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Project name: Nvidia Project Published by: JLC-Tech | Linear LED Lighting . More

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Ma 'Hallo Lounge

Ma 'Hallo Lounge Published by: JLC-Tech | Linear LED Lighting More

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AARP Renovation Project

"There are many reasons why we chose to use the T-BAR LED fixtures, and probably none more than acoustics. The client was very sensitive to sound transfer between enclosed spaces, and the T-BAR LED was a big part of our solution. Having the fixture integrated into the ceiling grid system allows additional ceiling tiles to be installed to absorb sound and also to limit sound transfer through the light fixture, which is not the case with a traditional 2x2 fixture." - Erik Wyche, OPX Design Consultancy More

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Worthington Industries

We recently installed the DC FlexZone and T-BAR LED lights in our new Innovation Center as we were looking to utilize innovative products that provide flexibility, energy savings and inspire people to change the status quo." - Michael Luh, Vice President of Innovation for Worthington Industries More

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McMillan Electric Co. Office

"Our goal in the design phase of our new office was to showcase lighting that was unique, modern and would stay current. We saw the T-BAR LED demo pack and our search was over. The fixtures arrived on time to meet schedule. The T-BAR LEDs were easy to install. The quality and performance exceeds expectations."   - David Auch, Vice President of McMillan Electric Co. More

Product • By KonceptSobre


Ideal for providing consistent, energy-efficient light to extended work surfaces, Sobre is highly suited for public environments such as lecture rooms, libraries and co-working spaces. Sobre is offered as a stand-alone piece or multiple modules that can be connected together. Supported by 18" tall vertical stems, the 3' or 4' LED light bar is manually rotatable (up to 180 degrees).  The subtle control panel features a touch strip for dimming/power and integrated occupancy sensor to maximize energy savings. Sobre is available in metallic black and silver finishes. The lights are very durable and made to withstand heavy public use.  Mounting options include through-table mounts and, less permanently, desk clamps. Both options use mi... More

Project • By FlosOffices

Alberto del Biondi Offices

Alberto del Biondi Offices is situated in Padova (Italy). It is a Design and Product Creation Company in the Shoe and Accessories Industry, realizing unique and brand right solutions, supported by intensive research and creativity around materials. Its founders, Alberto del Biondi and Sabrina Maschio, combine state of the art innovation and traditional artisanal know how, allowing its clients to develop unique product solutions and to dramatically accelerate the speed to market.   To think of new lighting systems in the most modern design sector is one of the priorities of the company Alberto del Biondi. For this reason, specialised and custom made Flos' luminaires have been used in their offices.   Images: © Santi Caleca More

Product • By FluxwerxProfile


A linear LED pendant luminaire with unique hollow aperture, Profile combines minimalist design and architectural-grade materials with superior optical and energy performance, delivering precise batwing distribution, exceptional functionality and energy efficiency. The luminaire’s finely detailed exposed architecture delivers unparalleled clarity right through the fixture.   Perfect for retail, commercial, institutional and healthcare environments, Profile combines modern form with advanced technology, engineering ingenuity and an obsessive attention to detail, enabling inspired environments that are luminous and comfortable.   Specifications:   Combining architectural design and small aperture size, Profile is a... More

Project • By FlosMuseums

Museo del Gioiello

First opened in 2014, the Vicenza Jewellery Museum is extraordinary and unique. Not only because it is located in the grandiose halls of the Palladian Basilica of Vicenza, enhanced by the design of the Spanish designer with studio in Milan, Patricia Urquiola, but also because it is the first museum dedicated entirely to the art of goldsmithing in Italy and one of the few in the world. At a cost of one million euros and in collaboration with the Vicenza Fair and the Vicenza Town Hall, this museum occupies an area of 410 square metres within the Palladian Basilica and meets the needs of a territory that has always invested in the production of goldwork and has become the centre of world importance in this field.  To enhance the beauty... More

Project • By FlosOffices


Cegeka is a family-owned IT solutions provider founded on craftsmanship that works in close cooperation with customers. These offices are B based in Hasselt (Belgium) and they include the following Flos' luminaires: USL 200 Pluto, USL 6060, Abajourd’hui, USO Boob and USL Out.    Images: © Alan Franzolini More

Project • By FlosOffices

Gruppo C14

Gruppo C14 is an unconventional architecture studio founded in 2003 in Milan, where professionals from different sectors of the creative field, architects, designers, graphic designers and multimedia designers collaborate together. The studio deals with interior, lighting, retail, and exhibit design, designing for international clients.     To think of new lighting systems in the most recent and unstable design sector is one of the priorities of Gruppo C14. For this reason, the following Flos' luminaires have been used in their offices: Kap, Micro Battery and Pure Downlight.   Images: © Germano Borrelli More

Project • By FlosOffices

Archiproducts Headquarters Offices

Archiproducts Headquarters Offices, located in Milano (Italy), has been designed to the last detail. Every corner of this workspace is carefully illuminated by the Infra-Structure, a groundbreaking lighting system designed by Vincent Van Duysen for surface installation on ceiling with rigid and adjustable rods.   Images: © Germano Borrelli   More

Product • By FlosClessidra


Diffused direct/indirect-light wall lighting device. Body obtained by means of aluminium pressofusion and diffusers in PMMA. Aluminium wall attachment with cover in PA66. More

Product • By FlosKtribe Table

Ktribe Table

Table luminaire providing diffused lighting. Base, rod support and diffuser support in die-cast, polished Zamak alloy. More