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Project • By IN8 Design Inc.Private Houses

Condo I

Winner of the ARIDO Award of Excellence 2013. Caption Caption Newly empty-nesters, our clients asked for ultra-contemporary interiors to reflect their personal tastes and interests. IN8’s visioning / imaging work established the bold aesthetic; their detailed analysis revealed opportunities to rationalize and enhance the existing spaces. New flooring, millwork, and finishes complement the re-organized rooms. Caption Caption More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Raiffeisen TechCenter

The concept of the Raiffeisen TechCenter, the IT department of Raiffeisen Bank in Omsk, is based on IT+ART=DIGITAL ART — a global, bright, dynamic, inspiring — a modern reading of timeless values.  Caption The meeting rooms are inspired by the works of prominent residents of Omsk — artist Damir Muratov, musician Egor Letov and poet Timofey Belozerov. Three different types of art — visual, musical and poetry are transferred on a digital basis and realized in spaces of active discussions and birth of new ideas.  QR codes have been placed in the meeting rooms, which can be used to find out more about the identity of the inspirer of the design concept. Caption In the reception area there is an insta... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesBars

Kamimachi - Japanese noodle & restaurant -

This restaurant is located in the centre of Shanghai. The owner's vision is to spread Japanese noodle and food culture to China and the world, and as this is his first restaurant, he wanted the design to be Japanese. We thought about the Japanese style and the elements of the restaurant, and because it is located on the 2nd floor, we thought about the theme of "eating on a pier with a big roof". Caption Caption Caption To eat under the roof, under the eaves, is to be comfortable, By wrapping the layer of white wood as a louver, it gently wraps people, it gently wraps the space and it gently wraps the food. By creating a space under the eaves in the form of a roof, we have been able to create an atmosphere similar to that... More

Project • By IN8 Design Inc.Offices

Davies Howe

IN8 designed this corporate space to best reflect the collaborative ethos of their client, land development law firm Davies Howe.  The office design speaks to openness, light, colour and plenty of  allowance for teamwork.  Caption IN8 capitalized on the slab-to-slab height to create a soaring space filled with custom features. From the array of distinctive pendant lights and room signage celebrating the firm’s history in various locations, to the flexible penthouse spaces, every design detail speaks to the practice’s character. Caption More

Project • By Anat Herman Architecture and Interior DesignCity Halls

city hall design, 'rishon lezion', Israel

The new Rishon Lezion Municipality Lobby was designed by Anat Herman Wincygster Architecture and Interior Design Studio. The municipality's location in  in the heart of the city inspired the design concept: a meeting point, a kind of 'urban piazza' that connects the outside and inside, designed in a modern style that gives an inviting feeling to city employees and residents. Tamir Rogowski Tamir Rogowski The lobby uses colors and materials inspired by the sea, orchards, wine and sands that symbolize the city. These were reflected in the terrazzo flooring as an image of sand and rocks, in the modern reception desks covered with tiles in greenish colors, in the innovative lighting fixtures and of course in the modern and luxur... More

Project • By andrea rubini architettoApartments


House––06 was born from the restructuring of an apartment of around 100 sq.m. andrea rubini architetto The house, built at the tail end of the 1960s, identifies the classic distribution of central corridors and the disengagement of all the other rooms, where it was decided to keep and substituting the walls, which divided the corridor from the daily living quarters with a touch of polycarbonate. andrea rubini architetto This particular choice has created an element of three-dimensional divide which allows natural light to shine through including all the corridor. andrea rubini architetto The project foresees also the union of the kitchen and living quarters by identifying an undivided separated space from the c... More

Project • By andrea rubini architettoPrivate Houses


House #08 is a 130 sqm apartment on two levels in Milan. The project consists of small changes to the existing layout in search of long perspectives and space flexibility. The entrance with the presence of an exposed metal staircase connecting the two levels was the starting point of our first considerations. It gave a weird perception of entering the house through a series of stairwells. Carola Merello We therefore decided to eliminate such presence by covering the metal staircase completely, thus obtaining a closet under the stairs too. Through the application of wallpaper, you now pass the entrance door straight into a hushed environment which illusively restores a complete abstraction of the space. All existing first lev... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesRestaurants

commer & zima Gallery & Cafe

When designing, I always think about how much the historical and potential of this place can be taken into consideration and "casually" designed.I'm thinking of expanding my imagination by expressing the life-sized "place" there, rather than trying to get strange. Caption   "Commer & zima" is on the first floor of an old building in the office district. This store, which is less than 14 tsubo, is long and narrow and has a trapezoidal plane that widens toward the back. From this condition as well, the layout plan was to have a kitchen in the back and only bench seats for the audience. Caption   Since it also serves as a photo gallery, we designed it "casually" and prepared "walls" with different textures in consid... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesHousing

House - S

This project started with a conversation with the client, about pouring sunlight and breeze through the house, things which are gifts from nature.  Caption   I think that houses nowadays tend to be too closed off. Is this because it is the only way to face the city, or perhaps because of the deterioration of the environment? Caption Obtainable/Not obtainable Show/hide Open/close Release/hold Cross/parellel Caption   I wondered if it was possible to create a kind of ‘scenery’ by applying opposites such as stronger/weaker, calm/lively and light/dark. These are the keys to this house. Caption This house is located in the west of Kobe city close to Suma beach. I expected to see a mature c... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesHousing

House - O

The site is very small, at 66㎡ it is like a garden. This area is a dense residential area with some row houses. The budget is limited as usual… Thinking about a house within these conditions… Caption Where to open and where to close…  I thought it was important to consider how to take in the sunlight for this house, and to consider Ma ( space in between ) to create a feeling of generousness in this site. Caption I had a few things to try out on this project, such as the structure, planning and interior detailing. However there were also many limiting factors such as budget, site area, height etc.  Caption The theme became creating architecture despite the given constraints, and to do this w... More

Project • By AB+PartnersShops


Year: 2021 Area: 65 sqm Location: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Brands: MADLAB, Florim, Delta Light Team: Alexandrin Buraga, Marco Ballerini, Vlad Ștepu, Victoria Pleșca Interior Design Concept: AB + Partners Photo: Oleg Bajura Caption Caption We approach each project through the prism of aesthetic individuality and are not guided by stereotypes. It was also the case of this project on arrangement of Elody drug store, where we avoided treating it as a sterile medical space. We relied on the elegance of the details and the chromatic nobility. Caption Caption We opted for simple lines, turning curves into a leitmotif of the premise. We kept the classic structure of the lateral stands, arching them at the top and gi... More

Project • By Yamamori Architect & AssociatesBars

Ondine bar&salon -Floating-

This bar, ‘Ondine’, is in a tenant building located on a busy road in the middle of Kitashinchi in Osaka. Kitashinchi has changed recently and is no more a town of expensive clubs and restaurants. In any business ( restaurant? Or bar? ) space, a sense of the extraordinary is usually required. However if the design is overdone, the space would become unsophisticated and crude. Furthermore if the space is small, the result would be worse.  Caption   This design which is ‘simple and somewhat playful’ rouses the imagination of people who experience that space. ‘Nothing will be added, nothing will be reduced’, this was how I designed Ondine.  ‘Ondine’ means water fairy in Fre... More

Project • By Simone de Gale ArchitectsShops

Fabric Flavours

Fabric Flavours is a kids clothing store in North London. The two-storey Concept Store has a surprise below the shop floor, where there are custom-built Velorooms for the children to try out the bikes and scooters available upstairs. The Velorooms are industrial and yet inviting.   Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectApartments


The wooden-plantation partition is designed to be an element of directionality as well as maintaining the partial privacy to common and personal foyer.  Personal foyer opens to vestibule with cozy ledge sitting, which further leads into an open-plan drawing and dining room. Caption Working with a muted material palette, a mix of teak-wood, bronze mirror and metal accents has been used to bring warmth and grace to the apartment. Colour palette infuses simplicity in the drawing room, with Grey-stone cladding backdrop for times of togetherness. Nude leather faux sofa, wooden elements, metal accents, create a room that’s upbeat and comfortable at the same point. Caption This bronze mirror, panelled with teak-wood patti... More

Project • By Simone de Gale ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Manjeri Residence

The Manjeri Residence brings together the principles of Indian architecture with the contemporary design of a London home. The property incorporates a chalet-style design, with the majority of the living spaces on the ground floor. While it is a modern house, we combined it with interiors such as the Puja and the Jali screen to design a home that does not stray far from traditional Indian architecture.  Caption Caption Caption More