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Product • By BendheimSatinTech® Etched Glass

SatinTech® Etched Glass

Bendheim SatinTech® etched glass offers elegance, a sense of privacy, and exceptional ease of maintenance. The permanent, chemically etched glass surfaces are superior to sandblasted and particle-etched glass, and are naturally resistant to fingerprints and staining over the product’s lifetime. The glass provides a comfortable sense of privacy, gently diffuses light, reduces glare, and minimizes reflections. It is available in a variety of colors, surface options, and patterns, ranging from double-sided full etch to colored pattern-etched wall cladding, etched mirrors, and more. More

Product • By BendheimProjectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Projectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Bendheim's award-winning Magnetic Glass Marker Boards have gotten even better, now featuring high-performance, maintenance-friendly projectable writing surfaces. The exceptionally strong magnetic action of Bendheim’s magnetic glass marker boards sets us apart from all the rest. The boards reliably hold a variety of materials from notes and fabric swatches to color chip samples. The new projection-friendly glass version accommodates digital multi-media presentations while allowing for writing and organizing ideas. The maintenance-friendly glass surfaces resist ghosting and staining, even when permanent markers are used. The laminated glass boards also allow for two distinct aesthetics (i.e., one side of the glass can be white, the oppos... More

Product • By Bendheim+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

+2 Acoustic Laminated Glass Collection

Inspired by the needs of today’s office worker, Bendheim launches an industry first – decorative sound-control glass featuring a delicate brushed aesthetic. The +2 Collection is named for its ability to provide combined acoustic and visual privacy. The +2 laminated safety glass enables A&D professionals to provide an alternative to the “fish bowl” effect – clear glass office fronts and conference rooms that make employees feel on display – by allowing architects to:Create peaceful, quiet spaces – visually and acousticallyProvide a sense of openness as light passes through the translucent glass wallsProduce a stunning lantern effect at night as the +2 glass walls disperse light from within the spaces The light-diffusing +2 glass mai... More

Project • By INNOCAD architectureExhibitions

History Museum Graz - Schaudepot

The client, a public institution in the Austrian region, Styria, needed a fresh concept for the History Museum’s permanent exhibitions and its entrance, housed within a significant historic building at Graz’s city center. The task was to present an enormous number of objects acquired since the Middle Ages and multimedia archives of the 20th century in an historic space that required careful treatment. The adaptation of the museum entrance required a solution that subtly enhance the entrance attraction of a previously very hidden and dark atrium. A custom iron “carpet” was laid over historic stone flooring with an aim to direct and offer a platform for exploration. The lighting installation above is created by Austri... More

Product • By BendheimJelly Bean Collection

Jelly Bean Collection

Bendheim's “Jelly Bean” Collection of safety-laminated architectural glasses features bright colors bringing a sense of optimism and comfort to hospitality, retail, healthcare, educational, and corporate interiors and exteriors. It responds to current design trends favoring combinations of bright colors and daylight to create soothing, uplifting and stimulating environments. The fire-polished “Jelly Bean” laminated glasses meet building safety codes, are stable, fade-resistant, and easy to maintain. The colored interlayers reduce solar energy transmittance, preventing heat build-up. They screen out up to 99% of damaging UV rays, helping minimize color fading of fabrics and furnishings. Installed in facades, the “Jelly Bean” Glass Collection... More

Product • By BendheimHoudini™ Privacy Glass

Houdini™ Privacy Glass

The low-iron, ultra-clear Houdini™ glass lets in maximum daylight, while its fine, micro-ribbed surface reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it. Houdini’s outstanding daylighting properties make it an ideal solution for any environment where privacy and natural light are vital, including healthcare and educational facilities, laboratories, corporate offices, and retail applications. The glass offers a budget-friendly alternative to expensive or cumbersome mechanical daylight and privacy controls, such as louvers and laminated privacy films, as well as dust-collecting curtains and blinds. Its contemporary linear pattern and durability make it a timeless, versatile design element. Additionally, the Houdini™... More

Product • By BendheimKOVA for Bendheim Collection

KOVA for Bendheim Collection

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection of safety laminated decorative architectural glass creates new possibilities for dividing interior spaces. Inspired by the sparkling beauty of hand-cut crystalware, the Collection features five woven textiles, ranging from contemporary deco lace to wispy tulle, with touches of soft white, black, and bronze hues. The laminated glass provides varying degrees of privacy, depending on the textile design, and offers daylighting benefits allowing for energy savings and enhanced occupant comfort. To further benefit the space, the specialty glass can improve sound attenuation performance by four points, to an STC of 35 or better, when compared to similar monolithic glass, contributing to quieter environments and a g... More

Product • By BendheimChannel Glass Wall Systems

Channel Glass Wall Systems

Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. offers a variety of exterior and interior channel glass systems, allowing architects and designers to create virtually seamless glass walls, up to 23 feet high and limitless in length, including corners and serpentine walls. Each system is precision engineered and fully tested to support the needs of a specific application, and meets or exceeds strict US building requirements. Bendheim Wall Systems, Inc. is North America's leading channel glass wall systems supplier. The company’s award-winning projects include Steven Holl’s Bloch Building/Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Shaw Center for the Arts by Schwartz/Silver, and the Boston ICA by Diller Scofidio + Renfro. More

Project • By Auerbach Halevy ArchitectsOffices


YETAX is a boutique law firm that strives for high quality service paired with creative thinking, values we wished to encompass in our design and choice of materials. The result is a sophisticated dialogue between warm, wild and timeless materials, and between bare ceilings that leave a touch of industrial feel.Natural textures of wood and marble combines with clean geometrical brass lattice inspired by Art Deco, create a unique, one-off identity for a unique business. A look that is both dramatic and refined, representing professionalism and creativity. More

Product • By OltremondanoNEW NEBULA

NEW NEBULA Suspension

New Nebula is an intriguing glass swirl suspension. Oltremondano gives new form to the traditional art glass mastery of Murano. Every New Nebula is skillfully handcrafted, so each globe is absolutely unique.  Suspended individually, the lamps produce a subtle and beautiful effect. Clustered in large groups, they create a stunning design look. New Nebula is entirely made in Italy. More

Project • By Tomas Ghisellini ArchitectsOffices

Home Sweet Home

Meridionale Fondiaria originates from the common intentions of two young entrepreneurs who in 1980 decided to build together their idea of real estate agency, thus laying the foundations of what would become the reference franchise for the city of Lecce and all of the Salento region.Today, Meridionale Fondiaria Real Estate can count on thousands of operations and a dense network of collaborators and agencies located in a vast area of Puglia. Professionalism, passion, transparency and integrity. These are the founding values of the brand, as well as the key concepts that have guided the design of the new headquarters, established within one of the most prestigious historic buildings in the capital of the Italian Baroque.A space conceive... More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsHousing

Single family house in Zlotniki, PL

The house was designed in Zlotniki - a picturesque area near Mielec, southern Poland. The traditional architecture of single-family houses as well as meadows and arable fields famous for fertile soils have become a natural background for the project. Functional and spatial layout of rooms in the house is the result of design decisions relating to the world sides, advantages and drawbacks of the plot and joint arrangements with future residents. The set layout was accentuated by the diversity of the building's solids. The rectangular shape on the ground floor is dedicated to daytime, recreational and technical functions. The second element is a block with a truncated gable roof placed on a rectangular prism like a separate element - a sma... More

Project • By Andreescu & GaivoronschiOffices

The Office Cluj

The Office Cluj, an office building ensemble recently finalized, has begun as an urban regeneration project for the brownfield plot left by the old textile industry, in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca’s historic centre. As in most communist cities, this area became part of the industrial framework of Cluj-Napoca, which even now includes some leftover industries and factories. To the north of the site there still exists an old water channel, a small ramification of the Someș river while to the south there is the main boulevard and the main connection to the historic city centre, to the west. The whole ensemble is made of 3 parts developed in successive stages which form a small coherent city in the shape of a flat, cut out massive, penetrate... More


PIX House

This project is an architectural intervention done on a single-family house. At the request of the client, the existing house and the local architectural memory and identity should be preserved in order to avoid unnecessary construction waste. Therefore, we went on a search for coincident alignments that would allow us to unify the isolate buildings and transform them into a unit. We took over the central patio void, which we covered in large glass sheets supported by steel columns and beams forming a freestanding structure, independent from the existing fragile walls, and as an architectural hiatus, we invaded and dressed this void with the purpose of joining the buildings. As a result, we unified the two volumes in a way that allowed... More

Project • By Terry & Terry ArchitectureOffices

Hybrid Design

This project houses a growing graphic/product design office within an existing brick building located in the Jackson square historic district. The design requires the removal of all the existing interior structure while leaving the existing perimeter brick structure and original front facade intact. The new design is comprised of inserting a steel ribbon frame at the front of the facade to create a large jacketed bay window, and adding a second story structure that connects to an open roof deck area above. A series of steel moment frames are used for the primary structure throughout the building to seismically brace the existing brick walls and to collect the additional loads of the new second story. The roof plane and roof deck have bee... More