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Product • By AngoAuroral


Auroral pendant light by Ango - 21st century of jewellery series of lighting Ango brings its unique hand-crafted technique to create a sophisticated ceiling light “Auroral” that captures the beautiful vibes of jewellery suspended within space. Evocative of an incredible aura of warm light, the new Auroral pendant casts light upwards onto the lustrous surface of the gold-plated handworked filigree diffuser. Auroral pendant light size 19 in W x 19 in D x 9 in H in millimetre 480 mm W x 480 mm D x 230 mm H Light source: LED Filament Classic gold top 8W.   More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniPedro


The Pedro collection shows a great manual skill in making pottery. Made of one material, the simplicity of their shape is enhanced by an ancient finishing technique that creates a play of shades by mixing glaze with natural powders. Thanks to the uniqueness of the pottery making process each single piece is one-of-a-kind because of similar but different shades that originate during the porcelain firing. This side table is available with a smooth surface and partially decorated with vertical grooves. More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniOtto


The round table Otto is the expression of the artistic skills that characterize the collections of the company: the metal base composed by two semi-spheres with a matt engraved surface, supports a top decorated with a three-dimensional pattern covered with a thin metal leaf. A transparent and resistant resin is used to make the surface plain while the border of the top keeps its three-dimensional look.  More

Product • By AngoHanging Nest (Large)

Hanging Nest (Large)

An elemental and universal form incarnated with light, which diffuses literally through miles of laterally wound fine rattan filament. Ango uses our own technique of rattan hand-weaving to create the piece.   Hanging Nest (large) pendant light size 300 mm W x 300 mm D x 230 mm H or 12 in W x 12 in D x 9 in H / Light source: LED Filament 8W / Base material: Hand finished stainless steel More

Product • By LZFBanga Large

Banga Large

Designed by Yonoh, the Banga pendant exemplifies the Valencia-based creative design studio’s quest to bring an understandability and functionality, a freshness and uniqueness, to its creations. Available in two sizes, Banga is crafted using a series of individual sheets of veneer, each one connected via a lustrous metallic strip. The Banga light’s combined veneer pieces and metal frame bear a resemblance to a plush brolly or indeed, to a well dressed parasol. Banga enjoys an expressive Eastern world-like quality, together with a nod to neoclassicism and its principles of simplicity and symmetry. More

Product • By Stone and SawyerShort Baxter table lamp

Short Baxter table lamp

The Short Baxter is an exercise in precision. Each turned hardwood base seamlessly transitions into the handmade stoneware ceramic lamp body, with minimal detail. The stem lifts the shade to reveal a solid brass/blackened brass top plate. More

Project • By Paulo Antunes FurniturePrivate Houses

Villa Degli Ulivi

La Villa Degli Ulivi (Village of Olive Trees) is a luxury vacation house available to rent in Apulia, Italy. This eastern region is known for its extensive seacoast, fantastic beaches and superb Mediterranean weather with hot, dry, and sunny summers.  After a casual meeting with the owner during the Maison et Object fair in Paris, ALGA by Paulo Antunes was selected for this project. Our company was in charge of the bedrooms, living room, kitchen and exterior areas and also set the team to install the products and guarantee that the paper’s outline would come to life perfectly. To achieve a sophisticated look with a comfortable and homely atmosphere, ALGA by Paulo Antunes combined classics from its collection, Aspen and Domove a... More

Product • By Coolican & CompanyEuclid Mirror

Euclid Mirror

The Euclid mirror pays homage to the arched doorways that featured prominently in Shaker homes. A contemporary form with a hidden history of craft, the steam-bent arch is connected with brass pinned lap joints and the base of the frame features half-blind dovetails. The mirror floats off the wall to accommodate baseboards or a peg rail. More



The Portuguese Roots Table is inspired by the original esplanade metal table design from the 50`s. The tripod applied to a square top was introduced with the purpose of overcoming the slope problems of the traditional Portuguese sidewalk. As a result, by creating a tripod, the table remained stable without prejudice to the size of the tabletop that could be square, instead of the traditional round.It comes in American Walnut and Ash. More

Product • By ILANEL Design StudioStella


A luminous body brought down from the heavens, captured in a luxurious golden cradle. Stella is simultaneously a star yearning to break free, striving against its bonds, looking skyward. No two Stellas are alike. Each has a specially-made mouth-blown glass shade with its own unique texture. A small golden ball sits discreetly at the foot of the lamp, weighing down the woven fabric flex, keeping the celestial object tied to the earth. More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Reading, a bridge (for Eslite)

Taiwanese artist Cheng Tsung FENG always focuses on traditional handcrafted culture. For the large-scale installation art for Eslite Bookstore 30th Anniversary, his subject is “Chinese Stitched Binding”, which is a kind of book binding method with a long history.   When the idea becomes text, the text falls on the paper, the paper is bundled through the rope, and it finally assembles together as a book. FENG transforms this binding craft from a plane into a three-dimensional unit like a tile (more than 1500 pieces), then he combines the store's escalator to create a transitional space just like a bridge and a tunnel.   The movement of the escalator is like a book is turning pages. When people set foot on it and the... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Nesting Plan I Gray-Cheeked Fulvetta

The Gray-Cheeked Fulvetta is an endemic bird species in Taiwan named from its grey head with a white eye ring and long black eye stripe running from the bill down the sides of the neck. In traditional Taiwanese aborigines, Thao, in Sun Moon Lake, it been seen as a spiritual bird. Its chirping is carefully listened to for guidance to steer clear of ill fortunes before any serious undertaking.   The Nesting Plan by artist Cheng Tsung FENG is a work project by learning nesting process from the animal architect in forest. For this project, he follow the nesting procedures of Grey-Cheeked Fulvetta (twig selection plus contacting, grass blades, flowers and soft cushions). FENG converts the way of nesting into timber structure technique and... More

Project • By Cheng Tsung FENG Design StudioSculptures

Fish Trap House IV

Artist Cheng Tsung FENG applies Taiwanese traditional fish traps as the theme of artwork. Invited hundreds of local in Taichung to workshops to learn weaving the art craft of the fish trap. With them hundreds of fish trap was made and hang bamboo sign with their wishes on it. People surround hand by hand unite together. Rewrite the precious art craft which is going to vanish into our memory and body.   Recently, Cheng Tsung FENG was invited to create a lantern in the most fabulous event - Taiwan Lantern Festival. He began a huge collective work plan for this two-week celebration.   During the processing, FENG and his partners drove a truck and went to four farmers' associations in the festival’s location, Taichung. He fo... More

Product • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniGRANT


With a contemporary design the storage unit Grant is proposed for "home bar" use. Piece by piece, the master cabinetmaker inlays and combines a large number of round ash wood dowels getting smaller and smaller. In this way, without the industrial hectic times to be respected, the product takes shape and becomes artwork. A metal base with a tubular cross motif gives further elegance and refinement to this piece of furniture. More

Product • By biliardi cavicchi il biliardo Campione del MondoKlimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

Klimt Gold Leaf Pool Table

The Billiard Klimt Gold Leaf is a pretige pool, a very important part of Exclusive billiards category made in Italy.This masterpiece Associated of technique and art, masterfully led by Cavicchi billiards, and the ultimate expression reserved for the historic style, embellished with gold leaf and painted by hand, with the technique in relief of the great Gustav Klimt.A unique billiard, created in Italy into the Studies and projects center Cavicchi as testimonial of professionalism, preparation and competence, that the Cavicchi wants to make available from its primary customers, always ready for new challenges and exciting executive, which enhance their passion and productive vocation, which draws its owners since 1938, and for... More