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Project • By SOUTH architectureApartments

Lycabettus Hill Studio

The project is about redoing an empty and unused flat, a leftover basement of anAthenian block of apartments. Located at the north slope of Lycabettus Hillin Athens, the flat had a single opening into an enclosed atrium, and a pair of ceilingskylights. Design concept aimed at enhancing those features of the space, in orderto create a comfortable and relaxed living space, a dwelling where the resident would find shelter and would familiarize with its rooms at his own pace.   The design concept is therefore implemented with an array of pocket spaces well designed and balanced. These living spaces offer a variety of in-between relationsand create a graduation of privacy, while maintaining a connection between them.Furthermore, the desig... More

Project • By mimAR | 3D Architectural Visualization CompanyOffices

AJ Towers

The structure is unique in its exterior design which sets it apart. The building façade mimics tree branches with its irregular shape while the steel branches create a mesh that envelopes the building façade with lines within that resemble the details on a tree bark. A central void that cuts through, the design overall allows the interior light to pierce through the vertical metal elements to create a crepuscular effect which a s result provides variation to the design as well as makes the entire building appear more distinct in its setting. The wide parking space is also a cherry on top. More

Project • By HONGDesignworksShops

Shanghai ECCO Global flagship Store

Ecco flagship store locates on Huaihai Rd —— the interaction of eastern and western culture by many international brands. Ecco, a Danish brand of shoes and leather goods, with its design purpose “Making walk be a joy.”  Caption According to the design combined with the sense of future and unique art appliance by DangMing, the store aims to propagate its idea of technology, comfort, and innovation. Hong Designworks uses the concept of "Metropolitan Dreamland"——using the experience of multiple dimensionalities to reconstruct the relationship between people and objects to celebrate this store with its milestone meaning. Caption Designer DangMing conceives an immersive atmosphere that using l... More

Project • By Designsmith InteriorsRestaurants

Nourish Restaurant

While the UAE has many health-food concepts, Nourish is a unique outlet, that looks to not only help people eat better but also adapt their lifestyles, learn about the importance of nutritious food (and enjoy it!) as well as providing wholesome dishes – living a healthy life can be so much fun!   Opened in May 2017, Nourish is the brainchild of two Emirati cousins, born and raised in this very community. Their vision for Nourish is to be the first holistic ‘healthy concept’, where the food tastes great.   After an amazing response from the Dar Al Wasl Branch, Jumeirah, they decided to expand the  Nourish family furthermore.   The new branch located in Last Exit Mall, Khawaneej, Nourish is more tha... More

Project • By NGS ArchitectsResidential Landscape

0/2 Mudon

The initial design and structure of this project are inspired from the clients/family lifestyle as well as the current economic situation, Nabil says. A lot of projects during this period have been modified to cater towards the effects of the pandemic situation.   The unique lifestyle of this family allowed for a larger scope of creativity. A family consisting of three young children, husband and wife, and a close net family of brothers, sisters, and Parents/Grandparents, the client’s work-life had changed. The pandemic resulted in them spending more time at home, halted all business travels, and the need to create a harmonious environment whereby everyone’s needs could be met. The set out would function as a workplace/ t... More

Project • By dasso Bamboo ProductsAirports

Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain

The world’s biggest bamboo interior space. A total of 230,000 m2 (2.3 million sq.ft) of bamboo ceiling strips made to specification, highest fire retardant standard – M1 for public space application. Completed in 2005 with extension carry-out in 2007. More

Project • By Arkham ProjectsRestaurants


OKANA is tension. Tension between black and white, artisan and industrial, perfection in production and free hand. A timeless space, free of clichés, where food is the protagonist and architectural details take a back seat. A place where the stage allows the colors of the ingredients to be highlighted, where the pokés are the main actors in this gastronomic scene. Tamara Uribe Strokes, inspired in an abstract way by Hawaiian tattoos, but at the same time in Mayan lattices, land us in a Yucatecan context. Pieces made by hand by a local craftsman, looking for the individuality of each piece in tension with the perfect modulation of the pieces made in series; unique pieces, like each poké, unique. This element, tota... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

Campus Firmenich

Interior design of the offices of Firmenich, a large flavours and fragrance creation company and of the catering area. This project, which was awarded 2nd place in the Prix Bilan de l'Immobilier 2019 ranking, blends local and corporate culture for tailor-made layouts. Think Utopia The "New Building"In the new building, the administrative areas developed by CCHE reflect the local culture, in order to follow the company's global strategy and encourage local identity. This office space therefore blends "swissness" with the company's products. The Swiss landscapes are all very different from each other but create a single identity. To create a strong identity, the landscapes were deployed in the building’s different areas to create... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

Incyte Biosciences International

The building that housed the Pastagala factory in Morges was converted into an administrative building intended to lodge the European headquarters of Incyte Biosciences International. Vincent Jendly CCHE, in charge of the interior transformation of the approximately 10,000 m2 surface area, has developed a project that preserves the industrial memory of the place and favours clarity and transparency. This project is part of the transformation of the shell of the building and the site jointly carried out by Tribu Architecture and CCHE. Vincent Jendly The desire to preserve the memory of the building is present throughout the development of the project, from the choice of materials to the integration of the technique, with visible... More

Project • By BlockstudioApartments

Taganka Apartment

This project revolved around the apartment owners’ wish to integrate antique furniture in a modern setting while avoiding an atmosphere of a museum. Antiques carry the magic of craftsmanship and, when incorporated in an interior, they continue to give off their warmth. The space created by the architects has given the selected antique pieces a new lease on life. Mikhail Loskutov Unlike everywhere else in the world, most Russian customers do not embrace the idea that interior pieces of different periods can be juxtaposed in one common space and, from this perspective, the project is unique. The apartment is situated in a 19th century building that was overhauled in the 20th century with no trace of its original floor and apartmen... More

Project • By The Design GroupOffices

Universal Music Polska office - musical space

The new office of Universal Music Polska music label in Warsaw delights with an unusual blend of loft elements and cozy, home-sweet-home vibe, elegance, and cutting-edge technology at top level. This is the space for everyone – you simply want to stay, work and create there. A lot of credit for that goes to the team of The Design Group architects, responsible for the very original interior design of the largest record company operating in Poland. Caption Universal Music Polska is part of global music corporation Universal Music Group. The latter owns departments in a number of countries across the world, and such stars as Madonna and U2 release their albums under Universal Music's umbrella. The new UMP headquarters, designed to... More

Product • By Gosford Quarries SandstoneSandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving

Gosford Quarries quality Australian Sandstone Paving is available in a variety of thicknesses and customisable sizes to suit any project requirements and architectural specification. Australian Sandstone is the ideal material for floor paving because it is naturally slip-resistant and has incredible natural thermal regulation, making it an ideal material for pools and outdoor entertaining spaces. Gosford Quarries Sandstone paving is available in the largest variety of sandstone colours (Brown, Pink, White, Grey, Gold and Cream) in Australia, making it an ideal option for any project. Gosford Quarries and the sandstone processing experts and are able to curve, shape and custom edge finishes (Bullnose, Rockface, Chamfer, Pencil round) on s... More

Project • By Studio TotoShops

Momade Cupcakes Shop Brussels

The project is located in Rue de Madeleine in the center of Brussels. De groundfloor is a former art gallery. The space was remodelled to sell baked goods.   The large showcase window from the previous gallery lends itself well to displaying the baked goods in the store. It entices people to enter and inquire. Once inside a large countertop fills the space. Along the sides of the space there is seating. Previously used spaces create oppurtunities to create sitting corners.   The project is a collaboration of Studio toto and product designer and developer Jasper Aelvoet, who designed the interior of the store.   Fase :             Finished Year :             &... More

Project • By SIMPLIPrivate Houses

VP House

The architectural model of the house inspired us to make a small redevelopment to create a holistic, comfortable, multifunctional space filled with air and light. The combination of large windows, natural shades, and textures, natural materials make the house an integral part of the surrounding nature, fill it with energy and family comfort. Almost all the furniture in the interior is made by Ukrainian manufacturers according to our project. Andrey Bezuglov The architectural model of the house inspired us to make a small redevelopment to create a holistic, comfortable, multifunctional space filled with air and light. The combination of large windows, natural shades, and textures, natural materials make the house an integral part... More

Project • By Valdemar Coutinho ArquitectosOffices

Law firm office S. Pereira, R. Miotti, R. S. Reis

The new office of lawyers Susana Pereira, Roberta Miotti and Rute de Sousa Reis identifies itself as a project full of symbolism, innovative and charismatic, as well as a space that emanates safety, serenity and comfort. The existing space, with certain determinant constraints for its new interior dimensioning design, namely the configuration and openings, resulted in a creative and practical project idea, responding to the requests for the office concept sought by the lawyers. Caption Caption Compartmentalized into a waiting room, work spaces, cafeteria and meeting room, the new office, deliberately designed with symbology, sobriety and dynamic lines, offers tranquility and confidence. The delineated space offers the adequate s... More