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Yves Salomon Shanghai

BIENENSTEIN CONCEPTS was asked to envision the new YVES SALOMON store at the prestigious luxury shopping mall Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China.  While developing this new store concept for the more sportive clothing line that is part of the Yves Salomon brand, a dynamic curved wall line slicing through vertical planes became the core architectural gesture. The void that develops behind the bend allows for additional space for a fitting room, concealed cash desk area or back-of-house functions, depending on the actual available layout.Modern simplicity was key for the interior architects with the aim to create an open, airy backdrop for the diverse clothing collection. Rough, textured surfaces were superposed with more sophisticated and soft... More


City Park Suites

Conceived in the spirit of exclusive hotel suites, the compact apartments on the exclusive Parkring boulevard in the city centre, cater to out-of-towners as well as they serve as Viennese pied-a-terre to foreigners.  BIENENSTEIN CONCEPTS accepted the challenge to turn a former office space into highly functional yet detailed and luxurious apartment suites.The design concept for the interiors centres on the creation of a clean spatial geometry that defines the spaces and a refined palette of muted yet warm materials. Wildruf A wealth of functional and aesthetic details, like thin shadow gaps that trace the intersection of walls or built-in storage and ceilings, articulate and enhance the interior spaces. All climatic and utility... More

Project • By Lab4 architectsOffices

Moustakas Accounting Offices

The project deals with the redesign of a rectangular floor plan of 150 square meters, in the center of Alexandria city in Greece, in order to house an accounting company’s new offices. The design and construction were undertaken by Lab4 architects and PMG Engineers. Nikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr Nikos Vavdinoudis - Christos Dimitriou / studiovd.gr The total area is divided into subspaces which include a reception room, two director offices, an employee’s room as well as a meeting room. The floor plan is completed with the auxiliary spaces which include a kitchen, a WC as well as a storage room. The basic design parameter is the open plan, with the aim of the unimpeded flow of natural light with... More

Project • By MGK ArchitectsApartments


Located in the Testaccio district in a building of the early '900, between the Lungotevere and the Slaughterhouse, the apartment overlooks almost entirely on the plane trees and the river, creating a different scenario in every season. The restructuring has focused on the redefinition of services and a new general concept to make the environments more functional and adherent to the needs of the new client. Caption Caption The interior design maintains the original conformation marked by load-bearing masonry and develops from a distributive filter, apparently treated in a neutral, silent way that actually welcomes the natural light and color coming from neighboring environments, animating in a different way depending on the positi... More

Project • By InternovaApartments

Berlin Penthouse

Studio Novono from Berlin is the interior designer of this 475,00 m2 penthouse in Berlin. All the custom furniture was produced, delivered, and assembled by us. The kitchen niche part is hidden behind wall claddings, where most of the appliances are. The central kitchen unit wraps around two columns, hiding the main installations behind the claddings. The third element is the kitchen island which is a cooking and food preparation unit. All together, these three elements create a functional space with many hidden storage compartments. Ulf Saupe - Done Studio The fireplace is paved with natural Italian limestone in the upper part and dark marble with a specially developed finish in the lower part. All the edges of the fireplace base ar... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceHousing

Black Diamond House

Situated on an urban infill site, this house builds on Buffalo’s rich architectural heritage, with works by Frank Lloyd Wright and H.H. Richardson only steps away. But rather than looking only to the past, the house offers a model for twenty-first central urban life, with a soaring interior space organized around views, nature and daylight. At the same time, the exterior respects the massing and rhythm of the historic neighborhood in which it is situated.​ Caption So as to fit into the urban context, the design began with the exterior volume of the house that previously occupied this site and burned down. From this starting point, adjustments were made to accommodate programmatic priorities: one wall was angles back six degrees... More

Project • By asap/ adam sokol architecture practiceApartments

X House

  Situated in Beijing’s tallest residential structure, the X-House is a showcase business and residential space for a prominent international entrepreneur. Designed to accommodate business meetings, banquets, guests, and other functions, the space features a 1000-bottle wine cellar, tasting room, and spa bathrooms. The design is based on a system of Bézier curves, giving each space a unique and distinctive quality, creating a completely unexpected experience high above the streets of Beijing. Collectively, the spaces act as a network of domes, almost like a cave, creating opportunities for views, privacy, exploration and surprise. Jonathan Leijonhufvud Jonathan Leijonhufvud The spaces are interconnected in a c... More

Product • By Look CompositesGRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP (Plástico Reforzado con Fibra de Vidrio - PRFV)

GRP is a composite material, made up of a resistant fiberglass structure and a plastic material that acts as a binder. Used for both interior and exterior pieces, facades and even urban furniture. More

Project • By XRANGE ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Penghu House

On the Penghu archipelago west of Taiwan, indigenous laogushi or coral stone houses are a unique cultural heritage. With roots in the southern Chinese coastal regions of Qing dynasty, coral stone houses were built of actual corals blocks stacked upon a base wall of basalt quarried on the islands. They are characterized by a nine-square plan, distinctive “rolled” roof ridges resembling a curved gable and “slits and pillars” as window openings due to strong winds. For a multi generation Penghu family, XRANGE is inspired to reinterpret these historical coral house clusters seen on windswept plains of wild chrysanthemum. Kuo-Min Lee Kuo-Min Lee From a distance, above the tree lines, the silhouette of Penghu Ho... More

Project • By XRANGE ArchitectsHotels

Wandering Walls

On an ocean front mountain top, between tall grasses and acacia forests, walls meander in and out of the wild and wind swept landscape to create an 8 room retreat. Rugged, curvaceous concrete walls define the boundaries between architecture and landscape, wandering inside and outside to create public and private spaces. The retreat is thus named Wandering Walls, a building where the walls truly wander throughout.   Lorenzo Pierucci Lorenzo Pierucci Kuo-Min Lee Respecting that acacia trees do not survive migration or disturbance to their root systems, the building hugs the edge of a native crop of acacia trees to gently curve out towards the... More

Project • By Designsmith InteriorsOffices

Khaleej Times

Every Concept of ours begins with a story. And when we were commissioned to develop a Design Concept for Khaleej Times’s new office space – Reception, News Room & Broadcasting Studio who is UAE’s first & leading English daily under the publishing house – Galadari Printing & Publishing Co. LLC, we came up with the concept of ‘FLOW’ which resonates with the nature of news & media in our daily life.  Caption We were challenged to create a 21,000 Sqft future-proofed space where the staff and the customers could collaborate in a cutting-edge tech integrated space. Being a newspaper and a media giant, incorporating screens and interactive displays was key. So, we engaged with PIXCOM T... More

Project • By Dos VeintinueveRestaurants

Pan de Fuego

The proposal we developed for the new storefront for Pan de Fuego in Cholula, is originated from the understanding of the artisanal process of the product they offer, artisanal bread. Also, the value on the preexistences found on the site is complemented by materiality and furniture.  Caption The honesty of the baker's work and its product, encouraged a proposal that related to the work inside the kitchen, prioritizing materiality and interior ambiance. With this in mind, we chose to strip the walls to expose the brick and neutralizing it to contrast the color of the original floor tiles, a model called 'huichol' which we were asked to keep but were happy to do since it adds to the identity and characteristic colorfulness of the... More

Project • By Dos VeintinueveExhibitions

Camelia Tea Room

According to the popular Chinese legend, the discovery of tea was a wonderful coincidence attributed to the Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung, who happened to be resting under the shadows of a wild tree when a light breeze blew a few leafs off the branches and into a bowl of boiling water nearby creating an aromatic infusion which made the Emperor decide to try it and be captivated by its flavour. Jaime Navarro Camelia Tea Room is our interpretation of such facts and it seeks to generate a multi-sensorial experience through design. Jaime Navarro The space was originally the meeting point for family and friends who used to drink tea, which added a load of symbolism for the proposal. The interior space is divided in two and connected thr... More

Project • By Dos VeintinueveExhibitions

Cocina María Luisa

The project finds inspiration in the kitchens of villages: those where meal preparation uses firewood and smoke, and as a result of this, the shade of the walls gets dark. And also those where there’s a smell of wet soil and the utensils are made of pewter and clay and the whole space revolves around the act of feeding the soul. Jaime Navarro   Materiality in its purest form, of each of the elements that make up the space, is the leading thread of the proposal; apparent concrete, burned wood and volcanic stone plates complement the discourse, crowned by a suspended metallic gabion which contains broken pieces of clay objects: everyday use food and drink containers such as plates, pots, jars and glasses amongst others. J... More

Project • By urbanmakersRestaurants

Canopée restaurant

Hidden behind a large green carriage entrance, just a short walk away from Nantes' former courthouse, is "Canopée". ©Marie jonchere Canopée is a spacious restaurant that we have imagined specifically for epicurean experiences : a bar to help you escape, a lounge to kick back in, circle booths to meet up in, or better yet a terrace for getting some fresh air. Canopée is first and foremost about light and lush greenery with a vast hanging glass ceiling over the former courtyard of 19th century hotel. It is an elegant, refined, authentic place. ©CHPaysan The layout draws from the customs of beautiful French restaurants. The lines of the circle booths with their delicate velvet contrast with the struct... More