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Project • By Casper Schwarz ArchitectsOffices

IMC Infnity

When Casper Schwarz Architects was requested to design an interior design for the three top floors of the Infinity Building in Amsterdam (the former ING-house), our design team thought of only one thing: to create a “new type of classic”. We aimed for new values in refinement and detailing to form a timeless piece. The anonymous tenant had a mix in mind of representative meeting areas, functional work zones and “out of the box, lively and urban style” break out spaces. Both the technical underlayer of the company its business model and the human aspects of this international organization asks for a balanced overall concept in which everyone can excel and enjoy. The interior is a refined composition of natural stones, glass elements, excessi... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsApartments


TriBeCa’s Vestry Street has a vast variety of facade configurations and building heights. Over the years, the district has evolved from textile trade to artists’ warehouses, and now, residences. Archi-Tectonics’ V33, a high-end residential condominium, unifies the historically varying building-fronts via a pixelated facade. The design team generated numerous pixelation patterns by overlaying Vestry Street’s varying facade levels. The resulting pattern is comprised of translucent stone and glass, which creates variable facade conditions throughout the course of the day. The facade’s translucent stone glows to the inside during the day, and to the street at night. As one of Archi-Tectonics‘ many Smart Skins, the V33 building’s facad... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsPrivate Houses

Chelsea Townhouse

The existing 3,400 SF [316 m2] brownstone townhouse is a landmark, located in Chelsea, NY. It will be gut-renovated and a 550 SF [52 m2] garden extension will be added with two floors and a roof terrace. The client, a fashion designer, is interested in a ‘textured’ and layered approach. The new rear extension is conceived as a light airy space which creates a filter to the garden space beyond, adding more light and better views. The new garden façade is a 3D folded steel and glass structure with reclaimed tropical palisander infill. It extends the library on the garden level, the living room on the parlor floor and creates a terrace for the master bedroom area above. The interior of the townhouse is gut-renovated; the t... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceMemorials

Restoration of the Tomáš Baťa Memorial in Zlín

The building by František Lýdie Gahura, opened one year after the death of Tomáš Baťa, is the most valuable monument of the Zlín constructivism and the highlight of the so-called “Baťa architecture” phenomenon. At the first glance the idea for the monument is simple: an empty prism placed on a visible spot above the town, on the central axis of the ascending park space, made up of several modules of the Zlín 6.15 x 6.15 m frame and clad only with cathedral glass. Inside, only the ill-fated Junkers F 13 aircraft in which Tomáš Baťa died in 1932. Gahura reduced the monument to three basic materials of Zlín architecture – concrete, steel and glass that were s... More

Project • By Carazo ArquitecturaHousing


Natú is considered a hybrid project due to its horizontal as well as it´s vertical composition. The design is based on the idea of creating a building that adapts to the terrain, thus modifying the natural topography as little as possible, which creates views towards "Parque del Este". Likewise, it is proposed to incorporate green areas to each housing unit through garden slabs. The aesthetic value and functionality of the building is favored by the presence of its natural counterpart, seeking to provide a particular experience through the integration of natural ecosystems as circuits within the project. The location of the project is highly regarded, due to the qualities of “Parque del Este”; This park is a green area with steep slope... More

Project • By John Robertson ArchitectsOffices

Bracken House

John Robertson Architects (JRA) has completed the refurbishment of Bracken House in the City of London on behalf of the building’s owner, Obayashi Corporation. Bracken House was designed by Sir Albert Richardson in 1959 as The Financial Times (FT) headquarters and was extensively remodeled in the high-tech style by Michael Hopkins & Partners between 1988 and 1992. After an absence of almost 30 years, JRA’s sensitive refurbishment has made it possible for the FT to return to this iconic building.The 200,000 sq ft office building is located adjacent to the precincts of St Paul’s Cathedral and is widely recognised as one of the City of London’s finest twentieth century buildings. It was the first post-war building to receive listed bu... More

Project • By TheLoveTriangleArt Galleries

TheLoveTriangle Gallery

Design collective TheLoveTriangle has designed and completed its off-grid pavilion in Baabdat, Lebanon. The pavilion aims to provide its members with a space for experimentation, exhibitions and art residencies.The designers aimed to create a peaceful space, a gesture that would not compete with the surrounding landscape and would provide a neutral canvas for the artists and exhibitors.therefore, the design of the pavilion was stripped down to a pure and primitive architectural form – a rectangle of 96 sqm (1033 sqft), discreetly nested in a clearing between the pine trees. The structure’s transparent glazing allows for a natural connection with the site.The pavilion sits in a location that was historically used for agricultural p... More

Project • By UMPavilions

Tianyi Pavilion

The Pavilion is located at Tianyi Square, Ningbo.The Pavilion covers an area of 178 square meters. The building presents an irregular geometrical form as a whole. The intention of facing the main entrance towards the entrance of the Tianyi Square is to enrich the city interface of the Square while keeping the commercial atmosphere intact.The roof ridge of the building conforms the direction from the entrance to the central axis of the Square. Considering the temporary nature of the Pavilion and its costs, the form of folding surfaces is adopted instead of using curved roof, and the turning of the roof shows dynamic changes according to different functions. A semi-outdoor sheltered space is formed with a suspended lightweight structure to at... More

Product • By S-VITECHTEARDROP - Conceptual stair steel, glass and oak


On the architect view, when you look at the staircase from the top it should look like one Teardrop in the middle of the room.Small rule, could not exist any kind of support under the landing area or any kind of vertical rods. Just perfect! More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectOffices


The project to set up meeting rooms is the first step in the architectural renovation of pa headquarter. The idea of ​​a technological implementation that can hide all the systems and equipment is experimented in the multipurpose meeting rooms dedicated to employers, customers and suppliers. The spaces have to be flexible and able to board meetings, movies, case histories’ screening and interviews. A soundproof and silk-screened glass acts as a separation between the two rooms, without loosing the perception of a wider spatiality, linked to the structural span. The classrooms may become a space for studying, reading and professional updating too.The table, by the recessed digital and electrical junction box and the lights by upwar... More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiShowrooms

Building make-up

 Make-up of a building of the 60s used as a business for the sale and exhibition of furniture and furnishings. Simple vertical and horizontal lines become the main theme of this restructuring, alternating in a game of verticality and linearity that brings the building back to life with a non-invasive restyling. The wide front wall with facing bricks remains almost unaltered from the intervention, on which large white sun bricks rise up, accentuating the verticality concealing the existing openings without eliminating the light. The upper part binds to the underlying one thanks to vertical elements in painted aluminum that follow the lines, and then develop horizontally in the gray base, highlighting the large showroom windows, joined t... More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiFactories


Silence and poetry were the guidelines for the design of this small craft building, built in the region of the Reggio Emilia hills Apennines. Design silence is not lacking in a creative sound, but my communes are the most common, the most common from a simple logic of economy and their poetry is added to a design attitude of listening rather than of preveration. One discovers the soul of matter to redeem it from a condition of banality that becomes the intent of the project. Prefabricated reinforced concrete panels without aesthetic addictions, glass sheets without frames, aluminum and iron enhanced by pure geometries and stoneware tiles, are the artefacts and materials used. The green space, despite being considered more as a place of repr... More

Project • By OctatubeBridges

Ruurlo Castle Access Bridge

Ruurlo Castle was chosen to be the second location of Museum MORE. Therefore the old wooden access bridge needed replacing. A new high-quality and slim detailed access bridge was designed entirely in glass and bead blasted stainless steel. The contemporary bridge contrasts with the 14th century castle and surrounding park.The bridge has a span of 32 meters and is 2.7 meters wide. The weight is largely carried by four concrete foundation piles underwater. These poles have been especially chosen to prevent vibration as much as possible. The piles are centered under the bridge in a way that the bridge appears to float above the water. The bridge deck is made of profiled frosted glass and it has an anti-slip layer. The railings and the undersid... More

Product • By OltremondanoEVOLUTA Suspension

EVOLUTA Suspension

Evoluta is a vortex of swirling ribbons of transparent glass, reflecting the light, catching your eye and hypnotizing you.The whirling movement created by the Glassmasters, produces an ever-changing vision of light, always special, always unique.Evoluta is entirely made in Italy. More

Project • By DOMB ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Simple house 1 - new minimalism

The design of the private home goes back 100 years to the beginning of the last century, to the modernist thinking of the "Bauhaus" movement.Design while dealing with the social, economic and cultural structure of society and creating an architecture of simple, industrialized, recycled and cheap structures.This is part of a series of projects that interest us very much - while creating interest in its simplicity.We want to reduce the burden of design (pollution) and create simple structures that do not burden the environment and its culture - to reduce the load of shapes, volumes, and colors to a minimum" ... in order to maintain environmental quiet.". "The basic materials - aluminum and glass. Colors are white "quiet colorsThe water,... More