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Project • By PORO ArquiteturaShops

Sorvete da Reserva Ice Cream Shop

Reserva Pedrinhas, from where all the necessary input used in the production of the ice-cream comes from, was the leading reference in the design of the ice-cream parlour. Through direct contact with the place, it was possible to transpose the most significant elements found there to the project conception. The needs program was solved in a simple way, through a sectorial division between the production and service areas. Igor Ribeiro A single piece of furniture, made entirely of wood, marks this division, branching out throughout the social area and configuring itself sometimes as a bench, sometimes as a shelf, structural support, frame and lining. This articulation generates a formal unity in the environment, emphasized by the use o... More

Project • By Derack Space + DesignPrivate Houses

ACL House

A compact two-storey house with biophilic exterior More

Project • By AGA STUDIOHousing


Located in the heart of the Ambassadors district in Rabat, N House is an architectural response to a particular request from the Client. Caption This 800 m2 villa, behind its seemingly simple massing, hides a multitude of surprises once through the door. Caption Indeed, this plot with many constraints allowed the architects to create a unique contemporary house. Very aesthetic, it does not neglect comfort and functionality.Lovers of simplicity, the architects designed a house entirely open to the outside, contained in a rectangular volume. Transparency, natural light, and unobstructed views are all elements that guided them in the design of this particular villa. Due to its reduced width, the architects oriented all the spaces t... More

Project • By AGA STUDIOHousing


Located in the center of Bir Kacem neighborhood, Villa C. is a peaceful heaven in the heart of the capital. This 700m2 villa is the result of a meeting and collaboration between an open and sensitive client, and two attentive and detail-oriented architects. Alessio Mei This large, disjointed villa, completely open to the garden, stimulates the senses through straightforward volumes and neat lines. The unstructured play of spaces articulates functions and needs. Alessio Mei With several independences, grouping together the sleeping areas, all connected to the central part of the house via a glazed corridor decorated with plants, the villa C. is centered on itself. This interlocking game then creates a wide variety of spaces in th... More

Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaApartments


Located in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia is this project of integral reform of housing. Casa en el Ensanche is located in a building of 1937 and the essence of the time is reflected throughout the house. With more than 120 m2 built, we faced a renovation project whose premise was to provide personality and modernity to the whole house while maintaining part of the original essence. This essence has been preserved preserving the height and part of the original ceiling moldings. Also noteworthy is the kitchen area, where the original Nolla mosaic floor of the house has been preserved. Restored piece by piece and installed as a carpet that allows to delimit the space of the kitchen and living/dining room. For the remaining pavement of... More

Project • By Open AD architectsApartments

Gentlemen's apartment

Located in a grand Art Nouveau building, the apartment spans across its top two floors, including an adapted attic. Open AD took on its complete transformation from floor plan to furniture and fixtures. Inspired by the location, history of the building and the client’s lifestyle, we created an apartment that combines the old and new. An apartment of playful yet elegant contrasts. Historically, the front-facing interiors would have been more lavish, while the back of the building was reserved for subtle staff quarters. This is a contrast we chose to preserve with shared living quarters on the street side and bedrooms towards the back. We also ensured a change in atmosphere and aesthetics between both floors. A dramatic statement stair... More

Project • By Studio Jordano ValotaShops


Customers needed to update their great to meet the needs of their target audience. An elegant project was done with an organic designer made through the parameterization of the furniture. With a reference to Scandinavian interiors. Where a base was made of wood and the rest of the construction in white tons. Giving a background for displaying the glasses. More

Project • By Cotaparedes ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Bonsai House

Located in a private subdivision in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, the Bonsai House rests on a 12x22m (39.37x72.18 ft) lot  and faces Southwest on a downward slope of 2m (6.56 ft).    The owners, a young couple with children, were looking for a house in which to raise their kids. Among their requests was an indoor pool to be used mainly for exercise and physical therapy.    Due to this, the common areas including the living room, dining room and kitchen would be adapted to these needs. Taking advantage of the 2m of elevation, the owners decided to use half levels—basing the social area on the ground floor and bedrooms a level above. The ground floor was designed as an open space, a dining room attached... More

Project • By hcreatesRestaurants

Mini Cuppa - SOHO

 hcreates recently opened a new café for Mini Cuppa in the Sky Soho development in Hongqiao, Shanghai.  The client wanted a fun and cozy space to attract the young professionals in the surrounding office towers. When hcreates first started to learn about Mini Cuppa, they immediately noticed their range of interesting, creative drinks and snacks that were very eye-catching. Design Director Hannah Churchill said the creative process was ignited by the products. “We kept going back to this one bubble-tea image.  It was kind of sculptural. We couldn’t help but let that influence the design aesthetic for the space”hcreates designed a custom floor for the project, the terrazzo tiles had inserts cut into the... More

Project • By In-between Architects LimitedPrivate Houses

Dual Tone Simplex at Mount Regalia

In-between Architects creates a simplex of two adjoining units in distinctive tones for a four-generation family from the age of 12 to 90 in Mount Regalia Kau To Shan, a serene and undisturbed location up in the layers of mountains.  The challenge lies where different needs have to be taken care for the family members at different age groups. The son's family seek a cool and minimal living style that allows greeting guests with ambience and evoking visual zones alongside the beautiful wine and cuisine. The apartment is characterised by monochrome and a range of bold materials like artistic wall paint, rusticated stone wall and textured wood flooring. The right... More

Project • By hcreatesOffices

Gusto Luxe China Headquarters

The new Headquarters in the heart of Jing An will support the agency’s growing team and features a wellness center and flexible showroom for live streaming and events.  SHANGHAI (April 2021) Gusto Luxe, Asia’s leading integrated luxury agency, has moved into new Shanghai Headquarters. The 2,500 sqm space was designed by hcreates, an award-winning interior design studio based in Shanghai.   “We are incredibly excited to turn our vision for an integrated creative space, into a reality,” says Nick Cakebread, Gusto Luxe Founding Partner. “The new Shanghai headquarters will allow us to expand our service offering for clients, as well as ensure that our people have a space that caters not only to... More

Product • By KLUSMIFOR-70 System

MIFOR-70 System

Draw a shape! KLUŚ will transform it into a luminaire.MIFOR-70 is an innovative LED lighting system. It inspires you to play with its shape. What is MIFOR-70 in practice? MIFOR-70 is a system that allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape, including open, closed and openwork. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, "soft" arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane. MIFOR-70 can flexibly adapt to the design concept. The system does not only enable creating "soft" forms but also connecting the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective, polygonal, especially bent, "undulating" light compositions. MIFOR-70 fixtures are intended to be suspen... More

Project • By KEMA studioApartments

Duplex Porto

The main objective of the project was to transform a duplex apartment facing north in order to provide it with as much natural light as possible, contributing this way to the quality of life of its users. The apartment is located in a recently renovated building, located in Rua de Restauração, an impressive street in the city of Porto dated back to the early 19th century, where one can find many bourgeois buildings, formerly considered the most luxurious houses in the city. Because of this, the main objective of this project was not only to solve the functional problems of the space, but also to bring back the bourgeois and luxurious character of the apartament, reinterpreting it in a contemporary way through the sensitive u... More
Restaurant interior design
Restaurant interior design
Restaurant interior design
Restaurant interior design
Restaurant interior design

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsBars

Gurman Chef Restaurant

"Luxurious English pub vibes."   This sentence makes no sense; we know.  At least, not until you see our latest project.  Gurman Chef restaurant, located in downtown Yerevan, offers fine beverages and quality food.  We used a mix of industrial and old-school English pub styles to enhance the atmosphere, all delivered with high-end class.  Design is rich with a darker color palette, provided by metallic, wooden, leather, and brick solutions.  We especially highlighted the bar area, which is right in front of the entrance.  The massive lighting solutions, the layout, and the catchy design of the bar area invite people.   Another noteworthy part of the design is the shabby wall - it tells a story, cr... More

Project • By LODESHotels

Exe Saldanha

The Exe Saldanha is a hotel that is contemporary in spirit and functional in character, the ideal place for urbanites. The hotel facilities have been designed paying great attention to every single detail so as to live up to your expectations, whether you are here for tourism or on a business trip. Lodes' suspensions Kelly and A-Tube as well as A-Tube ceiling lamp blend in naturally with the design, decorating and embellishing the café, the dining room and the hotel's entrance hall. More