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Project • By POLO ArchitectsOffices

Campus West Offices

For decades, the Gazet van Antwerpen printing works and offices were a familiar sight in the Antwerp left bank skyline. Since the fusion, only the newsroom’s new office building is left. The freed area was purchased by project developer Groep Bouwen and will be called Katwilg Park from now on. POLO Architects created the masterplan.   OPTIMISING AN INDUSTRIAL ZONECreating space for economic activity is one of the main priorities of the City of Antwerp. The city seeks to exploit its industrial zones more efficiently. The existing Katwilgweg business park near the E17 motorway junction on the Scheldt river’s left bank still contains a significant number of vacant or underused commercial lots. When the Oosterweel Link is com... More

Product • By INECO incIECO Block

IECO Block

Functional eco-friendly indoor finish to improve space environment and make room beautiful More

Project • By AxolightResidential Landscape

Classic FS Apartment

Edifico design studio designed the interiors of this apartment in Moscow, matching the chrome finish of Mountain View and Fedora pendant lamps with a minimalistic environment.The designer Andrey Nadtochiy included in his project three Axolight collections, fusing them together in a total harmony: two Mountain View pendant lamps light up the kitchen area, a 3-lights Fedora lamp is installed in the main bedroom and a funny Muse ceiling lamp heats the children’s room. More

Project • By AxolightHotels

Estrel Hotel

Inside the Estrel Hotel in Berlin, there is a fair center, congress and event hall divided in different spaces or foyer. In particular, in foyer number 4 it is available a big space, illuminated by natural light, structured as a location to rent. It is ideal for events of any type. There are installed our Layers suspensions. More

Project • By VA'astu Architecture StudioApartments

Modern Guest Bedroom . Indonesia

Dear readers, here is the work of VAástu Architecture Studio in the first three months of 2017. Let's start telling about Interior Design of this guest room - the apartment. This guest bedroom interior design project is located in one condominium unit area sudirman, South Jakarta. The total living area of ​​the guest bedroom is 18 m². In the design, the team carrying the theme Modern Interior with wood finishing motif. Establish a design based on the client refrence photo given at the beginning of the discussion. Surely there must be slight modifications. We modify the selected colors into unisex colors (can be for male and female rooms) and size adjustments so that the shape and atmosphere of the room from refrensi images can... More

Product • By AxolightU-light - pendant

U-light - pendant

Collection consisting of wall lamps, ceiling lamps and suspended lamps in aluminium. Available in several sizes and colours: anthracite grey and rust brown. Built-in dimmable LED light source. More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiPrivate Houses

Suburbian Villa

In the residential homogeneity of the Po Valley, deamicisarchitetti insert a distruptive element: a white and bold volume with a large sloping roof, reminescent of rural farmsteads. Topic One-family house with garden in allotment situated in city suburbs. Conditions Quality and appearance of the exterior fence determined by the allotment plan. Building on the margins of the allotment not permitted. Project choices In the vagueness of suburbia, where each place is similar to any other, where architecture is always changing and still always the same, where the limits, the entrances and the margins are usually those prescribed by regulations and allotment plans, and where regulations impose to build in the centre of the available allotment, t... More

Project • By andrea rubini architettoApartments


Project house#03 is the result of a renovated 80 square meter apartment owned by a newly retired couple in Vigevano. The house, built in the late '80s under a project of affordable housing, has minimal spaces and no characteristic features. For this reason, the project includes a search for few higher quality materials and the redefinition of the living room to create a more generous space. To increase the surface of the living area the existing kitchen had to be reduced into a service room consisting of a worktop and high volumes. The outcome is a long narrow living area that is divided into both dining and living room. You can almost feel a sense of separation when looking at the two-coloured walls and ceiling. Two shades of gre... More

Project • By andrea rubini architettoApartments


Project house#01 is the result of a 80 square meter apartment (end 1950s) renovation in Vigevano. I tried merging different cultures, from the love for designers AG Fronzoni and Prouvè on the one hand and my wife's Scandinavian influence on the other. The outcome is a mix of contemporary elements - tied to our chronological age - accompanied by items from the '50s/60s that are linked to the age of the building we live in. The choice of the materials was pretty straightforward. The oak parquet on the floor and neutral grey tones on the walls were aimed at resetting the place and making the furniture speak for itself in a game of black and white contrasts. More

Project • By andrea rubini architettoApartments


Project house#02 is the result of a 90 square meter apartment renovation of a young couple living in Milan. The theme develops around the centre corridor of the house, a classic of the late ‘60s buildings such as this one, disengaging all the rooms. It was decided to start from and widen the corridor, and to obtain a greater sense of three-dimensionality through the doors, which stand in a sort of ‘portal’: aligned to the inner corner of each room when closed, placed in the depth of the compartment when open. Each niche is dipped into light by individual spotlights. These elements drew the lead for various tailored solutions, including kitchen, shower and wardrobes. The choice of materials was pretty straightforward. The neu... More

Project • By Here EastParks/Gardens

Creative and digital cluster on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Here East announces start datefor construction of a creative and digital cluster on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Here East, London’s home for making and the company selected by the London Legacy Development Corporation to transform the former Press and Broadcast Centres on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park into a world-class creative and digital cluster, today announces that construction work to transform the buildings will commence on 20th October 2014. Here East has selected Laing O’Rourke to undertake the works as it presses ahead with plans to create a home for world-leading creative and digital companies in the heart of east London. As part of the agreement, Laing O Rourke has committed to providing local employment and apprenticeship... More

Product • By Memories of a ButterflyCustomized Bead Curtains & Installations

Customized Bead Curtains & Installations

Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB) - design in beads, specializes in creating High-end Fashionable Customized Bead Curtains & Screens in a flexible, modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar. All the designs are hand made and every piece is customized so as to suit the clients’ lifestyle design and functional decoration needs. Every space needs to be tackled with its own distinct design and lifestyle requirements which is why we believe in customizing every piece in our work with architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurateurs, builders and individual home owners. What we love about Bead Curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spa... More

Project • By Memories of a ButterflyHotels

Champagne Brown Acrylic Crystal Bead Curtain Installation

This Champagne Brown Acrylic Crystal Bead Curtain was created for the ‘Champagne Lounge’ at the Grand Cayman Island prestigious Car Museum in affiliation with London based Interior designer and Gallery Owner David Genty (http://www.genty.co.uk/). Here we have used various shapes of acrylic crystal beads all the while in keeping with the prominent color theme champagne in order to stay true to the essence of this space. Not only do the bead curtains here lend a sense of richness, warmth, royalty & depth, but they also help segregate the area from the larger museum creating a sense of privacy. The Red Acrylic Crystal Bead Curtain is an ‘Uneven Spread Design’. Acrylic Colored Crystals come in various colors and sizes. Different c... More

Project • By Setter ArchitectsOffices

Setter Architects office

Setter Architects offices are located in Tel Aviv.  The design derived from the desire to create wealth in materials and textures in order to create an inspiring work environment, yet a work environment that feels like home. The entire office is paved with a soft, textured carpet and gives a pleasant and homely feel. The front desk has a raw iron façade with a laser cut logo, corresponding to a Corten steel column and a library with an iron wire mesh front. The building materials were deliberately used as a hint of the nature of the firm's work. Wooden decorative lighting fixtures illuminate the entrance area, alongside a bare block wall. Behind it is the kitchen and dining table. The kitchen was designed in a cozy home sty... More