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Product • By LeendersTakk


A modern high-tech aluminium poker in its most basic form: the branch.TAKKTakk is unique. A modern high-tech aluminium poker in its most basic form: the branch. It’s a logical idea. Inspired by nature and the technical possibilities, the branch is pr... More

Product • By LeendersTass


Stoking a fire for a whole evening with just a single basket of wood. This was why we developed Tass. Made from PET felt and naturally tanned leather. That becomes more beautiful as it wears through time.PET BOTTLESThe Tass is made ​​from recycled PE... More

Product • By LeendersPharos Interior

Pharos Interior

Pharos Interior is a floating room sculpture. Fixed to the ceiling with a special construction. Made to measure. Pharos Interior is our only fireplace with an open combustion chamber. So there is no glass between you and the fire. The included spark... More

Product • By LeendersStor


Stor is a large, strong and efficient fireplace, which combines the art of engineering with the highest standards of technology. Stor has a lot of small but important design details. For example the top part of the handle is furnished with a thin lay... More

Product • By LeendersDayna


Dayna is a slender fire place that burns with long full flames. We made this elegant design using extra thick heavy-duty steel. An armoured mantle that protects the fire. Dayna also revolves with rear flue and can be supplied with the PLUS heat stora... More

Product • By Formagenda GMBHPEARLS CHANDELIER 3


PEARLS Chandelier 3 is equipped with a combination of three modules of our PEARLS Suspension Lamp (Version A-E). There are endless combinations. You will find some examples in the image section. The single canopy makes installation really e... More

Product • By Formagenda GMBHCOPPOLA Suspension Lamp

COPPOLA Suspension

The timeless design and simple function make Coppola a tempting object. The ceramic shade is handmade and the surface finishes are one of a kind. The shade is placed on a ball-shaped, dimmable LED-unit and is tiltable in any ... More

Product • By HOLY TRINITYORON Floor lamp

ORON Floor lamp

ORON combines puristic elegance with maximal mobility--As a slender standing lamp, ORON combines minimalist elegance with a high level of mobility. Based on elements of RIMA, ORON offers endless lighting varieties, due to its unique functionality.Ele... More

Product • By HOLY TRINITYCARU Under-cabinet light

CARU Under-cabinet light

CARU presents the perfection of light--A further development of RIMA, CARU impresses without legs and ensures users an even broader range of possibilities to individually shape their lighting experience.A luminaire that blends with its surroundings--... More

Product • By AYSAN - The Spirit of LightTREVI DIA 170 X H 210 CM

TREVI DIA 170 X H 210 CM

Classical Chandelier made of the purest Bohemian Crystal More

Product • By AYSAN - The Spirit of LightTREVI XL dia 170 x H 270 cm

TREVI XL dia 170 x H 270 cm

Chandelier with crystal shades. Diamond cut, full lead crystal parts. More

Project • By Cera Stribley ArchitectsHousing


In a quaint streetscape in South Yarra alongside its terrace house neighbours, Caroline's contemporary silhouette remains sympathetic and respectful. Foremost, its eloquent brickwork façade and dark folded cladding provide a contrasting backdrop... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAT-Tweed


T-Tweed is the younger sibling of our iconic, Channel-inspired Tweed carpet. Produced entirely from Tencel, a very eco-friendly yarn. The T-Tweed carpet collection, offers a luxuriant softness and refined sheen. Its sustainability together with its d... More

Product • By Casalis BVBABeiras


Authentic, traditional and unmistakably European. These extremely robust rugs combine the centuries-old art of hand knotting from the Beiras region of Portugal with the most modern materials: new, rich yarns based on 100% New Zealand wool provide an... More

Product • By Casalis BVBAAria


Experience the luxurious feel and unmatched softness of this smooth luxury carpet, hand-knotted in exclusive mohair or mohair and silk. Choose a custom-made carpet in a solid colour or an elegant design from the soft colour palette with beautiful acc... More