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Product • By FlosKelvin Edge Base

Kelvin Edge

Adjustable table lamp providing direct light. Aluminium painted or chromed body, with die cast head, joints and forks, and extruded arms.  Diffuser in photoengraved polycarbonate and aluminate on the perimeter. More

Product • By FlosGATTO


Table lamp providing diffused light. White powder coated internal steel structure sprayed with a unique "cocoon" resin to create the diffuser which is then protected by a transparent sprayed on finish. More

Project • By FlosShowrooms

Kvdrat Showroom

«The concept we have created focuses on materiality, which is the heart of Kvadrat». This is how Erwan Bouroullec defines the new headquarters that, together with his brother Ronan, they have designed for the textile firm in Copenhagen.   It is a 795 square metre space located in Nordhavn, the creative centre of the Danish capital, which serves as both a showroom and an office and research centre, all designed by Flos Scandinavia. In the same place that once occupied a warehouse - the area is close to the port - the new exhibition space has been conceived by the French designers as a large art gallery, with white walls and full of natural light that penetrates through the wide glass walls on three sides. In the centre, Kv... More

Project • By FlosOffices


The architect studio Klaarchitectuur based in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) is responsible for these custom-designed offices and Flos is the lighting manufacturer. Klaarchitectuur's project translates into a distinguished place to work, meet and receive international guests. Overall, a place where design and peace merge and coexist together, providing high quality interior design facilities in the office world.  In this workplace, taken care of to the last detail, we can find the following luminaires: String Lights, Kelvin Led, The Tracking Magnet, Find Me and Juncos.    Images: © Beeldpunt /Valerie Clarysse More

Project • By FlosOffices

Parc 51

The architect Buro B based in Genk (Belgium) is responsible for these custom-designed offices. Parc 51 Offices is located in the city of Hasselt (Belgium) and Flos is the lighting manufacturer. Buro B's project translates into a distinguished place to work, meet and receive international guests. Overall, a place where design and quietness merge and coexist together, providing high quality interior design facilities in the office world.  In this workplace, taken care of to the last detail, we can find the following luminaires: Light Bell, The Running Magnet, Fenestra, String Lights and Superloon.   Images: © Beeldpunt /Valerie Clarysse More

Product • By FlosBon Jour Versailles Small

Bon Jour Versailles Small

Table lamp providing diffuse light. Injection molded polymethylmethacrylate clear transparent base and diffuser. Electroplated/painted top cover in ABS. Edge Lighting technology ligh t source.  More


Bon jour Unplugged

Cordless table lamp providing direct light. Painted or electroplated base and top cover in ABS. Injection moulded PMMA clear transparent diffuser and lampshade. Edge Lighting technology light source. 6 hours battery life, rechargeable with Micro-USB. Optical switch sensor on the base that provide 4-step dimming function. USB-C charger cable included in the package useful length 120 cm. Plug-in USB battery charger with interchangeable plugs. More

Product • By FlosBON JOUR

Bon jour

Table lamp providing diffuse light. Injection moulded PMMA clear transparent base and diffuser. Edge Lighting technology light source. Power cord length 200 cm, with  dimmer switch that provide ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs. More

Project • By Studio ió ArquiteturaConcert Halls

Blue Note São Paulo (jazz concert hall)

Blue Note SP is located on the 2nd floor of a building inside a large avenue in São Paulo. With 800m2 has a lounge with stage, bar and sound / light control, tiring-house, bathrooms, industrial kitchen, foyer, support areas, external balconies, side porch and deck. It has an intimate, sophisticated, theatrical and simple style.It was a refit. To fulfill the function of concert hall, 90% of the internal walls were demolished; nearly 60% of the reception floor was raised to the level of the rest of the space; existing bathrooms have become a part of the bar; the toilets have been shifted to the left. The toilets were added in numbers, urinals and tubs.An accessible single toilet, with washroom for the outside balcony and cleaning support area... More

Product • By DaisaluxAtria


Designed to be used at great heights and in wide spaces, the new Atria emergency luminaire has arrived to change the relation of form and volume with respect to what is habitually known on the market as high-power emergency lighting. The use of the latest technologies has enabled the creation of a compact luminaire in a single, square volume measuring just 24 cm on each side by 5.6 cm thick which greatly reduces its visual impact allowing better integration in all types of environments.Composed of a body which, as well as integrating the electronics, the batteries and the optical assembly, is made of aluminium which achieves a high-efficiency heat sink that increases the useful life of the LED light source which is higher than 70,000h L90 /... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignSports Centres

Ladies' Fitness Center Interior Design

A healthier lifestyle is definitely key to a better life, which is why CAS has helped craft the perfect Ladies Fitness Center Interior Design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The training areas boast bright colors to evoke an energized look while the rest of it reverts to cool greys. Sleek & minimalistic while featuring splashes of fun colors in the mix, this fitness center features a contemporary ambiance that draws the clients with its sophisticated privacy, great lighting design & a welcoming aura. More

Project • By Evo-LiteHospitals

Cooperman Family Pavilion

The illuminated feature wall casts RGB light onto the primary staircase inside the lobby of this healthcare building, which can be seen from the outside through the full height glass facade. The vertical design of the accent wall emphasizes the height of the space while infusing light into the entrance area and creating visual interest.Twenty-one LED Light Panels form the three dynamic wall features of the lobby, controlled by DMX decoders with signal amplification. The color changing panels create a broad array of colors that fade slowly through the visible color gamut. This is theoretically 16 million colors, which is the product of 255 x 255 x 255 (the range for each channel). The vibrant lighting effect can be set to static colors to su... More

Product • By Scholle-DeubzerDROPS


We blow and sculpt DROPS with our own hands, freestyle at the glass-furnace.Each one has it's own individual shape.An LED ist placed inside through a specially developed, sophisticated system.2,5 W / 150 LUMEN / 2700 K dimmableDROP are available as a singleor as an installation of 3, 5 or 7 pieces.For bigger numbers please contact us for an individual solution. More

Product • By Multiline LichtHideline


With the Hideline, Multiline has developed an innovative lighting profile which focuses entirely on the specific functionality and needs of an environment. This unique luminaire has an inner profile, in which the lighting module is hidden. As a result, high visual comfort is always guaranteed with the Hideline. The dimensions of the base profile are 65x65mm (direct lighting) or 65x90mm (direct/ indirect lighting). Next to the use of a satin LED diffuser or a VDT louvre (UGR<19) for direct lighting, it is also possible to opt for lenses with a narrow, wide, asymmetric or double asymmetric beam angle. The option to choose between several lenses is a first in Multiline's extensive range. A satin LED diffuser is always used to create indirec... More

Project • By ArkispazioShowrooms

Gruppo Cimbali Showroom

Within a so wide area growing over time and transforming itself for the changes of the functional and representativeness needs, we reflected upon and reinterpreted this temporal stratificationat best, by eliminating the dissonant architectural elements, by enhancing the noteworthy ones and by proposing two totally renovated architectures characterized by contemporary and coherent language. The building of the reception is marked by a new “prow-shaped” volume turning to the showroom building; the new volume hosts not only two new meeting rooms on the ground floor and a terrace on the upper one, but it can also “absorb” visually the cumbersome presence of the glass cube of the switchboard. The “prow” is coated with a pre-oxidized copper skin,... More