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Project • By Paul Archer DesignPrivate Houses

Jimi House

Jimi House is the remodelling of a Victorian terraced house in London’s East End and home to a gallery director and her family. The three-bedroom house is located in close proximity to Victoria Park on a residential road adjacent to the Regent’s Canal. The refurbishment opens up the property, bringing in natural light and providing clear sight lines for the display of the couple’s art collection, as well as opening up the house to the garden. The renovation takes advantage of the generous spaces, stripping back unnecessary detailing to create spacious rooms for a growing family and an expanding contemporary art collection. A conservatory building to the rear of the property has been removed and additional space has been created in a s... More

Project • By Nestor architecturePrivate Houses

The Cubes House

The Cubes House - a new and different concept in modern architecture . The function of the project are built separately in order to make each unit independent and still connected to the main cube . 3 small cubes : children rooms are connected to the main bigger cube by a transparent corridor surrounded by water element and faces the huge swimming pool of the house. More

Project • By GiraPrivate Houses

Villa Kogelhof in Kamperland

Living where others go on holidays: In the town Kamperland, located in the Dutch province of Zeeland. In this coastal town, residents and holidaymakers enjoy walks on the beach, romping around in the ocean, and warm evenings with friends. A family of builders chose this idyllic location for its new home. The result is a spectacular residence covering 715 square metres, designed by the architecture firm Paul de Ruiter in Amsterdam. Jeroen Musch From the very beginning it was apparent that the unusual landscape needed to be conserved as much as possible. In addition, the builders used typical regional characteristics as their orientation when designing the home. You can understand the villa's architecture when you consider the province,... More

Project • By Carminati Serramenti SrlPrivate Houses

Villa in Saint Tropez

A wonderful location for an elegant villa characterized by modern design and refined minimalism with an infinity pool and Mediterranean gardens: a project weaving together architecture, design, lighting and landscape. Skyline System wide glass surfaces overwhelm the spaces with light, conveying an idea of wellness and continuity between internal and external environments; a large residential space dominated by neutral tones where pure and essential lines perfectly match materials in their surface elegance. More

Project • By Bayón Arquitectos, S.L.P.Offices

Office building for Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado

The 2007 proposal for the new Administrative Building for the General Management of Assets of the State of Spain, represented a tribute to the architecture of the building Corrales and Molezún that once was home to the Reader's Digest with which it shares plot, today very upset though preserved in its main aspects. The competition was to design a new building, independent of the previous one, which was able, with the ordinance enforcement, to absorb the remaining buildable site area, only connecting the new with the old building by a vestibular module at the ground floor, without touching or stepping on it. If the Corrales - Molezún project acted on a large plot with a synthetic architecture based on two twinned parallelepipeds of square... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Neocribs Modern Concrete Glass Home Design

Drawing inspiration from the classic Falling Water house, the CAS team made efficient use of the slopes and natural terrain of Dacha for the design of the Neocribs Concrete glass modern home. Surrounded by woodland, the idea of this home was to create a natural sanctuary that would seamlessly blend in with its surroundings while providing great views. The CAS team managed to excellently execute this aesthetic by using a combination of concrete, glass and wood. The use of contradictory materials highlights the brilliant styling, and manages to create an end product that brilliantly fits in the contexts of its surroundings. More

Project • By Laboratory of Architecture #3Visitor Center

Visitor center for Architectural miniatures park

Newly completed architectural miniatures park will open its doors in August 2016 at the black sea coastal resort Shekvetili. This small Georgian village has already enjoyed a grand opening of the nearby-located 10000-seat concert arena, a five star hotel and an amusement park is also underway. Recently developing coastal region will be able to host thousands of tourists and offer them sandy beaches, seaside eucalyptus forests and unique leisure infrastructure. Among them one can visit a thematic park, ''Georgia in miniatures''. Park is full of architectural monuments, which have been gathered from all around Georgia in 1:25 scale. Park is aimed to display rich architectural heritage of the country. Laboratory of architecture #3, a 10... More

Project • By UNStudioPrivate Houses

The W.I.N.D. House

Located on the outskirts of a Dutch village and close to the sea, the W.I.N.D. House is backed by a sheltered wooded area and fronted by a large, open expanse of polder landscape. The design of the house responds to both its setting and to the seasons, whilst regulating and maximising upon the effects of these. Assimilating the landscape The organisation of the house is defined by its external conditions. The more intimate working and sleeping areas are located towards the back, where the enclosure of the nearby woods provides an intimate, private setting, while the living areas enjoy expansive and panoramic views of the polder landscape to the front. Both the front and rear of the house are fully glazed and as such connect t... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectHousing


An ancient and listed building, heritage of the past, becomes a new home/office, intertwining a dialog between indoor and outdoor, place and space, voids and levels, walls and glasses. The roof with terrace, skylight and pv panels becomes a fifth "facade". Like in a Piranesi's work you can move in many directions through the space.The architectural recovery of the historical listed settlement Casa Gualerzi is based on the preservation of the typological and morphological building’s characters.The project works on existing indoor levels, reinterpreted contemporarily, whereas voids and full spaces of the historical facades and the typological elements such as the porch, don’t change but becomes key points to define free plans inside the volum... More



De Narda Impression, nouvelle entité du Groupe De Narda, vous propose de décorer et d’imprimer sur une grande variété de supports pour la personnalisation de votre habitat. Nous avons fait l’acquisition dernièrement d’une imprimante laser de 2m99 x 1m80 capable de créer des décors sur des matières telles que l’aluminium, le bois, le verre, l’altuglas, le cuir, le carrelage, le textile, la pierre, et le marbre. Cette nouvelle technologie nous permet aujourd’hui de réinventer les espaces intérieurs et extérieurs dans l’objectif de décorer les sols, les murs, les plafonds, les portes et les meubles. De Narda Impression, a new entity of the Group De Narda, suggests that you decorate and print on a large variety of mediums for the c... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyOffices

Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan

A photo shoot of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznan for the architectural office Warsztat Architektury Pracownia Architektoniczna. The building consists of both the office building itself and the semi-public space around. Due to the location of the site and complexity of the building, the semi-public, space was located underneath the building, thus making the whole structure optically lighter. The exterior part outlines the cavity around the whole building, which makes it float above the heavy base and provides an outdoor terrace underneath the upper floors. The interior part is meant to be an extension of the open space around the core of the building and was designed as a transparent, multifunctional and flexible s... More

Project • By Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen ArchitectenCommunity Centres


Tynaarlo is the name of the local authority in Drenthe which has been created from the fusion of Eelde, Vries, Paterswolde, Zuidlaren and several small villages. The new town hall is not situated in one of the cores of Tynaarlo, but outside, in beautiful surroundings that will look even better after having been tidied up. The white steel and glass building nestles in this luxuriant natural setting like a Modernist jewel. It has an allure that you usually only find in the head offices of large corporations and in luxurious villas such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, but rarely in civic buildings, especially in the Netherlands. The underground car park prevents the idyll of a radiant building in the countryside from being dist... More

Project • By Couto ArquiteturaApartments


Architects: Couto Arquitetura Location: Itaim, Sao Paolo – SP - Brazil Architect in Charge : Marcelo Couto ( Architect Team: Luciana Mass, Marina Budib Area: 240m² Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Maíra Acayaba Woodwork: Luan Movelaria / Chile Marcenaria Glazzing : Arvitec WORDS FROM THE ARCHITECT: Apartment restructuring in an icon building of the Paulista Modern Architecture, built in 1964 by Rino Levi architect. To meet the owners demands and recover with a contemporary language the original architecture, the architect Marcelo Couto upgraded the facilities, plants, finishings, highlighting the importance of the existing structural elements as also the internal garden. Its structure is defined by a lo... More

Project • By OMACommercial Landscape

De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam is conceived as a vertical city: three interconnected mixed-use towers accommodating offices, apartments, a hotel, conference facilities, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The project began in 1997. Construction started at the end of 2009, with completion in 2013. The towers are part of the ongoing redevelopment of the old harbour district of Wilhelminapier, next to the Erasmus Bridge, and aim to reinstate the vibrant urban activity – trade, transport, leisure – once familiar to the neighbourhood. De Rotterdam is named after one of the ships on the Holland America Line, which departed from the Wilhelminapier in decades past, carrying thousands of Europeans emigrating to the US. The three towers reach 150m high, with a gross flo... More

Project • By Wolfgang ButtressExhibition Centres


Lucent is the first major permanent artwork in the U.S. by Wolfgang Buttress. It was created as the new centre piece for the lobby of the iconic John Hancock Center, Chicago. Deriving its name from the Latin 'to shine', this sculptural installation is based on a star map. Lucent is a 4 metre diametre hemisphere perforated with 3,115 holes representing the stars visible with the naked eye from Earth’s Northern hemisphere. Fiber optic cables emerge from each point, emitting a pulsating, glowing ambient light. Affixed to these points are small hand-blown glass orbs that diffuse the light. These points are triangulated, creating a delicate stainless steel filigree. The Southern hemisphere is suggested in the ceiling reflection and a sens... More