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Project • By HEDUniversities

Maya & Olmeca Residence Halls

The twin sister buildings, Maya and Olmeca Residence Halls at San Diego State University, are two of many legacy ‘red-brick’ 3-story buildings that were built throughout the CSU system. HED’s design team was challenged to restore and refresh the student spaces while maintaining much of the fundamental architecture, emphasizing the unique original features of the building. Creating openness and flow through the buildings with lots of collaborative areas designed for studying, playing, eating, and hanging out became the main goal of the project. HED led the full interior renovation of both buildings, including the design of the student common areas, lounges, dorms, and restrooms. Working through the challenges with the ori... More

Project • By Olga Rudko/ interiorsApartments


Three-room apartment project for a young family. This project was a real challenge for us, since the customers wanted the most monochrome interior, and we think we coped with this wish. We also carried out serious work with planning solutions in order to create a truly comfortable and functional space. The apartment in the residential complex "Forum City" was commissioned by the developer in a completely open-plan format. Together with our customers, we have done a great job to create a planning solution that would take into account all the wishes for the future space of the apartment. We did not share the space of the apartment with a corridor - instead, we organized a small hall and maximized the kitchen - living room. It was possible to... More

Project • By AplusMOffices

Danone/Nutricia office Space renovation in Athens

The under study area (total area 1500 sq.m.) is located in a typical building complex in the area of ​​Kifissia. The main issue was the redefinition of both the functional structure and the aesthetics of the spaces in order to design a set capable of meeting the needs of the new user.   In terms of functionality, the spatial organization of uses is redefined - after the decrease of the rented space - by integrating the main workspace (open plan) and the use of enclosed spaces which are exclusively for company executives. By entering the space we meet successively the reception, followed by the workplace - with the logic of open workstations (open plan) - while in the perimeter the management offices, the executive offices and the mee... More

Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices


Our interior design for Fitness 22, a company that builds health and fitness apps, reflects the main values of this closed-knitted company, which is dedicated to advanced technology and wellness. To keep the space cozy and personal, while highlighting the work of the company, we combined home-like elements with wellness and sports motifs. The main kitchen has a “just like home” feeling; the lounges are comfortable and inviting; and sports-inspired graphic elements created by Studio Luka, including a climbing wall, decorate walls and offices. Graphics: Studio Luka Photography: Uzi Porat Installation: KPYM Israel  More

Product • By PolygroupRaised access floor Gamaflor Full Steel finished Natural Granite

Raised access floor Gamaflor Full Steel finished Natural Granite

This granite raised access floor is manufactured with steel encapsulated and light cement core in sizes 600x600mm with Natural Granite Stone of 12 mm thickness on top. The panels are supported in steel pedestals and stringers to obtain different final height. The GAMAFLOR raised access floor systems can be combined with a natural stone granite finish. From corporate receptions to luxurious hotels, the granite stone finish is used in multiple areas. This natural finish showcase elegance and exclusivity combined with direct contact with the essential nature of stone of great durability over time. This is an innovative product, which will allow obtaining a raised access floor system with a natural finish, unique and durable over time. A gran... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsHospitals

Dental Center

Modern style design project for a modern dental center.  We have created a clean, simple, quiet environment. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

The color dose flat

Yellow, green, and a bunch of natural colors combined with modern art. If this is not the definition of comfort, we don’t know what is. The distinctiveness of this design is in its details. The grey rug coming from under the colorful sofa, and surrounded with exclusive furniture elements. That, as planned, is the central element of the whole room. It is rather intriguing how much an interior can tell about the owner. Our client, as can be guessed by the style, is a person of unique taste, creativity, and courage. Interesting people have interesting friends - and hence, rather fancy house dinner parties. So, we made sure to provide the guests with ultimate comfort: look at those chairs!Another thing worth mentioning is the ultra mod... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments


Interior design by Futuris Architects. Apartment #51 is a modern and comfy apartment. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsTheaters

Restroom for Men

Luxury restroom for Men.   The clash of Bohemian and Art Deco interior styles. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsTheaters

Rest Zone

The clash of Art Deco and Modern Bohemian styles.   Uniqueness Overload. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

The Paris Apartment

A modern apartment with splashes of classics designed to enhance the dynamics of  life in Paris.   More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsRestaurants

Good Beerning

One of our latest projects, Gurman Chef restaurant.We have not limited the project to one style. We have used the best outsourcing of a number of styles.As a result, we think, it's a unique environment to enjoy both morning coffee and evening wine. More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Cali Industrial

“The Cali Industrial” is a clash of urban modernism and industrial breath. Located in the Northern part of California, the house is designed to stand out, while colliding with the climate & environment of the area. It seems like the house has absorbed the ocean breeze and the fir-needle to offer such a fresh blend. It is distinctive, a little bit wild, yet capable of creating desires of owning it in a glimpse of a second. The key idea of the concept has been - and is - to achieve a symphony with the surrounding nature. The floor-to-ceiling windows all over the architecture, for instance, give an opportunity of unifying with the woods whatever you do inside. Are you busy making yourself a coffee, watching TV, or enjoying d... More
Living. Dining. Kitchen.
The Entrance.
Living. Dining. Kitchen.

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsApartments

Apartment #22

Modern and comfortable-two word that perfectly define apartment #22.   From the chairs to the sofa, we picked every single texture and material to establish comfort. More

Project • By INT2 architectureApartments

Interior MFN

The main task of the project was to preserve the original space of the main room of the apartment with large windows, therefore, all the main areas (living room, kitchen and bedrooms) are located along the windows and utility rooms and bathrooms are located along the blank wall. We wanted to preserve the light and volume of the room as much as possible, so the living room/kitchen was given the central part of the apartment with two windows, and the main bedroom with a third window is separated from the common area by a glass partition, which helps to preserve the feeling of a common space. The interior is a mixture of minimalism with classic elements. In the spacious living room an elegant metal library adjoins classic double doors with c... More