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Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

New Farm House

The existing Queensland weatherboard home, quintessential of its New Farm streetscape, was transformed as a renovation and additions project by Vibe Design Group. The home located just outside of Brisbane had a design approach that focused on the successful integration of old and new. The modern addition respectfully cradles the old, allowing the existing 'Queenslander' to retain its prominence to the street. New spaces are carefully integrated with the existing conditions for seamless functionality and an understated harmony between the two styles. Smaller elements add to great effect. The garage door is hidden amongst the weatherboard cladding while the study roof hovers above the existing pitched roof that completes itself enti... More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses


Vibe Design Group’s Kelso project is a family home nestled amongst a heritage area within a wider industrial and commercial setting. The site is in proximity to the iconic Nylex clock near Richmond, Melbourne.The brief called for large open spaces in a modern timeless style and a home that could be an oasis from the city, with reminders of its locality. This is epitomized in the design with thoughtful integration of the light well and outdoor spaces that interact with the frequented living areas, giving it a vast sense of space. The use of uneven bluestone alludes to the cobbled Melbourne laneways while the express joint cladding and aluminum fins connect the house to its semi-industrial surroundings. The viewpoints on this project wer... More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

Kew House 1

The clients came to our office with the intention of moving into property development. We found common ground in the fact that they were focused on presenting projects with high design content that support a different visual approach. In the early design phase, we were looking to create an open, interactive street presence, which led to a very different design response. The actual front façade was inspired by the study of '60s and early '70s stereo cabinets, with the slatted timber concealing the speaker elements; in this case, the timber slats accommodate the covered entry and private en suite window. The house sits lightly balanced on angled steel posts—again, reminiscent of the stereo cabinet legs—which affords the house the appearance o... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The main idea of the project is open structure and panoramic windows. Mostly light and transparent materials makes this space air and free. Added sloped, vertical and horizontal elements, such as home furnishings and equipment. Contrast, laconic and restrained space for man who loves the specifics, wants to see and feel life. Transparent partitions made from electrochromic glass.Architect: Dmitry KoloskovProject Year: 2016Location: Moscow, RussiaProject Area: 76 m² More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses


One Shearwater Drive, sits comfortably into it’s coastal lookout in Mt Martha on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula. An elemental palette of materials and finishes that will weather well provides a stylish and hardy skin to the luxury within. On approach, the house hunkers down into its surrounds, ably aided by Vibe’s landscaping of the site. Visitors are greeted by a totemic rectangular form clad in black Alucobond. It has function as a garage, but could just as easily be an abstract sculpture, a geometric outcrop on the coastal terrain. This welcome is indicative of a deliberately ambiguous, understated entry.As you proceed, you pass a work sculpted in steel by Australian artist Russell Petherbridge. Onward, and in through an... More

Project • By Vibe Design GroupPrivate Houses

Morell House

Winner: Excellence in Use of Glass, BDAV 2018 Building Design AwardsMorell House is the latest home on the Peninsula from Vibe Design Group’s (VDG) Nepean Studio. An exercise in form and volume, this building offers something special from every angle. Inside and out. Principal, Michael O’Sul-livan says of the design intent, “It is simply a matter of responding to the site and landscape. Creating a building that is relevant and unique”. This is total design.Every inch of the site is designed to enhance the owners’ living experience. Stepped, interconnected boxes, undulate with the terrain and define the character of the exterior. The interior conjures continuous connection between upper living spaces, and kids play zone on the lower level.As... More

Project • By Equipo de ArquitecturaResidential Landscape

Patios House

Housing architecture reflects the way in which we understand our being-in-the-world, and represents the conjunction of wishes, wills, emotions and ideals. The imagination process in the construction of space is, at the same time, the most basic and the most complex exercise, understanding that the house is life’s actual scenario.  We decided to abandon housing’s typological palette, rejecting trending catalogues that imprison new ways of imagining the house as a construction that must morph and transform according to life’s constant changes. We didn’t conceive objects or forms as the project’s main concern; it is a consequence. The project is conceived as a system of places and relations regulated by a continuous space... More

Project • By Equipo de ArquitecturaOffices


Dreams + Necessity + Available resources = Project Solving the basic equation of materializing dreams through a bounded Budget, we initiated the construction process of our architectural office. The exercise begins with the experimental transformation process of materials, such as earth, Wood and glass, configuring them between two existing trees: a flame tree, that stays outside but framed, and a guavirá tree, that stands in the middle of the space to share our company.The 30-cm rammed earth walls hold the weight of the roof, resting in only 20 cm of its width, exploiting the structural qualities of this material. All of the furniture and doors are made of recycled wooden forms used in the concrete slab that covers the offic... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceWineries

Obelisk Winery

 The Obelisk Winery was built on the green horizon in southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and Pálava Hills where a former border guard platoon was once stationed. National borders once in need of protection are now the site of a beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.Architect: AiD team a.s.Team: Pavel Bainar, Hana Bainarová, Martin Klásek, Pavlína Klubalová, Jitka NovákováInterior: Hana BainarováE-mail, web,, www.basarch.czAddress: Netroufalky 7, 625 00 BrnoClient: Vinařství Obelisk s.r.o., person: Ing. Aneta Ehrenbergerová, 2015–2016Implementation 09/2016 – 10/2017Area: Built-up area... More

Project • By AR Design StudioPrivate Houses

Folding House

Inspired by the site context and defining character, the intention of Folding House was to minimise the impact on the location and surrounding scenery by embedding the house into the hill side.The concept began with an existing ‘zig zag’ pathway. This path was then continued in the form of a folding, solid ribbon, creating habitable spaces between the plans. Solid timber boxes were inserted in between where private space was required, with the remaining space offering open plan living with a connection to the expansive balconies and stunning views beyond.The accommodation is split over three floors with the upper floor situated at ground level. The lower two floors stagger down the site following the gradient of the landscape and taking the... More

Project • By MYVN ArchitectureOffices


With a crisp and clear brief of creating a temporary 18000 sqft workspace for a year, a fun and frolic hyper local transport company - GoJek approached us. With a short term execution of 45 days and budget constraints, this project came with its own restrictions. The site was in a pre-existing building; hence the services were left untouched. “The utter mess” was the first glance and the notion that geared up the design process. Introduction of bright colours to overpower the cluttered exposed ceiling became the concept of the project. The white envelope of ceiling and workstations blending with colours make a refreshing working environment.     Taking inspiration from the active and lively work culture of the c... More

Project • By Carazo ArquitecturaOffices


The project intents to be a node for the area, made up of two buildings with different language and image, pedestrian traffic spaces are created, spaces for pauses; it is an urban center that is consolidated to be identified as a milestone within its context, diversifying and giving multiple uses to experience and explore the city. Currently there is a need to engage in a more direct dialogue between the user and the environment they inhabit, therefore, cities expand in size and multiply their road and transport infrastructure as a system that grows in response to natural development of the city; However, the communication and interaction between the inhabitants of the city and the city itself has been left aside, an example of this is the... More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsOffices

R&S Office Building

The R&S firm is a dynamically developing company in the metallurgical industry, which produces specialised products for telecommunications, teleinformatics and energy industry. The new headquarters of the company is located within the Euro-Park Special Economic Zone in Mielec. The zone is counted by independent rankings to the most effective and developing zones in Poland.The main project assumption was to refer to the nature of R&S's production activities, highlight its position on the market through the modern and elegant architecture of the office building as well as functional and comfortable office space.The architectural form consists of two blocks juxtaposed in a mutual relation, i.e. a bent cuboid of an office building with... More



Haumea is an elliptical asteroid with a crystalline surface. ELOAs HAUMEA AMORPH is shaped as natural forms of giant soap bubbles morphing through the air. This brilliance then blends down softly into gradients of silversmoke color, which can seem wonderfully polar or soothingly warm depending on its orientation within your gaze. Its shape is The integrity of the blown glass gives it the flexibility of looking beautiful anywhere, whether used as a table piece or as a ceiling lamp. More



As one of the brightest double stars in its constellation, IZAR encapsulates the vibrant yet tranquil movement of the world around us. With its cloud-like shape and its saturated coloring, this hand-blown piece can be placed on a table, shelf, or floor for a unique and irreplaceable accent. When IZAR is illuminated, its depths of detail shine through the bubbles and shades of coolness or warmth that swirl around its curves. With a unique and subtle friskiness, this double-star-inspired lamp emits the invigorating feel of the sea or the serene calm of a morning sky, bringing the sensuality of the blue and gold roots of all colors into your space. More