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Project • By DENIZEN WORKSHousing


EXISTING Barn B is a renovation project, converting an existing flint barn into a series of open living spaces. The barn is situated amongst a cluster of agricultural buildings which together form a sheltered courtyard high upon a hill.   Caption Prior to works commencing, the interior of the main barn featured exposed solid stone walls that supported four timber trusses. Natural daylight filled into the barn from high level gable end windows. Meanwhile, two arched external doorways cut through the central axis of the barn, connecting the sheltered courtyard on one side to the countryside on the other. Caption BRIEF The brief was to renovate this historic barn to introduce a new kitchen, dining hall, sitting room and mezz... More

Project • By Simone de Gale ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Morocco in London

In this build, the focus was on the concept of a sunroom and the glass elements required for letting light into the home. With the addition of a glass extension, Morocco in London can bring in light without the fear of being overlooked due to the brick wall of An Indian Retreat. Caption The extension is a unification of workspace, reading nook, and kitchen space, all of which are surrounded by plants and flowers. There is also an addition of a guest cloakroom, which can also function as a laundry room incorporating a classical laundry basin with a drying rack above. The laundry basin was manufactured in-house so that the homeowner's vision could be personally completed by the architects.   Caption The renovations on this ho... More

Project • By Dietrich | Untertrifaller ArchitektenOffices

OPES Works

The property at the edge of an industrial park, surrounded of orchard meadows, inspired us to create a hybrid structure, which blurs the boundaries between the classic typologies of office and residential buildings. Far cantilevered, rectangular ceiling tiles and recessed façades extend the office space to the outside – possibility rooms, which the user can appropriate for a short retreat into the green or for spontaneous brainstorming in the group. At the same time, the surrounding balconies serve as constructive sun and weather protection. The roof is folded several times into pent roofs. Consistently oriented to the south, the roof areas, which are completely equipped with photovoltaics, make an important contribution to the... More

Project • By EGM architectsApartments


KlokGroep has commissioned 78 spacious new-build apartments on an artificial mound in the green Dike Zone along the River Waal in Nijmegen. The spacious apartments, contained in three buildings, offer space and tranquillity close to the city and panoramic views of the river and the green landscape.    Situated on a mound The complex consists of three volumes that step up in height and increase in size, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness. Similarities in design and materials ensure that the three unite to form a close-knit ensemble. The biggest and tallest building consists of six floors and, in terms of height, appears grandly imposing beside an old orchard. The other two buildings, five and four floors in height, ar... More

Project • By Architects of InventionApartments

Lisi Garden House

The Site The site is located to the North-West of Tbilisi, in the Saburtalo district, on a sloping hill near Lisi lake, with views over the city. A series of high-profile practices – Architects of Invention, Riccardo Bofill and UN Studio - have been commissioned to populate the masterplan with radically different, new build, 5 - 7 storey residential blocks, that will sit alongside a number of private houses.   Lisi Green Town The scheme is part of Lisi Development’s Green Town, a substantial residential project that boasts innovative green principles. Residents’ utility bills are reduced by up to 30%, thanks to Lisi’s energy efficiency standards, with electric charge points and rainwater harvesting included.... More

NewsNews • 15 Jan 2021

MVRDV frames colored glass in an asymmetric brass pattern for Bulgari Bangkok storefront

Bangkok’s Bulgari flagship store is the second store for the Italian brand by MVRDV, after completing the Kuala Lumpur storefront in 2018, using a combination of concrete and resin. This time MVRDV opted for a glass in varying colours and transparency framed in an asymmetric pattern. © Ketsiree Wongwan Similar to the Kuala Lumpur design, MVRDV was inspired by the cornice forms they found in the marble framed windows of Bulgari’s first store in Rome, which opened in 1905. This time they filled the striking patterned frames with varying colors of glass in different degrees of transparency.  © Ketsiree Wongwan “With this design, we bring a Roman zest for life to Bangkok. We are working on several... More

NewsNews • 24 Dec 2020

Top 10 glass projects of 2020

Laurian Ghinitoiu 1. The Opus by Zaha Hadid Architects The void’s facade consists of 4,300 single and double curved glass panels that cover 6,000 square meters. The panels are made from 8 mm Low-E glass, 16 mm of spacing between the panes, and two layers of 6mm clear glass with a 1.52mm PVB resin laminate. Each panel is installed with an LED that results in a dynamic light installation.     Architect Jun Aoki 2. Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji by Jun Aoki and Associates The distinctive façade is made up of 10 ‘sails.’ The airfoil shapes of the sails are made of 2D curved glass panels, which achieve cost efficiency as well as ease of manufacturing. Each panel is double glazed, with the ou... More

Project • By MIKAMI ArchitectsLibraries

Tonami Public Library

It is a public library located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.   The spectacular scenery of the quiet Tonami Plain is unparalleled. The panorama of the scattered villages, which was once the food basket of the Kaga domain, has been passed down from ancient times as a beautiful idyllic landscape. The reason is the dignity of the locals, who have both rationality and a rich spirit, and have evolved into a traditional wooden farmhouse called Azumachi. With that image in mind, I came up with the concept of an "open plan library under a big roof" facing the main street that runs through the city.   We wanted the roof with scale and gentle rolls to be a new landmark in Tonami. It is a modern interpretation of Azumadachi and is al... More

NewsNews • 4 Dec 2020

Villa Fifty-Fifty has equal parts indoor and outdoor spaces

As the name suggests, half of the house of Villa Fifty-Fifty, designed by Studioninedots, consists of indoor and the other half of outdoor spaces. By alternating them in a checkerboard pattern, reminiscent of floorplans by SANAA, the office has made them into equal parts. Frans Parthesius “You’re neither inside nor outside, you move from inside to outside to return inside and end up somewhere outside.” Jurjen van der Horst, Architect at Studioninedots Frans Parthesius The villa is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on the edge of Strijp T and an adjacent estate. The residents wished for a home that sets the conditions for a more minimalist lifestyle and stronger connection to nature. Studionined... More

NewsNews • 29 Oct 2020

MVRDV strips 19th-century Haussmann style building and adds a glass floor to reveal its internal beauty

MVRDV completed the new flagship store for French lingerie brand Etam, located on Boulevard Haussmann directly across from the Galeries Lafayette department store. Inspired by the lingerie on display the architects wanted to make the store both revealing and intimate.  Ossip van Duivenbode MVRDV wanted to highlight the building’s clean classical appearance by stripping back the exterior as much as possible. The same approach was continued indoors by removing a part of the entresol floor and inserting a glass floor. The transparency reveals the original stone structure and allows natural light to flood the basement level.   Ossip van Duivenbode The glass floor grants visitors to see products and people above or be... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices

Office as a showroom

If you are a producer of interior systems in the first place and your work is primarily the design of office space, then when renovating your own office, you have the opportunity to take it as a showroom and use everything that your portfolio offers. This is exactly how the branch of the Czech family company LIKO-S was established in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The offices in the Polianky Business Center are designed to be as flexible as possible and to clearly show the possibilities and connections between interior systems. Whether it is ordinary single or double glazed partitions, framed or frameless, mobile walls full and glazed, various types of doors, or graphic laminated glass. Thanks to their acoustic properties, the partit... More

NewsNews • 7 Oct 2020

OMA rips open Axel Springer’s new office with 45-metre-high faceted glass atrium

The Axel Springer Campus must be a project with a more personal connection for Rem Koolhaas, starting out at the early age of 19 as a journalist for the Haagse Post. He has first hand experience of walking the halls of a newsroom, which comes in use when creating the newsroom of the future for Europe’s largest publishing house Axel Springer. Courtesy of Axel Springer Koolhaas’ team at OMA points out the classical newsroom was dominated by smoking, typing journalists who were aware of the collective labor around them heading for the shared deadline of the next print issue. In the digital age, staring intently at a screen, in their view, undermines the collective intelligence necessary for true innovation. The architects the... More

Project • By LIKO-SHotels

Hotel Impozant

Hotels are places where you want to have privacy and at the same time be surrounded by all possible services. Hotel Impozant in Slovakia is a beautiful example of this. It has been closed and extensively renovated over the last two years. Stone, glass, metal and wood. These materials will accompany you throughout the space. The large open spaces of the bar or conference halls with open views of the surrounding countryside alternate with dark corridors and diverse nooks for your privacy. Representative reception and common areas offer the opportunity to meet or just relax. The variability of spaces for different events is solved by mobile walls, which divide the rooms according to current needs. However, the wellness part of the hotel is a... More

NewsNews • 1 Oct 2020

MVRDV designs mixed-use building in Detroit completely wrapped in glass mural

MVRDV translated the vibrant character of Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood into a popping four-storey office and retail building with a printed glass façade. The visuals are designed by local artists DENIAL and Sheefy McFly. MVRDV will make use of cutting-edge glass printing techniques previously used in their 2013 Glass Farm project. The building will be located across from Eastern Market’s largest and busiest market hall, Shed 3. MVRDV’s design will replace a two storey brick building that features a mural by the established local artist DENIAL. The architects propose to recreate the mural on a new canvas made of glass. “We loved the idea of the artworks that bring this area to life, and this buil... More

Project • By Things StudioPrivate Houses

Villa Mosha 2

Villa, Location: Dashteh Mosha, Damavand, Iran More