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Project • By SuperhouseResidential Landscape


Superhouse is a brand and an ethos – a vision for what is possible in contemporary residential architecture. Superhouse want to create nothing but the 30 most exceptional houses in the world for the super-rich. Superhouse has been created by Magnus Ström, founder of Ström Architects, based on the South coast of England. Inspiration for the Superhouse concept first came when Ström worked next to a world-renowned naval architect. This was when Superyachts were first brought to his attention, and it raised the questions: “Why couldn’t houses also reach the same heights of design quality and workmanship?” and “Why do ‘Superyachts’ exist, but ‘Superhouses’ don’t?”Superhouse's mission is to design such houses, and focus solely on their creation w... More

Project • By CCS ArchitectureWarehouses

Stones Gambling Hall

Stones is a 25,450 square foot gambling hall, restaurant, and bar – in essence a boutique casino. The building is an expansion and total renovation of a former Salvation Army warehouse that had been vacant for years, and is the first project of this kind to combine and relocate two existing card room licenses under one roof. Citrus Heights is a small city sixteen miles east of Sacramento - within California’s Central Valley. The owner is a California real estate developer, and this is their first gaming project. Their aspiration was to create a place that would have a better experience than the typical casino – more intimate, more unique, and with exceptional customer service. As an entertainment destination, it is meant to be engagin... More

Product • By Si-XLaminated glass

Laminated glass

Laminated glass up to 9.300x3.210mm! That opens new crazy possibilities for customized creative and professional design. With our new equipment - and our wide range of glass processing - we do realize the most fantastic and high quality glass-projects all over the world. Our new equipment give you the possibilities to laminated different types of interlayers combine with textiles, wood, steel, color PET, LC-film etc. in big glass-sizes. Let us looking – together with you - were is the limit! We can transfer your ideas on and into glass! More

Product • By OmniDecor glass designDecorFlou Design - decorative glass

DecorFlou Design - decorative glass

DecorFlou® Design High-quality glass for architecture, decorated with modern textures given by selective etching on one or both sides of the sheet. The high light transmission of the DecorFlou® acid etched glass sheets is further enhanced in DecorFlou® Design, thanks to the precious decorations created by leading international designers. The broad range of textures and patterns for interiors is in continuous evolution and custom designs can be also created for specific projects. The decoration that launched the DecorFlou® Design range on the market is the well-known Tree, with a stylized floral motif, greatly appreciated and imitated all over the world. OmniDecor Tree remains the only original and is still used today in numerous applica... More

Project • By Noses ArchitectsApartments


IT Un cubo di vetro attorno a cui si definiscono gli ambienti è il fulcro del nuovo progetto di Noses. In esso si nascondono gli spazi necessari alle attività quotidiani tipiche di un ecosistema familiare: cucina, bagno, ma anche armadi e librerie. Il cubo annuncia la sua presenza imperante nell'appartamento attraverso il suo colore scuro, ma, allo stesso tempo, si dissimula riflettendo sulle sue superfici gli altri elementi d'arredo. Fa da padrone il legno che, caldo ed accogliente, riveste pavimento e soffitto restituendo allo spazio un temperamento naturale. In netto contrasto con il bianco luminoso delle pareti, si impone a sorpresa il blu cobalto del bagno, che evoca un angolo di cielo all'interno del cubo di vetro. La scelta dell... More

Project • By 1+1=1 architectsOffices

Tetra Pak Hub

In 2009 Tetra Pak, commissioned this 1300 sqm Hub Centre dedicated to innovation and training to be built adjacent to their existing headquarter. The project is located in the industrial area of the city of Modena, Italy. This is a region that embrace tradition, innovation and style and the project represents this. Example are the Ferrari and Lamborghini Factories and Offices. The intention was to represent Tradition, Innovation and Style whit a stunning yet functional contemporary architecture to expression the international image of the company and of its commitment to quality and innovation. The site was formerly agricultural. On the site there was a derelict farm type building with a strong feature – the so called ‘gelosia’ – this... More

Project • By Atelier d'architecture Bruno Erpicum & PartnersPrivate Houses


A butterfly conservatory, the key thrown away: a space defined by the transparency of the windows, an infinite space where thoughts take flight at the whim of imagination. Texte : Baptiste rpicum More

Project • By Si-XSecondary Schools


For the education park Ezinge, designed by Atelier PRO architekten, Driessen + Van Deijne made a design of digitally printed glass. The facades, with the dimensions 11 x 21 meter and 18 x 21 meter, opposed to each other, accompany a centrally positioned rising ‘tower’. This part of the building is at the heart of a field, a location for ‘CKV’ subjects, as fine arts, design, music and theatre. Creativity and imagination play a key role in the vision on education within the school community of Ezinge. The education philosophy, the function and the location were leading for the designed plan Driessen + Van Deijne made. Both glass facades feature a strong related but unique image. The intriguing image is not easy accessible for... More
After picture: Modern, Glass staircase
Before picture: outdated staircase design
After photo: spindles
After picture: newel post and cap

Project • By Stair parts PlusHousing

Staircase renovation/refurbishment

The project was undertaken by a team of experts in stair refurbishment and renovation. It was hard work, but the client was more than happy with the results. Style: Modern, Glass - that is where the "transition from darkness to light" comes from. This staircase makes everything brighter and can give a house a touch of greatness. The target of this project are people that love to do things by themselves (DIY) and we recommend this design if you are a modern person. Even so, you will need to have some knowledge in refurbishing and design in order to be able to renovate your old staircase into something magnificent as this. More

Product • By ExtendoGlass


Glass, the recyclable material par excellence, has optimum mechanical characteristics. This is precisely why it is used by Extendo to create free-standing products. It can be glued using special glues that harden if subjected to UV rays. This allows us to create products such as the open glass container which is glued – as you can see in the images – “only” at the joints. semi-finished glass products can be lacquered with special scratch resistant paint. More

Product • By Sadev Architectural Glass SystemsSABCO GLASS RAILING


SABCO is a frameless glass balustrade system particularly suitable for public applications and high traffic areas (airports, stadiums, commercial & public buildings). SABCO has been tested to meet the strictest building code requirements (including BS, French Avis Technique, German ABP). The aluminum base shoe offers a modern frameless design to every railing project. Characteristics: - 4 types of Fixing: floor, side, built-in-slab, side & offset - Internal & external use - Applications: private / public - Glass thickness: from 15 to 25.52 mm according to the application - Dimensions: Max height = 2100 mm / Max width = 2500 mm - Standard finish: Natural aluminum - Profile drilled every 200 mm - very fast installation : simpl... More

Product • By BendheimHospitality Collection

Hospitality Collection

Bendheim has partnered with Bart Halpern to introduce a new exclusive collection of decorative architectural glass to the interior design market. The collection transforms Bart Halpern’s renowned Glitterati™ textiles into safety building glass, addressing the need for shimmering luxury materials that subtly dramatize interior spaces. The Bendheim Hospitality Collection by Bart Halpern is a versatile and effective design material. Subtle at a distance, the combination of natural colors and metallic hues is dazzling and bold up-close. The collection features five Glitterati textile colors – champagne, gold, copper, silver, and black – laminated in Bendheim low-iron glass. Additional Glitterati options are available on request.... More

Product • By Tracy Glover Objects and LightingSilver Lining Chandelier

Silver Lining Chandelier

A sculptural lighting fixture showcases handblown glass elements suspended on nine individual stainless steel cable strands. Nine illuminated glass diffusers are interspersed with non-illuminated orbs. Glass pieces are customizable as to quantity, size, shape, pattern and color: three shapes, five patterns, sixteen solid colors, three colorways. Metal canopy is available as square, circle or rectangle, in choice of six finishes. Inspiration: The sculpture is an abstraction of gathering clouds before a storm, inspired by 19th century seascapes by Constable and Turner. In the iteration shown, she conjures gradating sky colors from deep teal, sunset, and grey to seafoam and mist. More

Product • By C3 SystemS S.L.Seeglass-Eco


Seeglass-eco is a last generation frameless glazing system made of aluminium and tempered safety glass of 6 & 8mm. This system enables the increase of living space meters to the property and to take advantage of those spaces that because of their location or conditioning are not usually used. seeglass-eco adapts to different architectural requirements especially for balconies. Panels can be opened one side or the other. If all panels are opened inside, the internal and external cleaning of glass is unbelievably easy and safe. Closure system and bearings components made of high quality materials, engineering plastics, stainless steel screw, etc. seeglass-eco is perfectly closed with screws preventing the entry of air once the system... More