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Product • By AupingCriade


A bedroom with all the luxury of a hotel, yet completely in your own style. With a bed that is right for you - good to look at and good to sleep in. Dutch quality from the hands of craftsmen. Auping can bring you all this with the Criade - tomorrow's box spring. This new box spring range has an authentic Auping signature with slender lines, refined details and top quality materials. Typical Auping characteristics like the mesh base and the stringent quality standards make the Criade the Auping of the box springs. You decide for yourself what your Auping Criade looks like. You can also set the bed to your own ergonomic preferences thanks to the electrically adjustable base and the choice of five different types of mattresses with a range... More

Product • By JalakShelving system

Shelving system

The shelving system provides a solution for every shelving need. Whether for a living room, entry, or anywhere at the office, the flexible and functional arrangements possible with this system allow you to use only what is needed for the application, saving money and forest materials. The shelving unit will change to meet every demand. *Shelf dimensions: H - 200cm W - 140cm or 178cm D - 450cm *Simple assembly *Flexibly functional More

Product • By JalakAdjustable hight desk

Adjustable hight desk

The adjustable height makes it possible to achieve the most ergonomic working position either seated or standing.The desk's shelf markedly increases overall useful work area. The optional two-drawer wheeled filing cabinet creates a convenient place to keep file folders and larger desk accoutrements. *Height is adjustable from 587mm - 875mm *Available work area is 140cm x 67cm plus the shelf - 140cm x 20cm *Desk has 3 drawers: wider center drawer plus two shoulder drawers *Wheeled filing cabinet dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm More

Product • By JalakTiina Chair

Tiina Chair

This is a chair I made for my wife. The shape is also descriptive of my wife as it is beautiful and slender, with sharp angles and about to take off – they are both full of energy. Regardless of the slightly aggressive nature, it nicely embraces anyone sitting on it and gives no reason to stand up again. More

Product • By minminTisch


This dining table, just as well as working place, is also being produced out of birch plywood, only the top surface is finished with HPL. It is available in 3 colours: white, green and anthrazit.. Dimensions: 140x90x75cm; 170x80x75cm More

Product • By minminHighboard


Standing behind the same concept like the Sideboard, the Highboard is designed with the same details and using the same material. Material: birch plywood, white colored and clear lacquer, 21mm and 18mm. Dimensions: 165x120x40cm More

Product • By BrokisShadows by Brokis

Shadows by Brokis

Small ceiling lamps, inspired by the classic “studio lamps”. The “Shadows” collection is made of hand blown glass and builds on from the popular timeless of traditional French lamps. Shadows are freely based on their original typology, which thanks to new materials; the hand-blown glass and color combinations, have become an original series of interior lights. The collection consists of five lamps (the lamps can also be ordered individually), which are offered in several color variations, combining matte and shiny glass. The glass shades are freely deployed on a hand stained lathed European oak fitting with an integrated LED bulb. More

Product • By Kenneth CobonpueTrame


Within this swirling modern framework beats the heart a woven handcraft. Exploring and expanding upon the art of traditional weaving, the Trame Collection, begins upon a frame of five interlocking asymmetrical loops around which the vibrant threads encircle and interlace, like tender fingers entwined. More

Product • By Kenneth CobonpueParchment Armchair

Parchment Armchair

The Parchment armchair is an inspired visual demonstration of layers resembling tied bundles of archaic manuscripts. Layers of Sunbrella acrylic fabric are stitched together delicately on the armchair’s edges and set on solid Maple legs. Covers are removable and washable. More

Product • By Kenneth CobonpueCalyx Collection

Calyx Collection

The Calyx Collection is designed to blur the lines between indoor & outdoor living. Endlessly inspired by the simple yet ever changing lines of a bloom unfolding. The wide crown over a tightened base form the elegant silhouette for the Calyx from a matrix of interwoven strands. More

Product • By uniic gmbhStein


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Product • By uniic gmbhSideboard


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Product • By uniic gmbhHocker


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Product • By ValinorGreen Sofa

Green Sofa

Green Sofas, a division of VALINOR, is a pioneer in the production of environmentally friendly, toxin-free furniture for the home and the office. Clean, harmless products are increasingly a rarity. Reckless production and consumption on an unprecedented scale have made us prisoners in our own homes. We are surrounded by dangerous objects – beautiful kitchen cabinets put together with poisonous glues, state-of-the-art cooking utensils covered in noxious finish, toxin-emitting curtains and clothes, health-threatening food. Our alternative is a new series of sofas in which harmful substances are entirely missing. We have carefully studied all the materials, their production process and potential for recycling, and out of this has come... More

Product • By Kubikoff SrlD-LIGHT CHAIR


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