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Product • By INNTEX - Innovative TextilesHammered Metal Fabric

Hammered Metal Fabric

Hammered fabrics are produced with a proprietary digital technique that allows to create shiny patterns on  INNTEX metal fabrics. More

Project • By Stonehenge DesignsOffices

Eros office design

The client was looking for an office that was primarily white with straight clean lines.  White provided an ideal canvas for the colour that we wanted to add to this space through art, features and furniture.  The highlight of the space was the geometrical wall feature that starts at the entry and culminates on the workstation area wall which is is adjacent to the work desks More

Project • By Stonehenge DesignsOffices

Golden ikon office design

This office is an Oasis in the middle of a desert. The staff here was sitting in a very unkempt space devoid of natural light. There was a lot of chaos and hence lack of orientation. We took it up as a clean slate and exposed the beautiful metal and stone ceiling that had been covered with grid tiles. We developed a clean straight design to bring a sense of calmness in contrast to the high stress levels associated with the job.    The unnecessary divisions were brought down and workstations were arranged in an open plan. To add a sense of belonging and to make it unique for them, we added customised shutters to the large storage which depicted fleet services provided by them on a large network of roads.    Material U... More

Project • By Ahead ConceptPrivate Houses


If the essence of space is to represent the appearance of the dweller, then our purpose is to let the inner world of the dweller to be established in the actual space. Stage is a theatrical space, linking the classical opera style with walnut material, and using strong contrasting colors to make each space in the field have its own attributes. The semi-open compartment relationship increases the flexibility of the space in the future. The arch with red copper wall divides the living room, the leisure area and the dining room, but it is also the visual key to connect the three spaces. The red copper will oxidize with the passage of time, which makes time meaningful to the space and is a clever makeup. It can make the space classic and eye-ca... More

Project • By Stonehenge DesignsApartments

Emaar palm springs apartment renovation

A house is one of the most intimate spaces one can design for a person. No matter where in the world are you, you always come back to your coordinates; your abode. This abode has to bring back your memories , your visions, has to to give you a comfort which you relate to and make you feel completely yourself. It is a space where you are yourself and there are no layers.  Bringing you up-close to an apartment we recently designed for a client in Gurgaon.  In this apartment, the openings, the doors, the floors, the walls- the colour and material, the ceilings and the play of lighting are manifestations of the thoughts and personalities of the owners and their passions. Besides the sensory experience, this project has been done ke... More

Project • By Doyle CollectionBars

La Coquina cerveceria

This Spanish cuisine restaurant serves shellfish dishes as main menu. It is located on the upper floor of a newly built commercial building in the middle of Shibuya, one of the representative cities in Japan.  The design identity of this restaurant comes from the “Shellfish”. From this inspiration, we converted this image to the materials, patterns and forms. What is more, by enhancing the details of the Cataluña culture in Spain, which is deeply related to the sea, we have generated an extraordinary atmosphere, so- called the trinity of “Shellfish”, “Spain” and the “Sea”.  From the keyword “Shellfish”, no two shellfish here are alike and by focusing on how they look w... More

Project • By Gottsmann ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Avant-Garde Farmhouse

The House labelled “Avant-Garde Farmhouse” by print media is a contemporary interpretation of the classic Farm style house. The house is situated in Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Johannesburg and received a “Highly Commended” award from the International Property Awards held in 2015 in Dubai. More

Project • By Gottsmann ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The River View House

With elevated views of the river running through the valley below the site, the house was aptly named the River View House. Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the site is nestled amidst a small forest of thorn trees and grassland. The compact, yet steep site presented a gradient of 1:1 which brought with it many challenges, but at the same time Gottsmann Architects saw many more opportunities. This set the tone for the project and so the concept began. Upon approaching the home on street level, a person is led past finely detailed Scandinavian timber screens opening up and leading one across a bridge suspended over water. The large open-plan layout provides unobstructed views of the forest from within the interior spaces of the house.... More

Project • By Stonehenge DesignsOffices

Indus Insights Office Design

This office was about 8000 sq ft of space. It was huge and the challenge was the grid of columns which we had to incorporate in our layout in a way that they merged with the workstations and did not stand out separately.  The office was white with splash of colour in places, colours which synced well and added the fun and happiness which the client wanted to add.  As one enters the main door, there is the vast expanse of white enveloped by cabins and meeting rooms which have bright and happy colours.  Another feature here was the inclined walls of the cabins, in the central spine, which were our favourite as the geometry stood out and also added to the viewing angle from inside the cabin.   Material Used :1. Otium -... More
Living room

Project • By Urbanism Planning Architecture ItaliaPrivate Houses

Private Villa Abu Dhabi

Within an important residential area of high  quality villas facing the sea, a total built-up area of more than 2,500 sqm had been dedicated for the design and construction of a new three floor villa with underground service spaces . The villa comprises many bed room suites in addition to receptions, living and dining spaces, library, offices study rooms with children play area.  The facade that face the main street was designed  with a semi solid treatment, to preserve privacy, while the façade in front of the sea is characterize by transparent glass and balconies, and opens to the outdoor area that includes an open swimming pool and a well designed landscape. This luxurious villa of very high quality internal design... More

Project • By ModscapePrivate Houses

Project Elsternwick Extension

Utilising modern construction techniques, this two-storey addition to the rear of this mid-century home in Elsternwick is sympathetic to its origins, but unashamedly modern, fulfilling the needs for a growing family.   The owners loved their mid-century home, but in its poor state – cluttered layout, leaky windows, rotting frames and lack of storage – the house simply wasn’t working. The original street-facing facades were restored and surrounding mature trees preserved. A sensitive renovation and new modular extension made up of five small modules breathes new life into the home, reinvigorating the original qualities while being sympathetic to the era and style.   The new floor plan retains the essence of th... More



this shop was created keeping the original characters and signs that reveal its history and experience that starts from the activity of car products workshop. Today it is a design shop specializing in lighting. The existing rough signs are revitalized as is done with the fragments of ancient vases unearthed and then rebuilt with pieces of white mortar inserted between the original fragments. The place has recently been expanded with a twin space dedicated to author publishing and art and literature workshops.  More

Product • By Memories of a ButterflyCustom Designed Beaded Curtain Room Dividers & Partitions

Custom Designed Beaded Curtain Room Dividers & Partitions

Beautiful beaded installations for room dividers, room partitions, hotel & hospitality interiors, home decor. High end hand made custom designed Bead Curtains. Buy now! Worldwide Shipping. Custom Designed and Ready Made Collections., More

Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments


This is a residential interior design called Italiano designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2019. It is a residential interior design that fits the project's limitations such as area, floor to ceiling height, column location, shear wall, ceiling beam hanging, walls and installations. The goal of this design is to create a luxurious space that is popular with both young and old people, while also taking a little time in terms of performance compared to classic works. As a result, the decision was made to design a neoclassical space. Simple molding was designed on the walls to make the design more detailed at the same time. In the design of the false ceiling due to the pendant of the beam and the purpose of being luxurious... More

Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments

Black Stone

This is a residential interior design called Black Stone designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2019. The inspiration for this design was the project's limitations such as small area, floor to ceiling height, column location, shear wall, ceiling beam hangings, walls, installations. The space between the two structural columns was used to design the TV space and the rest was devoted to the closet. Two things were done to control the much light emitted from the outside; first, the color of the kitchen was selected black and the second shade was designed inspired by the leaves of the trees.   Project Name: Black StoneArchitecture Firm: AAB ARCHITECT StudioDesigner: Amirali BahmaniLocation: Shiraz, Fars Province, IranPr... More