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Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Ischia Luxury house

Dating back to the last century, the "cellaio" was built in one of the most  panoramic areas of the island of Ischia, immersed in the hilly land, at that time subdivided into terraces for the cultivation of the grapes. The harvest period was in fact the only time of the year when the house was inhabited. During the seventies, however, a series of particularly invasive interventions (such as the replacement of the ancient wooden floors with new cement brickworks and the more regular reconstruction of the facades), partially modified the spontaneous and raw character of the original construction forms. What remained unchanged, however, was the compact, rigid and dark character of the cottage. The stone that covers it is in fact a rare ca... More

Project • By VISUAL DISPLAY - Interior / Identity / StoriesRestaurants

Baita piè Tofana Cortina

At the foot of the Tofane of Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the heart of the ski area that will host the 2021 World Championships and the Olympic Games in 2026, stands a small wooden house with a long history behind it.  First established as a hut to host the timekeepers during the '56 Winter Olympics, it later became a traditional hut where you can breathe the mundane atmosphere of the 1980s, well narrated in the Vanzina brothers' movie Vacanze di Natale. Right here, in 1983, one of the cult scenes were filmed with Christian De Sica and Karina Huff and lately some sequel scenes, Vacanze di Natale 2000 and Vacanze di Natale a Cortina 2011. In the 1960s it became one of the landmarks of Ampezzo's haute cuisine.  2019 – It is with... More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Onde (waves)

The apartment is located in the center of Rome, inside a very rational real estate complex, interesting from an architectural point of view, but incredibly squared and with large orthogonal spaces. The project was born for a young woman, so the main intention was to orientate the study of the interior design to restore a softness, an irrationality of the environments, in line with a female identity, and at the same time in strong contradiction with the external context. The design work focuses on shapes and volumes emphasized with light colors that reflect the nuances of the seascapes. The result is a very welcoming home, with original and sinuous suggestions involving continuous different points of view and overlapping free lines in moveme... More

Product • By Plart DesignGallo -Gatto

Gallo -Gatto

Kimere Art Collection by Omar Ronda GALLO-GATTOThoughtfully designed, this product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.Available in various versions making it an easy addition to any environment. More



Trona is the only design armchair that can be easily put inside and out- side water. Trona armchair includes 5 products in 1: from elegant seat out of water, it becomes a luxury floating mattress inside water thanks to its original Plexi base. Trona armchair changes style and shape as you prefer. opened, it is a luxury, comfortable and safe Design Floating armchair. closed on its plexi-base, it’s an elegant piece of furniture customizable for indoor and outdoor spaces. You can personalize your Trona armchair on demand.Trona armchair (closed) details:Width 80 cmlength 95 cmheight 80 cmSitting-height 35 cmTrona armchair (opened) details:Width 80 cmlength 190 cmheight 17 cm> Base Version: chair Back + lumbar> Luxury Versio... More

Product • By Tender RainViceversa


Revolutionary multifunction shower head, with shower arm and diverter included.Adjustable waterfall: no water sprinkling!300 x 192 mm antiscale shower head.Surface with nozzles: 242 x 192 mm.Matchable with 350 mm or 400 mm shower arm.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate – rain effect: 8 liters/minute.Average flow rate – waterfall: 15 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1 bar. More

Product • By Tender RainPluvia


Unique model with an amazing water jet shape.560 x 400 mm antiscale shower head with wall shower arm included.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate 18 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1,5 bar. More

Product • By Tender RainSharp


Definite architectonical element issuing his form from a spatial geometry. Rising rail with essential shower head that goes through the relation generated between wall and ceiling, edge of two levels at the base of every architecture. Despite the simplicity of his shape, the intersection of two architectonical levels is strongly characterized and easy to remember. Multifunctional chrome plated brass rising rail equipped with antiscale shower head, waterfall and encased handshower / body jet. Sharp I available as: shower head only (rain/waterfall), Wall mounted or self-standing column. Manual or thermostatic mixer. More