Imm cologne 2014

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Product • By die CollectionDesk lamp

Desk lamp

The per fect light in the right place. QUATTROfloor takes care for the per fect light scenario: The decline is adjustable up to 45°, the light element (80 x 80 x 14 mm) can be rotated and the dimmer at light element make it possible. More

Product • By die CollectionHanging lamp

Hanging lamp

Always the best light scenario: QUATTRO1 is dimmable at the switch and all five light elements can be rotated individually. Can be mounted variable in heights up to 140 cm. Lengths up to 400 cm are optionally possible (extra charge). More

Product • By Nest NatureERCOLINO


At the IMM2014, NEST NATURE presents the active, dynamic stools ERCOLINO, avoid permanent sitting with hunchback and support the natural movement of our skeletal, muscle and nervous system. They allow seating with three-dimensional movements. As the result our body is able to do what it is made for and the possibility that our body is under constraints is reduced considerably. These are small measures which avoid serious problems and improve the quality of life. These curved stools support the mental capability more than sitting on conventional chairs and will immediately help to support the well-being, to increase the concentration and prevent problems due to bad posture. Sit and be fit! From the heart to the spine! Health comes first. M... More

Product • By DomitaliaMaxim


A table to enjoy at every moment of the day: its ceramic top, featuring a relief surface which is never even in colour and texture, transfers a unique sensory experience upon touching it, strikes you for its particular "vintage" effect and facilitates all cleaning operations, as its material is resistant to liquids and external agents. Ceramic, the new thing among the natural materials used by Domitalia, joins ups with its ash structure with prism-shaped legs and with the aluminium slides of the extension system. Maxim is the result of the union of different materials, which blend, in perfect balance. It is available in a 90x160 +50 +50 cm version with an aluminium extension system and with anthracite varnished ash or walnut canaletto legs... More

Product • By DomitaliaCoquille


Like a seashell, Coquille's frame in integral or foam polyurethane is open to endless possibilities for customisation: the two assembled parts which make it up may in fact be in integral polyurethane or covered in either leather or fabric of the most various colours, creating original combinations of materials and colours between the backrest and seat. Its base, conceived in three different fashions, ashwood, metal rods or trumpet, exalts the versatility of this model all the more. Coquille can be used to furnish meeting rooms and offices, as the main chair around a table, or inserted as a single piece in a living room or bedroom. An armchair with a strong personality that strikes you for its quality and refined details, the offspring of... More

Product • By DomitaliaBouchon


The designer duo Folco Orlandini and Andrea Radice have signed "Bouchon", the set of chairs in regenerated cork which remind of the classic caps of sparkling wine bottles and, in their frame, the metal wire that encloses them. The family is made up of a chair and two stools with a cork seat and a metal rod frame, 46, 66 and 76 cm high. The models, with a strong iconic connotation, are characterized by a design that is inspired by pop culture and its ironic vein, expressed here by the contrast between the giant size reproduction of the cap and its actual structural lightness. Regenerated cork, characterized by qualities such as elasticity, strength and water resistance, allows use of the models indoors, while its coming from recycling proces... More

Product • By BocciPendant Chandeliers

Pendant Chandeliers

Orbiting above you in a beautiful array, these modern glass pendants by Bocci create dramatic impact. Arrange a few together and you'll get a glamorous glass pendant chandelier that produces a truly magical effect. The pendants vary in form so every chandelier will be unique. Dubbed '28', the pendants are designed to organize in a hexagonal configuration, ranging from 3 to 19 pieces per chandelier. Composed of blown glass, each pendant comes with built-in low voltage halogen or LED light. This modern minimalist design is so versatile that it would coordinate with many interior design styles and the design arrangement possibilities are unlimited. Add the sparkle of the 28 to your home. More