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Project • By Studio OctopiResidential Landscape

Slot House, Camden

The house was extensively modified in the 1980s yetsuffered from a fragmented plan, poor connectivity betweenthe principal living spaces and restrictive ceiling heights.In 2013 Studio Octopi were appointed to recapture andpreserve the original proportions of the period terrace,whilst reinterpreting the layout to suit modern family living.A 10m high glass infill extension slots between thereconfigured existing closet wing and the neighbouringproperty, divided as two sash windows, it forms a doubleheight dining area at basement level and a master ensuiteat first floor. An open tread stair allows views to stretch fromthe basement across the double height space to the firstfloor.The closet wing, which was extended in brick; enabledthe upper flo... More

Project • By DZAPOffices


Level23 is a digital entertainment company specializing in mobile advertising, mobile payments and content distribution. The company is active internationally, with its headquarters in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. Level23 is a dynamic and innovative company, young and uncomplicated, and its interior had to reflect that by being modern and with international allure. DZAP handled the whole job, from design to turnkey delivery, including projects and site management. The result: 650 m2 of office space where anyone would want to work. More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Universities

Georgia State University College of Law

In the heart of the Georgia State University campus in downtown Atlanta, Ga. lies the new College of Law building, opened in September 2015. While students and faculty passing by might not recognize the structure’s ingenuity, those who enter find the design represents more than meets the eye and incorporates robust features to meet the needs of 21st century education.Founded in the 1980s, the prestigious Georgia State School of Law was in need of a new facility that would meet the demands of modern schooling and standards of sustainability. For architect, John Elvin, it was vital that the vision not only be durable for college activity, but also inventive and meaningful to the local area.“The design team envisioned clasped ha... More

Project • By AUM Pierre MinassianPrivate Houses

White Snake house

The White snake house is a particular souvenir for the architect Pierre Minassian and his architecture studio AUM based in Lyon, France – a peculiar challenge of an exceptional construction of a home sculpted from concrete and glass perched on top of a lake. The site in itself represents 40 hectares of lake and oak forest. The lake is oval shaped and located in the middle of the forest.The clients originally wanted to build their house in the middle of the forest, but the architect Pierre Minassian convinced them to build it on the lake. The house is composed of 2 slabs of white concrete. The level of the lower slab varies so that there are different levels in the house.The layout of the rooms depends on sun exposure and viewing a... More

Project • By AUM Pierre MinassianPrivate Houses

La Mira Ra

La Mira Ra house, located in the South of France, is the fruit of a long reflection about the marriage of the wild nature of the Mediterranean and the minimalist purity of contemporary architecture - a marriage resulting in a unique architectural project. Realized between 2015 and 2017 by Pierre Minassian and his team of architects, today the house offers its inhabitants an intimate opening towards the sea.The integration of the project in its environment and their cohabitation were the two key elements in the design of the project. Located in a classified site, this private domain is under the obligation to include the use of the local stone in all its constructions. This requirement coupled with the love of the architect for the peacefuln... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturWorkshops


MARIN EDUCATIONAL CENTERRibersborgsstranden, MalmöThe marine educational center stretches out along Ribersborgsstranden shore, where city and landscape meet. A concrete floor is laid out level with the sand. Sand from the shore is mixed into the concrete to give it the same color and reflecting qualities. From the floor a constellation of solid volumes rise up to lift the room underneath the massive, reed-covered roof just above the horizon.The interstitial spaces created between the floor, the roof and the volumes open onto the surrounding nature, transmit light and provide visibility through towards the horizon. The activity of the marine educational center unfold for anyone who dwells on the shore, while at the same time this activity fr... More

Project • By AxolightHotels

Hotel Stephanshof

Thanks to the recent renovation experienced by the hotel, the main feature of the interior design is the contrast: Spillray lamps’ finish is shiny bronze whereas Virtus is in matt rust brown version with black polished nickel final.A composition of ten Spillray suspended lamps in small and big versions lights up the breakfast buffet area, and six Virtus suspended lamps illuminate each table of the bar lounge.Granpanorama Hotel Stephanshof is located in Villandro, where each room offering a unique panoramic view of the UNESCO world heritage Dolomites and the Eisack Valley (Valle Isarco).Many hiking paths and mountain-bike tours lead through the vineyards and chestnut groves of Villandro, which start directly from the hote... More

Project • By febrero studioOffices

Qualitas Equity Partners

The office occupies a complete floor of a building in a busy corner in Barrio de Salamanca, one of Madrid´s best neighborhoods.We wanted to bring natural light throughout the space. We decided to bring the individual office boxes and meeting rooms towards the façade and enclose them using only a very light iron and glass wall. The open office spaces are located at the end of each building wing.We repeated the iron and glass wall structure but exchanged the glass with a perforated metal sheet to give privacy to the meeting rooms and private offices. This new wall gives shape to reception and informal meeting spaces, and privacy to the individual offices and meeting rooms. The floor along the office spaces is the same kind of wooden deck-like... More

Product • By BendheimFritted Channel Glass

Fritted Channel Glass

Bendheim channel glass is available in hundreds of translucent & opaque colors by applying permanent, colorfast, scratch resistant color frits. The frit is applied to ultra-clear low-iron glass, which renders the truest colors. The glass is fully tempered (safety) and heat soak tested for exterior applications. More

Product • By BendheimGlamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Glamir™ Collection & Architectural Mirrors

Bendheim introduces its Glamir™ architectural glass collection, providing design professionals several original mirror colors to brilliantly enhance the look and feel of interior spaces. These rare mirrors create a sense of openness, seemingly expanding spaces as they improve the quality and quantity of interior light. Bendheim’s new Glamir collection is produced with specialty low-iron glass, eliminating the typical bluish-green glass tint and allowing the pure, jewel-like colors to show through. The collection begins with the two most difficult hues to achieve: Champagne and Pale Gold. The two mirrors, delicate and warm, lend an atmosphere of timeless elegance and a new energy to almost any space, from a private residence to a fitnes... More

Product • By BendheimLamberts Mouth-Blown Glass

Lamberts Mouth-Blown Glass

The result of unsurpassed craftsmanship, mouth-blown Lamberts glass is a trademark of its own. The body of the glass, its special texture, transparency and glowing colors mark the unmistakable Lamberts identity. Lamberts glass can only be produced through the art of glassblowing. Glashütte Lamberts continues to adhere to these very old and deep-rooted traditions. Tools and methods of production have remained basically the same through the centuries. The quality of the glass, however, meets or exceeds the highest standards of today. The Glashütte Lamberts’ genuine commitment to sustainable products: Lamberts has been practicing its own strict environmental policies since the 1970s, years before Germany established industry-wide regulati... More

Product • By Allaert AluminiumOtiima


OTIIMA is the perfect solution for you project, when the combination of quality, high technology and aesthetics are the main reasons for your choice. By using self-supporting glasses, OTIIMA systems pushes back architectural limits and offers the possibility to use glazed surfaces up to 36 Sq. m per pane.​From the floor to the ceiling, a 20mm vertical reinforced profile provides a minimal appearance, merging indoor and outdoor into one, with top quality guarantee. The slim and elegant handle, provides a streamlined appearance, which combined with the special OTIIMA rolling system, guaranties an easy hand opening and maintenance of the panes. Optionally, for an even higher level of comfort, the system can be motorized and automatic... More

Product • By BendheimUltra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Ultra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Bendheim's Ultra-White Laminated Fade® and Low-Iron Etched Fade® glass designs present an elegant, timeless aesthetic, defining interior spaces when used in partitions, doors and windows, atriums, and staircases. The superior fade effect of Bendheim’s Ultra-White Laminated Fade® glass is produced through a unique ink technology. Ultra-dense and brilliant white at the bottom, the glass smoothly fades to clear at the top. The durable, maintenance-friendly laminated safety glass is available in sizes up to 60”W x 120”H and thicknesses up to ¾”. Bendheim’s new Low-Iron (ultra-clear) Etched Fade® glass is fully etched up to approx. 52” from the bottom of the sheet, then gently fades to clear as it approaches the top. The durable, stain... More

Product • By BendheimVintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass by Bendheim is decorative laminated architectural glass featuring true chicken wire. VintageWire Glass is available in translucent form for partitions and enclosures, as well as mirror-backed for wall cladding, elevator interiors, and lobbies. The collection can be specified in combination with a great number of privacy or less obscuring patterns from Bendheim’s hundreds of varieties, including our post-consumer recycled EcoGlass™. An opaque version of the glass emphasizes the nostalgic appeal of chicken wire by embedding it in antique bronze or antique silver mirrors. More

Project • By Allaert AluminiumShowrooms

Showroom MV

Installing high windows, doors and structural facades in a new Mercedes showroom in Ypres created by Govaert & Vanhoutte. More