... More

Project • By gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners ArchitectsOffices

Data Center of China Life Insurance in Shanghai

China’s largest insurance company, China Life Insurance Company, has moved into its new Data Center in Shanghai-Pudong. After a design and construction period of six years – which is on the long side for China – the complex designed by architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) was completed in June. The interior design was also mostly created by gmp. The objective of the design was to convey, through the architecture, two important qualities which should be associated with a large insurance company: on the one hand, qualities such as trustworthiness, reliability, longevity and customer orientation, and on the other hand, the fact that the company uses data processing and state-of-the-art technology – i.e. that it is equipped for the fu... More

Project • By Shift architecture urbanismPavilions

CMY pavilion

Shift architecture urbanism is proud to be the first architecture office to design a temporary intervention for the Tschumi pavilion in Groningen. The CMY pavilion transforms the glass structure into a three dimensional graphic work that shifts its composition and color scheme with the viewpoint of the spectator. The Tschumipavilion was originally built as a video pavilion for the city-wide exhibition-event “What a Wonderfull World” in 1990. Scattered around the city, five pavilions brought pop-music videos into the public realm. They were designed by the architectural avant-garde of the time, labeled two years earlier as 'deconstructivist' by the MOMA. The pavilions of Eisenman, Hadid, and Himmelblau disappeared, while the ones of Kool... More

Project • By TVKHousing

Mixed-use in Rue de Lourmel

54 social housing units, 25 housing units shelter, 101 room retirement home with day centre The project is located in the heart of Paris’s 15th arrondissement, on the corner of rue Lourmel and rue de l’Eglise. The site, formerly the property of France Télécom, was previously occupied by a disused factory. The project is composed of three buildings, each comprising two distinct programmes, with a total surface area of almost 11,000m². • 30 social housing units and a large commercial unit, • a shelter and 24 social housing units, • a retirement home with day centre and crèche. In these three edifices, the project explores the question of the picturesque, but not the usual, superficial picturesqueness mimicking the complexit... More

Project • By waltritsch a+uBars

Qubik bar Monfalcone Kinemax

Qubik Monfalcone is one of the concept bars of a new brand of selected blends named Qubik caffè. This Qubik bar is located inside a cinema multiplex, in a context similar to a commercial center or an airport, without windows or outdoor spaces. The silk-screened colored glass envelope provides a sober and elegant atmosphere to welcome the passer by. A long black cantilevered Corian counter act as catalyst into the atrium of the multiplex, while a bench and a few chairs provides a more intimate alcove. In between there is the Kubo, a monolith-counter on wheels. Particular care was devoted to the presentation of the goods of the brand, following the Quality Boutique Caffè concept: an illuminated lantern, like a sugar cube terminates the suspen... More

Project • By BVN ArchitectureResearch Facilities

The Braggs

The BRAGGS is the new research Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) and an undergraduate teaching facility at the University of Adelaide. The central philosophy of the building is to enable researchers from different disciplines to come together to enable a transdisciplinary approach to research. The methodology has required a building that supports both formal and informal collaboration. As such, the building investigates methods of three dimensional connection of space within the tight security and safety requirements of a leading laboratory environment, through its positioning on campus, its relationship to campus life, and its strategic inclusion of two vibrant internal vertical streets. The facade integrates the... More

Project • By design/buildLABPavilions

Sharon Fieldhouse

The design/buildLAB is a project-based experiential learning program focused on the research, development and implementation of innovative construction methods and architectural designs.Students collaborate with local communities and industry experts to conceive and realize built works of architecture that are both educational and charitable in nature.The aspirations of the program are simultaneously to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to the students' successful and meaningful practice of architecture and to support development efforts in distressed communities by enriching the quality of their built environment. By framing the opportunity for architecture students to make a difference in the life of a community, the desig... More

Project • By Form4 ArchitectureOffices

The Innovation Curve

23-Aug-2014 The Innovation Curve proposes a new workplace that is flexible, open and uses a dominant design element to celebrate the innovation process that is so often associated with its geographical location of Silicon Valley. Designed in 2013 the 285,000 square-foot proposed project rises on a hotspot in the golden geography of the bits economy. Located on the edge of Stanford Research Park, the site sits directly across the street from the Hewlett Packard Headquarters. The existing site consists of an L-shaped lot with unsightly parking on grade serving two existing buildings, a typical specimen of the architectural generic that has marred what once was a luscious apricot grove. Deemed inimical to future growth for the sought-after te... More

Project • By Luis De Garrido ArchitectsCities


The performance environment is extremely complex, hostile and unique. This is the rupture heartbreaking advantage of a hill that has been used as a quarry, near the town of Mondragon, a traditional village and highly consolidated. The inspiration for the architectural proposal has three sources: the cooperative (established in the town of Mondragon), uniqueness of the Basque people and geodes. 1. Cooperative. The cooperative makes the work done by an ordered set of parts more efficient and have higher value than the sum of parts, and greater complexity. Similarly, the union ordered buildings (apparently simple) by a regular spatial grid, will provide high spatial complexity in the set. 2. Singular and unique character of the Basqu... More

Project • By De Matos RyanUniversities

Hockerill Anglo-European College

London-based practice de Matos Ryan has refurbished the refectory building of Hockerill Anglo-European College, transforming a cramped cluttered poorly lit 1960s extension into a spacious civilised dining hall. The project is part of the Sorrell Foundation’s JoinedUpDesignforSchools, a UK-wide initiative to demonstrate how good design can improve the quality of life in schools. De Matos Ryan was originally appointed in 2004 by The Sorrell Foundation to engage pupils of the school in a consultation process to identify areas in need of improvement and was later appointed by the school itself to implement the refurbishment, In the initial consultation stage a student survey revealed that 90% of pupils at the International Baccalaureate b... More



Three listed buildings formerly used as dwellings for workers on a nearby industrial plant and a barn recently used for storage. The whole complex was in a poor state before renovation started. The three buildings have been totally restored and supplied with a small entrance building, containing a handicap toilet and wardrobe, connecting the two largest buildings. This new construction has set-back steel columns carrying a flat roof. An all-glass envelope gives maximum transparency without detracting focus from the original buildings. The renovation was carried in close collaboration with the local building conservation authorities and the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. More

Project • By DP ArchitectsShopping Centres

Wisma Atria

Originally where the Indonesian embassy was located, the site was redeveloped in 1986 into Wisma Atria and designed by DP Architects as a 22-storey office tower with a 5-storey commercial podium. The original architecture of Wisma Atria was an introverted atrium-centric, ‘rectilinear-formed’ mall which aligned with contemporary global design patterns for retail buildings of its time and scale. Over the span of the last 26 years, DP Architects has been involved in the reinterpretation of Wisma Atria where the constant renewal allows the mall to respond to changing societal trends and remain relevant as the definition of retail experience is refined over the years. The practice of retrofitting not only introduces new uses to the building... More