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Product • By KLUSOBIT


APPLICATION- decorative and warning lighting MOUNTING- recessed, using dedicated accessories or mounting adhesive- can be easily connected into runs- the cover is cut to the length of the profile More

Project • By CentrsvetShowrooms

Archiproducts Showroom

ARCHIPRODUCTS Showroom in Milan is located in Zona Tortona, a famous neighbourhood that is visited the most during the Milan Design Week. This district is invadedby designers, first during iSalone exhibition, and then permanently moved there. ARCHIPRODUCTS MILANO exhibits designer and architectural solutions from over 3000 brands from all over the world. Caption Caption The face of Archiproducts Showroom, its window displays, are illuminated by CENTRSVET INFINITY lighting system. Last year, ARCHIPRODUCTS team and CENTRSVET quickly selected lighting that is now illuminating the products placed in the window displays that are never left unnoticed. Caption Caption Some minimal remodeling was required, so we offered our so... More

Project • By CentrsvetShops

DIOR Boutuque in GUM

Christian Dior boutique in GUM. Illuminated entirely by CENTRSVET. CENTRSVET EUROTRACK lighting system and over 200 directional luminaires are installed in the boutique. The system is easy to mount, connected directly to 220V mains. Pendant and surface-mounted racks are used in the boutique. Caption DIOR representatives contacted us in February to request lighting for their boutique in Moscow. METIS lighting, an Italian design studio, developed the lighting project. Their area of expertise is lighting projects for premium boutiques all over the world: Balenciaga, Dior, Kenzo, Paul&Shark, отели Bulgari и Mandarin Oriental. Caption We selected the luminaires and sent samples for testing and expert review to the lighting desig... More

Product • By Linea Light GroupTee


Tee - Single emission projectors for indoor application. The warm white LED light source with a adjustable light distribution is composed of 1 powerled LEDs with CCT of 3000 K and a CRI 80; the source luminous flux is 145 lm, with a 145.0 lm/W nominal luminous efficacy. The device body is made of aluminium and features a embossed white ral 9003 finish, processed by means of coating. The ingress protection degree is IP40; the total weight is of 0.05 kg. The power supply driver is not provided and is to be ordered separately. The total absorbed power is 1,0 W. The power supply cable is included and features a 0.10 m lenght. The device features protection class III and can be wall lights, ceiling or floor-mounted. Compliant with the EN 60598-1... More

Product • By Linea Light GroupRollip


Rollip - Single emission lines for indoor application. The warm white LED light source is composed of 120 topled LEDs with CCT of 3000 K and a CRI 80; the source luminous flux is 3000 lm, with a 166.7 lm/W nominal luminous efficacy.The device body is made of aluminium 6060 and features a embossed white ral 9003 finish, processed by means of powder coating. The ingress protection degree is IP40; the total weight is of 2.039 kg.The total absorbed power is 18 W.The device features protection class I and can be ceiling-mounted.Compliant with the EN 60598-1 standard and its specific provisions. More

Product • By Linea Light GroupQuara


Quara  is a path-marker recessed wall light for indoor spaces, a drop of light carved out of a round aluminium casing. The powerLED source emits a discreet yet evocative light that perfectly reveals the lines of a staircase in the dark. Installed close to the ground, it casts light circles onto the surface below while decorating it with style. Particularly suitable to illuminate private homes, hotels, and public areas. More

Product • By Linea Light GroupNavata_Optus


The Navata Optus range offers an updated optical range that allows you to enhance the architecture of, for example, a place of worship while respecting its context. The reduced dimensions of the structure seem to almost disappear and the correctly oriented beams will enhance: domes, vaults, walls, or they will create real paths of light. More

Product • By Linea Light GroupClear_MP


No Description More

Product • By Linea Light GroupCell


Cell suggests a total integration with architectural space. All Gypsum versions allows fixture’s ceiling perfect merging, making it almost invisible. Special metallized polycarbonate optic uses micro reflector high accuracy, with convex facets single cylindric cut-off cells, to guarantee the highest glare control. The fixture when working seems off and the light springs magically from architecture. More

Product • By KLUSMIFOR-70 System

MIFOR-70 System

Draw a shape! KLUŚ will transform it into a luminaire.MIFOR-70 is an innovative LED lighting system. It inspires you to play with its shape. What is MIFOR-70 in practice? MIFOR-70 is a system that allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape, including open, closed and openwork. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, "soft" arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane. MIFOR-70 can flexibly adapt to the design concept. The system does not only enable creating "soft" forms but also connecting the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective, polygonal, especially bent, "undulating" light compositions. MIFOR-70 fixtures are intended to be suspen... More

Product • By LuceplanLola - Floor Lamp

Lola - Floor Lamp

Lola - Floor Lamp - the lightness of the shape and materials, allows this lamp to be moved freely and handily. The intense and functional halogen light may be adjusted in height by means of the telescopic stem. The reflector can be directed and emits diffused or direct lighting at will. More

Project • By KLUSOffices

ZYNGA Headquarters

"Zynga” is an American video game manufacturer based in San Francisco, California. The company's employees have at their disposal a modern, six-story building with a large atrium in the center. Office spaces have been divided into zones, dedicated to teams for individual games. The interior design is inspired by the motto of the company: “Play Well”, which means that it includes slot machines, colorful decorations and neon lights. For the comfort of the employees, recreational zones were separated, in which KLUŚ products were used. JAZ-DUO LED luminaires serve as the main lighting. The frosted cover gently diffuses the light at an angle of 360 degrees. The luminaires are suspended on many levels and at different angles,... More

Product • By LODESRain


Rain falls from the ceiling like a drop of spring rain, with a linear movement that accentuates the curvaceous conical forms of its body. A metal suspension lamp with an LED light source projected toward a convex lens—simple and effective, elegant and extremely bright, to be used either independently or as a design composition. More
LED Splashback
Illuminated Splashback

Project • By LiteTile LtdHousing

Residential Project, UK

Our client contacted us at the beginning of their project regarding having an illuminated splashback. Having waited whilst building work ws completed, we then produced this beautiful LED illuminated splashback for our client's kitchen and they are delighted with it and said "It looks stunning, we just don't know what else to say - it's so, so lovely".  More

Product • By Articolo LightingFizi Wall Sconce on Kick

Fizi Wall Sconce on Kick

The Fizi collection is mesmerising with the explosion of bubbles suspended in champagne’sque effervescence. Breathtaking shadow play when Fizi is lit. Wall and ceiling jewellery for the home. More