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Project • By RO&AD ArchitectenBridges

Moses Bridge

The West Brabant Water Line is a defence-line consisting of a series of fortresses and cities with inundation areas in the south-west of the Netherlands. It dates from the 17th century but fell into disrepair in the 19th century. When the water line was finally restored, an access bridge across the the moat of one of the fortresses, Fort de Roovere, was needed. This fort now has a new, recreational function and lies on several routes for cycling and hiking. It is, of course, highly improper to build bridges across the moats of defence works, especially on the side of the fortress the enemy was expected to appear on. That's why we designed an invisible bridge. Its construction is entirely made of wood, waterproofed with EPDM foil. The br... More

Project • By Mats Fahlander ArkitektResidential Landscape

Summer houses in Slavik

The summerhouse is located between two fjords on the Swedish northern west coast. The site is surrounded by a national park and nature characterised by rounded granite rocks and windswept trees. Other houses in the area, mostly summerhouses from the 1950s, are more of a pavilion type than representative of the local building tradition. For many generations, members of a large family have spent their summers here. There are no visible plot boundaries, living standards are simple, the sea and the surrounding nature are the main attractions. As the family grows, more houses are built. The latest addition to date is a house located on one of the highest points in the area designed for one of the sons, with room for his family and guests.... More

Project • By PROMONTORIOZoos

Mora River Aquarium

The River Aquarium is located in Mora, a small municipality in the Northern Alentejo region. Given the need to shift regional development from the dependence of an increasingly weaker agriculture economy, into the environmental tourism and leisure market, the municipality launched a design-and- build competition for an aquarium that could somehow embody the paradigms of biodiversity of the Iberian river. Integrated in the Ecological Wild Park of Gameiro and bordering the Raia stream, the building stands amidst a secluded field of cork and olive trees removed from the more intense leisure and fishing activities of the river. The plot’s gently undulating topography forms a basin at the confluence of two small watercourses. Placing the aquariu... More

Project • By Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten ETH/BSAResidential Landscape

Finish Tower Rotsee

The finish tower is part of the first phase of the Naturarena Rotsee area development. The opening of the rowing center is scheduled for july 2016. The finish tower and the future rowing center will form one architectural ensemble, perceivable by the mutual materialization, constructive and aesthetic themes. The three story high, prefabricated wood construction is carried by a pillared concrete platform above the water level. The statically active concrete platform, provides access to the tower from the water and the shore. In combination with the stairway on the rear, but no less prominent facade of the building, the concrete structure anchors the building close to the lakeshore. This allegorizes the hybrid character of the building, b... More

Project • By White arkitekter ABExhibition Centres

Naturum Kosterhavet

From the architect. Naturums, Swedish Visitor Centres, are information and exhibition locales in national parks, nature reserves, biosphere districts and at world heritage sites in Sweden. The construction of naturums represents one of the largest architectural ventures undertaken by the Swedish state in modern times. Naturum Kosterhavet stands on the island of Sydkoster, Sweden’s most westerly outpost. The building’s irregular shape is determined by the site’s available permitted construction area. The long sides consist of repeated gables, six facing the sea and five towards land. These are linked by diagonal roof-trees which together create the roof’s zigzag pattern. Instead of taking the form of a traditional row of boathouses the na... More

Project • By NLÉ WorksPrimary Schools


Makoko Floating School is a prototype structure that addresses physical and social needs in view of the growing challenges of climate change in an urbanizing African context. It is a movable 'building' or 'watercraft' currently located in the aquatic community of Makoko in the lagoon heart of Africa's second most populous city -­‐ Lagos, Nigeria. It is a floating structure that adapts to the tidal changes and varying water levels, making it invulnerable to flooding and storm surges. It is designed to use renewable energy, to recycle organic waste and to harvest rainwater. An estimated 100,000 people reside in Makoko in housing units built on stilts. Yet the community has no roads, no land and no formal infrastructure to support its day-­... More

Project • By concreteOffices

REM Island

Initiative In 2007 Concrete was asked by hospitality entrepreneur Nick van Loon to come up with an idea for the REM-island located in the river IJ in Amsterdam. Together with the housing corporation ‘De Principaal’ Nick van Loon developed the project in 2008. Concrete made the design for the renovation and expansion of the REM-island, Nick van Loon designed the interior. The REM-island is located in the Houthavens in Amsterdam at the end of the Haparandadam and plays an active role promoting the harbour and the new adjacent residential area. Design The program consists of an office function on the first deck and a restaurant on deck two and three, an extra story has been created spreading the restaurant over two floors. At 25 m... More

Project • By General ArchitecturePrivate Houses


The small building is built as a uniform volume, clad in larch wood. When not in use the house is completely closed, giving it an appearance of the archetypal house. When open, the warm un-weathered finish of the larch gives the sauna a friendly and welcoming character. More

Project • By Kristoffer TejlgaardExhibitions

Dome of Visions

The Dome's fascinating and soap bubble like look makes it an real eye-catcher, drawing both tourists and Danes from its location in the Copenhagen harbor, squeezed in between the world renowned restaurant Noma and Danish architect Nicolai Eigtved's old warehouse. It's spectacular shape brings out the contrast with the rest of the rectangular urban landscape and its delicate skeleton and glasslike facade almost makes it soar. Those who enter inside, are embraced with the warmth of a calm summer day, the smell from countless rosemary bushes, busy bumblebees and a 100 year old olive tree snuggling, sheltered from the spring-fresh wind outside. The dome at Krøyers square, named Dome of Visions, is designed by the Danish architects Kristoffe... More
Badehaus am Kaiserstrand
Badehaus am Kaiserstrand
Badehaus am Kaiserstrand
Badehaus am Kaiserstrand
Badehaus am Kaiserstrand

Project • By Lang+SchwärzlerHotels

Badehaus am Kaiserstarnd

Architects: Lang + Schwaerzler, Bregenz Theo Lang, Karl Schwaerzler Team: Carmen Hernandez-Arcas The "Am Kaiserstrand" bathhouse in western Austria offers spectacular views of the Bay of Bregenz, Pfaender Mountain and the foothills of the Swiss Alps. A 42 metre long pier connects the pile structure situated on the eastern coast of Lake Constance to the recreational zone of the same name on shore. The revitalisation of the entire complex has also just been completed: the coastal promenade was extended, new pedestrian and bike paths were laid out, and a historic hotel complex was refurbished. The bathhouse is, however, without a doubt, the highlight. Translated into the contemporary formal vocabulary of Vorarlberg's architecture... More

Project • By Radionica arhitektureBoathouses

A Floating Pavilion La Biennale di Venezia

Goran Rako: To me, the social aspect is certainly extremely important and I also think that our work should adequately reflect the country we live in. I believe that this project might be an indicator that a good idea does not need gigantic funding or a mega-echo. We have entered the age of architecture, but also of art and culture in general, which I would call the anti-Dubai age, after things had gone too far in the opposite direction, towards universal branding of nothing. These were enormus packages, huge boxes without real content. I think that these periods interchange in cycles. Our current period could be linkened to Malevich's painting White Square on a White Field, in the sense that this white square covers the existing background... More

Project • By SOOH Waterways/Wetlands

floating house IJburg Amsterdam

This house is a search for the balance between openness and a sense of security in an urban setting – with the wish for an optimal flow of the in- and outside spaces. The gardens are a green intermediate between the private and public space. The house, surrounded by water, changing from swimming pool to ice-skating ring, gives a holiday feeling all year round, from the very first step you take onto the jetty. On the island of Amsterdam’s IJburg are 36 floating homes divided over three jetties, which were built in private commission. The homes have a floating concrete hull, which contains a basement about 1,5m below the watersurface, a groundfloor and a first floor of which half of the surface area has a permission to be built upon. In... More

Project • By West 8Parks

Toronto Central Waterfront

The Central Waterfront, 3.5km of Lake Ontario shore line immediately adjacent to the downtown business district, is one of Toronto’s most valuable assets. Yet, despite decades of planning and patchwork development projects, there is no coherent vision for linking the pieces into a greater whole – visually or physically. In this context, the fundamental objective of the project is to address this deficiency by creating a consistent and legible image for the Central Waterfront, in both architectural and functional terms. More

Project • By MVRDVApartments


In the western part of the Amsterdam harbour an extensive urban operation has been undertaken in order to densify the city and to meet the demands of the market, even on one of the more vulnerable areas. A former dam with a silo building on top has been transformed into a new neighbourhood that consists of a series of relatively costly components: a dam with a sunken parking lot, renovation of the old silo buildings, the required mix of less expensive social housing, the underwater protection barrier against oil tankers, the required deep piling foundation and the expensive temporary drydock constructions. To help pay for parts of this operation, a new housing block at the end of the dam was proposed. Timing helped. The Dutch real... More

Project • By BIG - Bjarke Ingels GroupSwimming Pools

Copenhagen harbour bath

Copenhagen’s harbour is in the midst of a transformation from an industrial port and traffic junction to being the cultural and social centre of the city. The Harbour Bath has been instrumental in this evolution. It extends the adjacent park over the water by incorporating the practical needs and demands for accessibility, safety and programmatic flexibility. Rather than imitating the traditional Danish indoor swimming bath, the Harbour Bath offers an urban harbour landscape with dry-docks, piers, boat ramps, cliffs, playgrounds and pontoons. As a terraced landscape, the Harbour Bath completes the transition from land to water, making it possible for the citizens of Copenhagen to go for a swim in the middle of the city. THE SWIMMING BAT... More