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Project • By Chown HardwareShowrooms

Seattle Showroom

Portland-based luxury architectural hardware, plumbing, and lighting company, Chown Hardware, recently unveiled a new showroom in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, a rising design district just south of Downtown. Launched in July 2020, the third showroom for the fifth-generation family business showcases Chown’s extensive product offerings through bright, minimalist interiors and a flexible layout. Imagined by Portland design firm and long-time Chown customers, Weedman Design Partners, the showroom is as detail-oriented as its clients.  Visitors enter the two-story showroom to an arresting vignette from the company’s flagship line, Waterworks. Complete with a full kitchen and bathroom set-up, the vignette shows off Chown&... More

Project • By SA labShowrooms

Crane Design showroom

CRANE DESIGN showroom is a flexible space open for constant transformations with a remarkable architectural idea, corresponding to the spirit of the company. Architects explored modern galleries to find a balance between static and dynamic elements of the space. Visiting a gallery is a journey to an artistic world, where everyone finds his or her own points of interest. There are parts of interiors that attract attention and there are parts that dissolve in the background to show exhibited pieces of art. In the showroom there are also constant elements - white walls and black ceiling, and dynamic elements - exhibited products. The visitor of the showroom is not just a buyer, but an explorer of the space.   The showroom consists of 3... More

Project • By DEAR studioPrivate Houses


This project gets its characteristic from two black horizontal discs. The bottom disc is installed in the entrance area and its curved shape reached almost the ground. Visitors reach the upper floors of this single-family home via stairs. The glazed façade and the opaque walls reflect the environment. The black building serves at the same time as an eye catcher and a shadow. The building is an architectural foreign body that fits almost unseen in the surroundings. More

Project • By GAO architectsRestaurants

Restaurant Landerik

When designing the interior of the new Landerik restaurant, our points of departure were the intended functions and potential of the available space, its spatial parameters, and the vision of both the client and the Landerik brand. We aesthetically emphasized the narrow and long space with its arches and high ceilings, while keeping in mind the spirit of the time in which the building was constructed. We gently illuminated the arches, and we added to their softness through round mirrors in darkish tones, which also extended the space visually. The gentle white lights seem to float and, because they add a heightened sense of depth, they gently invite guests into the heart of the restaurant. The brick-coloured benches, meanwhile, extend the... More

Project • By Smart Design ExpoShowrooms

Showroom Lenart

This showroom was meant to be dusty pink, soft and feminine but at the same time modern. Our designers decided to go all in on the pink - pink walls, pink furniture, pink counter - but somehow the overall design is not sickly sweet. That is partly due to the specific hue of pink chosen for Lenart, but also the modern lines of furniture, the grounding black accents and lots of trendy plants keep the feel clean and calm.  More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


The brief of the project was to design homes for two friends on adjacent plots. The intention was to make each home look aesthetically as one and function either as one large whole or as two independent homes, if and when needed. The project utilizes individual fragmented volumes to create distinct areas for living, playing, work and leisure, creating pockets of micro-zones within the volumes. These independent structures are tied together by a central circular landscaped courtyard, which forms the focus of the design. This courtyard functions as a confluence of various recreational activities, each nestled in nature and was proposed keeping in mind that both homes were to function as one with the possibility of detaching and working indepe... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


The three hundred and fifty square foot project, a moon deck overlooking the Arabian Sea, introduces into the semi open space a program previously conspicuously absent within the large urban apartment. The brief demanded a flexible multi functional out door deck that can accommodate for early morning sea side yoga practice, hosting lunches and dinners, in addition to an evening time party cum entertainment area among st other usages. Of utmost importance was the retention of the ambivalent nature of the space, allowing for a maximum of programmatic and usage flexibility. The concerned project boundaries spill over the primary living area of the apartment, serving both as the extension of, as well as an alternate to the large semi public lei... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNFactories


Size - 2000 sq.ft. For this pharmaceutical factory, located in Karamsad, Baroda, the brief given by the clients involved redesigning the entrance to the main factory plant. The redesigning, a result of the property line being pushed back 20 ft due to road widening, involved the addition of a large waiting room at the entrance. 2 openings; one wide opening for the numerous vehicles and trucks, along with a smaller 2.5 m opening for the pedestrians and two-wheelers, were created along the facade. A security cabin was placed between the 2 gates, such that it caters to both thepedestrians and vehicles effectively. The cabin, designed with large window openings on 3 sides, sits rotated on site, allowing the guards multidirectional views of bot... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


Primarily, A singular palette of white has been utilized throughout the home with subtle variations in softness and scale introduced through the use of different textures in paint, wallpapers, and fabric. A restrained luxe look was introduced by usage of white horizontal grooves throughout the home, which then tied together the various elements across rooms. The public area of the home, the living and entrance foyer, are primarily white with a solitary gray textured wall being the feature element forming the backdrop to the dinning. Collaborations with a phad painter Prakash Joshi, at the entrance and the pooja area, where illustrations were made on site directly on the marble of the wall, created pockets of color and vibrancy, which cont... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


The client brief was simple, to convert a 5 bedroom apartment into a lavish 3 bedroom apartment, in addition to the conversion of an open terrace into an intimate den. Clean minimal lines were requested with a muted palette. Our layout inserts an object – a ‘black box’, at the very entrance. An object that in addition to holding program, such as the bar, the puja room and the server, more importantly frames the entrance to the home. A hand blown glass sculpture hovering above a gurgling water body held within the black box, greets the visitor to the home, directing him into the formal living area. While accommodating to the clients request of an enclosed den, we attempted to retain the atmosphere of being in the outdoors t... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNExhibitions


The 2019 Times of India Design Expo, one of the largest art and architecture festivals of the country, saw SHROFFLEóN as one of the collaborators involved in designing the exhibition pavilions. Produced for the Sound Smiths, a company specializing in home theatre systems, theexhibit isenvisioned as a light, buoyant structure,set against the density of the program area.The idea was tocreate a captivatingexterior, that allows it to stand out in the minds of the visitors, ensuring the company’s product is not forgotten. On the inside, the exhibit is curated to resemble the appearance of a black box, in sync with the company’s products. The material palette was restricted to neutral tones, with inexpensive materials being u... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNResidential Landscape


Size: 20,000 sq.ft. Lonavala, set amongst the sylvan hills of the Western Ghats, is an idyllic getaway from the chaotic noise of city life. Located less than 90 kms to the west of Mumbai, its proximity to the city, along with its abundant green lands and waterfalls, makes it a popular location of choice for a second home. The hill station is predominantly famous for its amazing vantage points, offering panoramic views of the waterfalls and green valleys. Perched on the edge of a mountain, the site, a 1 acre plot, boasts of a 20,000 sq ft home, designed by Talati And Panthaky Associates in the late 90’s. The home enjoys spectacular uninterrupted views of the virgin landscape that encompasses the site. The highlight, however, is a vie... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNOffices


Size: 7500sq. ft The project brief involved designing the head office for the leading supplier of engineered equipment to global chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Located in the upcoming business district of Mumbai, New Cuffe Parade, the 7500 sq ft office space encompasses 3 zones; the directors’ chambers with its allied facilities, the senior management zone, and a general office area. The directors’ zone holds the cabins for the two directors along with a spacious shared director’s lounge, tying the two spaces together. A remarkable see through floor to ceiling wooden and metal shelving unit takes centerstage in the director's cabin. The unit, designed with clean, minimal surfaces that stand out against the window b... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


Size: 1000 sq.ft The feature elements of this 2 bedroom home, located in Dadar Parsicolony, are its grand, breezy terraces that offer impressive views of the 5 gardens and Parsi Gymkhana grounds, set against the background of the city. To alter the initial layout posed a massive challenge. With the majority of the walls being shear walls, the opportunity for intervention was severely limited. Careful and strategic reworking of the existing layout resulted in bringing together the 2 bedrooms, whilst opening up a second terrace for the home. The new terrace, designed as an extension of the bedrooms, attempts to connect with the outdoors through elements such as wooden decking, trellis, turf and windows that open up to bring in abundant sunl... More

Project • By NinetynineRestaurants

Café de Parel

Introduction De Parel is a silent invitation to experience without expectations or presumptions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bar, café, bistro or gastro-pub; whether it’s chic, modern or casual. If you come here to enjoy a glass of wine or a bite, that should be the only focal point – this is a place where you’ll find a real connection to the producers of the vegetables on your plate, the makers of the ceramics and the wine, the owner and host Ruudje, and the Chef himself. That is why everything centres around the bar. In addition to a broad selection of natural and biodynamic wines served from behind the bar – the menu includes over 60 – you can see your food being prepared as if it we... More