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Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments


This is a residential interior design called Sadaf designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2018. ▪︎ENTRANCE: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Entrance is the first space upon entry into a residential unit that has to be considered in several respects.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Entrance definition, exterior visibility control, interior visibility to the entrance, direct access to the toilet door and mudroom design are some of the considerations in this entrance design.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣During the design of the entrance, due to its positioning, it had the potential to become an indicator by mass, color, and composition with lighting.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣▪︎KITCHEN: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣This residential unit has a small area, so more attention should be paid to this space, given that one of the largest areas is a ki... More

Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments


This is a residential interior design called Aura designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2019. INSPIRATIONThe inspiration for this design was the project's limitations such as small area, floor to ceiling height, column location, shear wall, ceiling beam hangings, walls, installations, and daylight that had to be identified and turned into strengths. PROJECT DESCRIPTIONThis is a residential interior design with a sea vision. This unit is located in the tourist coastal city of Sorkhrud in the north of Iran. This residential unit only has a large north-facing window without sunlight. One of the most important features of this unit is the sea view so it was decided to design bi-folding windows. The space between the two struc... More

Project • By AAB ARCHITECT StudioApartments

White Alien

This is a residential interior design called White Alien designed by Amirali Bahmani at AAB ARCHITECT Studio in 2019. INSPIRATIONIn today's world, most spaces, including residential areas are not futuristic. The designer's goal was to create a unique futuristic space that would satisfy the needs of residents in addition to the visual appeal. PROJECT DESCRIPTIONIt is a residential conceptual interior design that fits the project's limitations such as area, floor to ceiling height, column location, shear wall, ceiling beam hanging, walls and installations. To make the space look simple and large, glossy white and black colors have been selected. Since the designer could not move up and down in designing the ceiling, a parametric two-dimensi... More

Project • By marasovic arhitektiApartments


This project is part of a wider ongoing renovation process of an historical stone house, located in the old town of Koper. House V consists of three apartments that we have named V1, V2 and V3. With a living space of only 35m2, and just one window, V1 was the first to be completed. Due to its location on the ground floor and narrow shape, we divided the apartment into two parts according to the daylight and privacy required. The bedroom, bathroom and wardrobe are pushed to the back, while the kitchen, dining and living area adjoin the window. The divisory wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment is designed to provide natural light at the back of the apartment while at the same time, blocking the view from the street. The in... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAOffices


The architecture of the “Sanlucar Fruit” project, designed by “Sanahuja & Partners”, is conceived following ecological, sustainable, quality, and freshness values in the development of its field products. Thus, highly flexible spaces have been organized, which stand out for their high degree of comfort for both permanent users and visitors. It is a large hall where the vegetation from the vertical and horizontal gardens gains prominence. Both the halls and the large offices extend it, also with vegetation panels, and are connected through glass skylights that allow natural light to flood the various heights. The use of natural materials combined with the current most efficient construction systems such as geot... More

Project • By AtelierzeroApartments

PG House

Within the framework of a wonderful historic building in Milan, we have designed a contemporary, bright, minimal looking and hauntingly precise apartment. The study of the details has led to the definition of fitted walls that delimit the living areas and to horizontal surfaces using different materials to define functions, all framed by the recurrent use of white color. More

Project • By SalientExhibition Centres

Marici Experience Centre

Marici Experience Centre, Kolkata   Marici Experience Centre, Kolkata is conceptualised as a holistic, all-one-needs experience centre for lighting design and solutions while involving the end-users, lighting consultants, designers and architects. Spread across 5000 square feet and built over three-levels, the primary design intent was to bring together all stakeholders to elevate the collaborative journey and in the process—improve the lighting experience through innovativeenergy efficient schemes and solutions.   The design brief with intimate client engagement, envisioned a space where lighting can be experienced unaltered and uninterrupted. The centre also aimed to host hospitality events for product launches and kno... More

Project • By Consul & coApartments

half-timbered attic

Initial data: in a two-story single-family mansion, the customer decided to divide the overly high garage by overlapping, thus creating a square in plan dark (without windows) attic with very low walls around the perimeter, which cannot be approached due to the sloping roof, and a metal column in the center, on which the floor is hanging. In it, he asked me to place a laundry, ironing, grocery pantry with a freezer and a seasonal dressing room. The room for this I got, frankly, disgusting in all respects, which, in fact, makes my task more interesting: squeeze the entire list of premises into 40 square meters, given the column in the middle; rational use of low zones around the perimeter for built-in cabinets and racks; competently illumina... More

Project • By Corporate Office SolutionsOffices

Riverbed Technology, Cluj, Romania

Architect, Laura Dragomir We see static images. We hit „like” when a picture has a good coomposition, bright colours and maybe wide angles. A picture will stay a picture, but a space needs movement. A space asks for perception and experience. Here’s what the Riverbed Technology workspace in Cluj-Napoca has to offer.  Creating an ingenious space is almost never in the hands of the architecs. Nor it may seem in the hands or minds of the recipient. It lays in the experience itself. And as recent history teaches us, the workspace doesn’t need innovation. It may need adaptation, courage, or time to build itself, but not innovation. Take for example museums. They showcase artworks and are made in such a way to empha... More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

Timeless bedroom interior

The bedroom interior design shows off an extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant space. Its interior designing theme reflects the 18th century, Roman timeless appeal as remarkably evident from the ceiling molding to the wall decorative details down the classic inspired silk carpet. Lovely bed in Borghese buttoned headboard, fancy night table and metal base ottoman in renaissance gold finish takes the center of affection in the room interior decoration of restful and luxurious appeal. More

Project • By IONS DESIGNPrivate Houses

formal dining room design ideas

A historic architecture meets modern interior decoration to bring about an effortlessly elegant and aristocratic formal dining room design, one of the many key areas in our prestigious home design project. The sophisticated Parisian look as apparent in the home interior was perfected through the used of luxurious dark wood flooring contrasted with neutral walls and ceiling of intricate European details. Top with modern design dining chair in pastel velvet upholstery and polished marble dining table beneath a nature inspired sculptured lighting.   Luxurious Villa Design and Residential Interior Design by IONS | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE More

Project • By BAUMShops


Japan studio based, BAUM Co. Ltd., has completed ニジノイロ a beauty salon in the heart of Fukui. The 45,67 squared meter space, with three meter of ceiling, converts a small café into a hair salon and esthetic salon on the ground level of a mixed use commercial/ residential building. The access to the store takes a step back from the road, therefore the entrance is framed into wide wooden glass windows to secure the right balance of natural lighting. Within the salon, the layout allows users to visually and acoustically separate the activities from the hustle and bustle of the street, the private room and the toilet. A cross wall cut the almost regular perimeter conferring dynamicity to the plot.   The natural textures of materia... More

Project • By Geon ArquiteturaHousing

Residência R.CA

As a result of an architectural and interior design developed by Geon Architecture, the R.CA residence is the result of the modern and imposing composition of the blocks built next to the Phoenix Canariensis Hort. that complements and integrates the two facades of the building, with a notorious and striking visual, consolidating the dream of a lively family. With the objective of providing a refuge, even in the middle of the big city, the residence is surrounded by the facades, creating access to the landscaping and recreation area, where it arranges a complete socialization sector with the pool and gourmet area which has a large space for meals and rest. Entering the house, just in front of the entry hall, the cascading staircase that le... More

Project • By Pomeroy StudioHotels

CaSoBé Resort

An acronym for Calatagan South Beach, the CaSoBé seeks to redefine the concept of beach-front living and hospitality in the Philippines by embracing a passive design approach that borrows lessons from the shipping industry. Cantilevered decks that provide shade and shelter to the dwelling / suite further reinforce the overall nautical theme. More

Project • By LIVING + SLVKLibraries


A new space for the elementary school at CIM where children can learn using old+new technology, looking to achieve creative thinking   Projectname: DIMION LAB at CIM Published by: LIVING + SLVK Location: Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico More